Ao no Exorcist 18 – Filler for the… fail

So, a new Ao no Exorcist-Episode and of course it was a filler. I was very sceptical when the Anime began, because there are not this many chapters and I don’t think they plan to begin the current arc, because it’s not finished in the manga and they don’t really have enough episodes left. I’m pretty convinced the rest of the anime will be fillers.

Aside the beach-episode they exorcist-fillers weren’t that bad, so they’re probably going to end this anime on a solid note, but of course the original material is better (most of the time) and I’m very curious how they’re going to let this anime end. Will they try to wrap it up in the last episodes? Or will they just let it end with no real end at all, everything open and ready for a second season? The problem is, that Konekomarus feelings towards Rin are also a problem in the manga, but they solve it later and in the anime, this problem has already been solved now. In fact, the manga handles the problem with Rins friends much better, because it takes more time, until you really see what they think of Rin and why they’re acting different now.

Well yeah, so much about this. Let’s enjoy the filler-time *cough*, because the preview already showed episode 19 will be a filler as well, just as I expected.


30-sai no Hoken Taiiku – the end… finally

So yeah… I’ve actually watched this misery of an anime and now it’s finally over. My opinion on this is devided, because I found the first few episodes very amusing, it just bored the hell out of me in the later episodes.

The problem is, that was funny to see the main chracter fail. He tried to get the girl and he fails again and again. This part of the anime was stupid, because the entire anime is stupid, but this is the enjoyable kind of stupidity. You laugh, because of it’s stupidity and the main character who fails all the time.

Then comes the part when he an his woman are going out and this is when it gets boring. The enjoyable stupidity turns into annoying studpidity, the innocent lovely-dovely behavior of the main characters was making me sick and somehow the gods weren’t able to entertain me as well, the jokes failed to reach me.

As for the last episode, it really shocked me, they didn’t have their “first time” during the anime. Wasn’t this what the show was working towards to? I really don’t want to see them having sex, but I at least wanted it to happen in the last episode (off-screen, please). The way the gods returned to heaven was super-cliché-ish, this could’ve been done a thousand times better than this crap.

In the end, after the credits, you get to see Imagawas and Andous child, so obvioulsly they had sex at some point, but that was obvious, because Andou said she wanted to have a baby and well… I guess she got it. It sill diappointed me the gods were annoying Imagawa and Andou the entire time about this sex-thing and as soon as it’s settled they will have sex at some point, they just vanish.

What the…?

Junjou Romantica – the disaster continues in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Bevore Sekaiichi Hatsukoi aired, I’ve watched Junjou Romantica, becasue pretty much everyone who likes Shounen-Ai seems to like Junjou Romantica, so I was willing to give it a try. Seriously… it was so bad, I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start with the style of art. This is something I can usually just ignore, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to finish all Initial D Seasons and this anime is damn cool. It’s always weird, when every character looks the same, because the exact same face is being used over and over again – only the hair differs. It actually gets kind of funny, when someone says: “He’s your brother? But you don’t look alike at all!” Yeah sure, aside the fact that every male human being looks like a clone. XD
Well, don’t take me too seriously on this one: like I said, I can live with it.

Now, the next problem is something that seems to be completely common in Yaoi and Shounen-ai, but manages to piss me off every time I see it. You know, rape isn’t exactly the best foundation for a romantic relationship. It usually comes with serious mental and physical damage for the victim… and guess what? Of course, the relationship of the main couple is based on rape. Why always rape? It’s a bad thing for heavens sake, it’s against the law for a reason, get that in your head. It’s not “cute” or “hot” it’s an act of violence and disrespect, it’s the worst. I can’t stand relationships based on rape, because it’s just… wrong!

The last huge point that pisses me off, are the side stories and this is when Sekaiichi Hatsukoi comes into play. You see, the sidestories kind of work out in Junjou Romantica, but only because Junjou Romantica Season 1 completely lacks any kind of story. The sidestories have a deeper story than the mainstory has. And yes, this is negative, because the main story in Junjou Romantica is boring as hell. It’s Season 2 when finally something interesting happens, but it’s 100% cliché so it’s actually more disappointing than interesting. Yes, this is negative, too. Although the sidestories are what makes the anime somewhat watchable, because you don’t bore yourself to death with thze main story, it’s still disturbing. Every time the anime changes to a sidestory, it completely destroys the “flow”. You can’t do this, this is annoying. I was torn apart between being happy for seeing something different and being pissed off, because the “flow” is being destroyed again.
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi has easily more story in one episode than Junjou Romantica in it’s complete first season. The story is actually kind of interesting and makes me want to see more. (Well… I’ll overlook the attemted rape-parts for now…for now!) The story has a beginning and a clear goal, I want to see how it reached it’s goal. It’s not such a “show the audience how character 1 and 2 are living together”-crap like we had in Junjou Romantica, it’s actually a real story with some kind of sidequest for Ritsu: The way to become a good Shoujomanga editor. So we have the romantic-storyline and the work-storyline.
Now, why in the name of… who knows… would you want to stop the story and randomly throw a completely pointless sidestory with different charcters into the anime? WHY? It’s only doing harm to the main story, because it actually has a real story for once. Why do you want to destroy this? It’s not as if the sidestories help the main story or anything, no. If the goddamn manga-ka wants to write more than one story, she should just write them one after another, but NOT at the same time in the same manga, this doesn’t work out well and pisses me off like hell.

Sorry, I’ll correct my mistakes later… I need to calm down.

Ao no Exorcist 3 – the coolest anime this season

While I think AnoHana is probably the best anime this season so far, Ao no Exorcist is easily the coolest one. It started off great, it’s a lot of fun to watch, there’s great action, it makes you want to see the next episode immediately and when the time calls for it, the characters turn badass to the core. ❤ So cool!

I mean, really, in episode 3 when Yukio and Rin had their little “argument” while fighting these Goblins, that was so cool. I really like Yukios guns, but Rins swort-attackt blew me away, that was awesome.

What I don’t like is the German-reference. Damn headmaster… Mephisto? Faust? Someone likes Goethe, huh? And of course, he had to count in German, too… Eins, zwei, drei – my ass. What’s so faszinating about the german language? English is probably the only language you hear more often. I really don’t understand, I always thought people from other countries don’t like German, because it sounds rough and hard.  Well, whatever, seems like people from Japan like it. (for whatever reasons)

To make a long story short, even with the German-stuff, episode 3 was still as awesome as the other two episodes and I’ll make sure to check the manga out, as soon as the anime is finished. I don’t want to spoil myself, so I don’t want to read it while the anime still aires.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana) Episode 1 – Surprise Attack

I’ve just watched AnoHana episode 1. I have to admit, I completely forgot about this anime and just watched the first episode, because I was bored and felt like watching a new anime. I can’t tell you how glad I’m right now, because it would’ve been a shame to miss this.

From what I’ve watched so far, no anime was seriously bad, but no anime left an impression on me. Toriko was silly, Sket Dance was average, Hanasaku Iroha was quite nice, C was kinda… weird, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi was pretty much as goo as I predicted and that’s all I’ve seen so far. Funny enough the only anime I didn’t even plan to watch left the biggest and most positive impression on me: AnoHana.

It’s some kind of comming of age-story I guess. Six old friends have lost connection after one of them died and over the years everyone has heavily  changed. The past leader of  the group “Jintan” is now a shut-in who refuses to go to school, but he can see something he calls “his stress” and this is his dead friend Menma. For her sake he tries to overcome his complexes and wants to fulfill her last wish, but to do so, he will have to reunite all of his old friends and this is not an easy task, considering everyone’s such much different than they used to be.

Actually, I’ve been thinking if Menma is an hallucination like Jintan said, or if she’s a ghost, because she goes off wandering around on her own (altough she’s seen with Jintan the most). If she’s a ghost than she would lead him and his friends back to happiness or something like this, but if she’s a hallucination isn’t it more like it’s Jintas wish for everyone to reunite again? Well, I guess we’ll see what comes next.

As for me I’m really looking foward to next week and I can’t wait for the next episode. This was the best first episode I’ve seen this season. I’d a really nice slice of life drama, I hope it will keep it’s quality up. If it does, I’ll easily turn into an anime I’d love to recommend everyone to watch.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – stalking the material before the anime aires

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is the Yaoi-Anime I will watch next spring, so I decited to check it out a bit and since there’re only 3 scnalated chapters, it really is more like a short preview into the material. By the way, I’m totally convinced the other chapters will be scanlated pretty fast after the anime comes out and I will read them as well, because the impression this manga gave me was actually not that bad. In fact, it was better than I expected.

First things first, this story is about an editor who is forced to work in the Shoujomanga-department, altough he wanted to be an editor for literature. Wow, this is what I call professionals: place someone who applies to work with novels and has no idea about manga whatsoever in the manga-department.  It turns out is boss is an ass. It also turns out, his boss is his first love from 10 years ago he has sworn to never love again. Truth to be told, I don’t really like this incredible unlikely coincidences, like… your first love from 10 years ago turns out to be your boss. Or: the very same person turns out to be your neighbor (I’m not making this up, it’s all in the manga). Yeah, the world is small, huh? It’s so unconvincing and feels forced, that’s why I don’t like it.

Well… yeah, this is one thing I don’t like. The other is that the main character (the uke, btw) who swears to himself to not fall in love with his former lover again, actually rushes into having a crush on him again pretty fast. He may not want to, he may try to fight against it, but he’s falling in love with him much too fast. Ok, it’s pretty clear he will eventually fall in love with him again at some point, but come on! We’re in chapter 3. This is volume 2 and a manga I expect to be a little longer than just 2 volumes. (note: it is longer than just 2 volumes)

Next: the art – yes I’m still going on about the stuff I don’t like, so don’t expect me to praise it too much. While I wouldn’t really call it bad (at least it’s better than in Junjou Romantica, same Mangaka btw), it’s overall… ok. I can live with it, I’ve seen much worse. What’s really pissing me off, are the kisses. I’ve lost count on how many badly drawn kisses I’ve seen, but there are certain things artists (in this case: Mangaka) tend to do wrong. Sometimes, you don’t even see anything touching, or it looks weird with their lips or… whatever, for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi it’s the “one character looks like he’s eating the other”-phenomenon. even for a french kiss, you don’t need to look like you’re trying to bite a good amount of flesh out of his face. No om nom nom for you while kissing. And they do kiss… more often than I’d like to see. It’s actually not that good when the panel that’s supposed to move me and draw me into the manga, makes me look away. I’m not kidding, I really don’t want so see those kisses, I’m seriously skipping the panels.

Well, I hope the anime will do it better.

Now, finally: what’s left that I like? Altough our main character is the uke, at first he doesn’t seem too shy. He screams, he gets loud, he gets pissed, he wants to quite his job, because he doesn’t like it, but on the other hand he wants to achieve something without the help/name of his successful father, so he stays. And he doesn’t want his boss / former lover to just do like he pleases (e.g. kissing him). If only the huge blush would disappear… What’s pissing me off a bit is he’s seriously melting away as soon as he’s in contact with bis former lover. It’s like his character disappears and all what’s left is the shell of an average uke. I’m really worried he might turn into a boring uke as soon as there’s something like a relationship between those two. I want him to stay more active, to be stubborn and all this. His “better half” is a pretty outgoing seme after all… I’d really like these two to break out of the classic seme/uke-pattern a bit and it seems like our seme has some kind of weak spot, too. Please, please, please, I’d love that so much.

Let’s move on, what else do I like? Their age is not too far apart. I don’t like the 30+ year old successful businessman x 18-year old naive little guy – kind of stories. Probably because the seme/uke-pattern is going “to the extreme!” (KHR-reference here) in cases like this. I’m also bored by the Highshcool Romances, it’s always the same old stuff anyway (exception: “Seven Days” is really great, check it out), so it’s refreshing to see two adults who’re more or less… normal. No Mafia, no illegal work, no politicans, just people working in an editorial department. This is a real life situation for me, these are normal people I want to know something about. Probably because their life is normal, I’m more interested in what’s out of the ordinary in their lives.

Completely unrelated: I’m reading Bakuman and you often get to see how the famous “Weekly Shounen Jump” works, you get a pretty good view behind the scenes and it’s weird to see a different mangadepartment now, especially since they’re hardly alike at all. You have to admit Bakuman is a manga that has it’s main focus on drawing and publishing manga, while Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is more about the relationship between our main characters and less about the manga they’re editing/publishing. They could be working in a factory for chopsticks and it wouldn’t be different at all.

So, after 3 chapters (yes, all this text is only about the first 3 chapters. xD I swear, I don’t understand Japanese and I haven’t looked into the following chapters) I’ve come to the conclusion that this manga has it’s flaws, pretty annoying ones so to speak, but it’s not too bad. It actually managed to leave a pretty good impression despite all the stuff I’ve been mocking about and I think it’s an anime I can look foward to. The manga really raised my expectations for the upcoming anime and I’m glad I took a look into it, before the start of the springseason.

PS: sorry about the mistakes in the text (typing, grammar…), but it’s 2:45am here right now, I’m tired and I’ll crawl into my bed as soon as I’m finished with this very sentence.

Anime Preview: Spring 2011

It’s springtime. <- I have no idea who made this preview, but whoever you are: THANK YOU!

So… it’s time to look foward to the busiest animeseason of the year and while we’re enjoying the pleasure of tons of 13-episode-anime, we’ll also have the pleasure to enjoys tons of new 13-episode-anime. Did I mention, I don’t like this? It seems like there are more and more short anime, but I think you need at least around 25 episodes to build something up.  What can happen in just 13 episodes? What good can come out of it? … Well, Baccano!! is the living proof a short anime can be a masterpiece, but… I usually don’t like short anime, ok?  I was so pissed when I saw Kimi ni Todoke 2 will have, guess what, 13 episodes. Arg, screw you.

So, Spring 2011, at least it seems I’ll go and take a look into a few more anime in comparison to the currently airing winterseason. (My plan for that one was to watch Kimi ni Todoke 2 and IS: Infinite Stratos. Well, I’m pretty happy with KnT2, but I dropped IS pretty fast and instead I’m watching Yumekui Merry as well as Hourou Musuko now.) Seems like there’ll be at least a bit good stuff and this is what I’m most likely going to try watching:


I’ve been reading the manga for quite a while now and while many people actually like it very much, it’s more of an ok-manga for me. It’s completely over the top and I can live with stuff like that, I just can’t really stand the super-muscular over-9000 stong guys and that’s exactly what Toriko is about. Nevertheless I think the idea of a gourmet world is pretty nice and all the food looks so delicious, you want to start eating it yourself. In addtion, I think this manga could make a pretty good action-anime and at least I don’t dislike the manga, so I’ll give it a try. After the Specials came out, I was waiting for this TV-series. It’s not that uncommon for a special or an OVA to be turned into a TV-series later on. Let’s get ready for some crazy action.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi TV

Why am I going to watch this? Right, because it’s yaoi. I’m on a personal mission and that is to find a good yaoi/Shounen Ai-anime. There are quite a few yaoi/Shounen Ai-Manga I really like, but I’m actually really disappointed by the anime I’ve seen so far from this genre. So as a result, I’m going to take a look into every single new yaoi/Shounen Ai-anime, until I find one I’m ok with. So far, since the beginning of my mission I’ve seen Uraboku and Togainu no Chi and both were seriously aweful (altough TnC was worse), so wish me luck for this one.

Ao no Exorcist

Seems to be a quite nice shounen-series. For this one, I haven’t read the manga, but I’ve translated a describtion once and since that time I’ve always wanted to take a look into it. It’ll probably turn into a fighting-Shounen and I don’t expect a masterpiece, but I think it won’t turn out to be complete bullshit. More like… average shounen, some nice entertainment.

Deadman Wonderland

Or: I’m already looking towards the censorshit… ship. I’m following the manga for a long time now and if there’s one thing I can say about this series, then it’s going to be very violent and very bloody with lot’s of weird and crazy characters. This said, I’m actually surprised it’ll get an anime due to it’s violence. The most I’ve actually thought it would get is an OVA, but not a TV-series. I have mixed feelings about this, because the manga is quite good and I’m a bit concered they’ll ruin the anime by massive censorship and they will have to censor or leave out a huge amout of violence in the first place for it to be allowed to air, that’s for sure.


noitaminA timeslot ftw. I don’t watch every noitaminA-Anime, but I like to take a look at one or two, because they’re guaranteed to be different and this one seems quite interesting. Modern society, weath, money and all this stuff… well, it could turn into social criticism, but we’ll see. I’m looking foward to it.

Sket Dance

I don’t know just how many times I wanted to read the manga, but I… somehow… never did. And no, this is not about dancing, it’s school/comedy. I expect some light entertainment and will probably finally read the manga, if the anime was any good. I’m pretty sure it won’t turn into the anime of the season and to be honest: if we’re talking about school/comedy, I would’ve preferred to watch Yankee-kun to Megane-chan instead, but this manga has yet to get an anime. I’m really waiting for it and I hope someday it’ll get an anime. Until that day comes, let’s try Sket Dance this season.

Hana-Saku Iroha

I’m so sure I’ll think of it as boring, because it’s slice of life and I’m not very found of this genre. I’ll try it because I’m looking for a calm anime I can watch now and then. While Slice of Life often turns out to be boring for me, the anime I’ve watched weren’t seriously bad either, so I hope I’ll be safe from “omg, this as horrible.”


And for the OVAs, movies and stuff, I’ll probably watch the movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo and if Kizumonogatari is ever going to be aired (probably not this spring), I’ll watch that one, too. I’ll be the third -gatari anime and of course I’ll have to watch it.

By the way, look at the picture from Nichijou. Doesn’t that girl with the flowers look exactly like Osaka from Azumanga Daioh?