Olympic Special: London 2012 – Day 4

Medals… did anyone say “Medals?” Yes, now that’s what I call a successful day, we can continue like this. I know that we won’t, but come one! 5 medals in 4 hours and 18 minutes are pretty amazing. And winning 3 medals in 2 events also is… it’s also something only our equestrians can do. Honestly speaking, I don’t know why we’re so good at equestrian events, but I won’t complain. More about that later. The amazing outcome for today: 5 medals – 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

Poland wasn’t as successful today, but this is my first story of the day, because volleyball player Michal Winiarski jumped into the cushion to rescue a ball and he pretty much destroyed it by doing so. It doesn’t seem to be made of of medal and I don’t think anything happend. Well, I guess that’s the problem, because Poland lost it’s match. They’re not alone though, because many german athletes also lost their matches, for example in men’s volleyball where we lost against the United States, or in women’s beach volleyball where we lost against Brazil, but I have to admit that it was an exiting match. Too bad we also lost in the men’s beach volleyball event today. Not our volleyball-day, definely not.

It also wasn’t our rowing day, as 4 of our boats disqualified before the finals. Let’s hope we can make up for it tomorrow when 3 of our boats fight for a medal and two of them actually have high hopes and will absolutely go for gold in women’s Quadruple Sculls and of course our amazing men’s Eight. Let’s go for it and bring back some gold before lunch, please? I have to work tomorrow and would love to see some noble metal before that. That would be so great.

In fencing we also had a pretty dark day, none of our athletes made it anywhere near the medals, although they should have been able to. On the other hand: our swimmers also should be able to, but let’s not talk about our aquatic desaster, that’s just too depressing. Oh wait, later I will have to. Where’s something more positive? Tennis! Tennis is great, our two women today made it into the next round. Table tennis… I think it’s not decited yet. I didn’t watch it an I have no idea, but it seems like our athlete and the danish one are tied and will continue later… tomorrow… or whenever. I’m so informed. But what I do know is, that China lost their men’s basketball match against Spain. It’s so nice to see them trying to determine who’ll get second and third place. What? The United States are going to win this anyway, could as well just give them the medal.
/edit: Ok, it seems like the Table tennis match between german player Dimitrij Ovtcharov and danish player Michael Maze just didn’t end yet when I got my information for this entry. In the end Ovtcharov managed to win 4:3 and advanced into the semi-finals with medals in reach. To be honest, he will most likely play a chinese athlete and will most likely loose, so I don’t think there’s a chance to win silver or gold and even bronze is kind of unlikely. He’s the lowest ranked athlete in the semi-finals (12th), if both chinese athletes will advance, and this is to be expected, but reaching the semi-finals in itself is a huge accomplishment and deserves a lot of respect.

Other than that, there wasn’t so much that went wrong or was completely crazy. At least not as far as I remember and of course what I remember the most are our medals, so everything else kinda seems insignificant, but you really have to appreciate all the athletes, even if it was “just” a semi-final or not enough for a medal. And no, I’m not saying this because our swimmers are doing horrible, I’m absolutely convinced they’re trying their best and it just doesn’t really want to work out. Maybe they’re nervous, I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist… but I took some classes in psychology.

Ok enough, let’s go to the medals and get it over with. First medals of the day were given out in the equestrian eventing team event and what can I say? A start to finish win from our outstanding german team, who had gold in their pockets even before all their equestrians entered the ring to compete in the last part of eventing: show jumping, because three of them got perfect scores and only the best three count. Britain came in second and I actually read somewhere in the british press that it was a close decision. I know you guys wanted to win, but Germany was first place after dressage, cross country and completed the jumping with 3 perfect scores. Well, whatever, it was pretty awesome that the medals were given out by Princess Anne. Sometimes I envy the Britons for their Royals.
Not given out by Princess Anne where the medals for the individual eventing event that was won by german equestrian Michael Jung, who easily had the best birthday of his life today, on his horse Sam with yet another perfect ride in the show jumping event. And this one actually was a close call, because he only won thanks to the one mistake that happend during Sara Algotsson Ostholt’s (Sweden) ride in the last show jumping. She was still better than Sandra Auffarth though, who won bronze for Germany. Michael Jung is now the first eventing equestrian who is european champion, world champion and olympic champion at the same time.

In shooting there was a decision in the men’s skeet event and in all honestly, I didn’t even see the targets. Ok, maybe I would see them in real life or if I had one of those HD-TVs, but I’m still deeply impressed by those people. The winner was Vincent Hancock from the United States, who also rewrote the olympic record. Second place goes to danish shooter Anders Golding and third place to Nasser Al-Attiyah from Qatar, that’s where the FIFA Worldcup will take place in 2022.

The first water-ralated decision of the day was the men’s C1 slalom event won by the huge favorite from France, Tony Estanguet. Second place was a surprise, because that was Germany’s second silver medal won by european champion Sideris Tasiadis, who was no favorite to win a medal, because he’s only 22 years old and not the most experienced one. He still won silver during the last two World Championships. We might be able to expect a great future for him, would be awesome.

More water, more synchronized diving, more chinese wins. The women’s synchronized 10m platform event was clearly won by Chen Ruolin and Wang Hao, helping China to come one step closer to achieve their goal to win all the diving medals in London. I don’t have a problem with that, I mean, they’re so good at it, it’s so amazing to watch. It’s sad to watch your athletes come in 6th, again, but these events are always very impressive.

Out of the water, to the Judoka. Urska Zolnir from Slovenia won the half-middleweight event when she won the final against chinese Xu Lili. I haven’t watched it, so I don’t really know anything else about it and let’s see how the males did in the hald-middleweight. That was a really cool finale with both athletes from the 2008 olympic final facing off against each other once again, but this time Kim Jae-Bum from South Korea was the victorious one and german Judoka Ole Bischof won the silver medal, after he was too tired from his semi-final to do anything against his opponent. He earned a lot of respect from me for the way he treated Kim Jae-Bum after he was beaten: both athletes fell into each others arms right after the match. Later in the interview Bischof said that he was not disappointed, because Kim Jae-Bum deserved to win and that he was happy it was Kim Jae-Bum who has beaten him, he is a champion.

Weightlifters are also very strong athletes and Maja Manesa from Kazakhstan apparently is the strongest one in the women’s 63kg event. She won the thrid gold medal for her country. Second place was Svetlana Tsarukayeva from Russia and bronze went to Christine Girard from Canada. As for the men’s 69kg event, it was Lin Qingfeng from China who has beaten them all. Right after him was Triyatno from Indonesia and thrid place was Răzvan Martin from Romania. Not the last Medal of the day for Romania.

As for the women’s team event in gymnastics, it was America’s day, they rocked the statium and clearly won with a truly impressive performance. The russian athletes were crying over their second place, because they hoped to win gold, but there was no helping it today. This event belonged to the US, although the russian girls did really good as well. And here is Romanias next medal, because they managed to take bronze home, unlike the chinese winners from 4 years ago, who placed 4rth. All the girls from the US team are below the age of 20, that’s just insane, gymnastics are so young.

Before we go to the swimming medals, let’s take a look at fencing. Lei Sheng from China won the first chinese foil medal in the men’s individual foil event. His final opponent was Alaaeldin Abouelkassem from Egypt and the last medal went to Choi Byung-Chul from South Korea.

Now the swimming, yeah, the german desaster continues. None of our athletes reached the men’s 200m breaststroke final. As for the women, Allison Schmitt won the 200m freestyle event with a new olympic record. Second was Camille Muffat from France and Bronte Barratt fromn Australia was able to earn herself bronze. The big surprise came with the men’s 200m butterfly finale, the one event everyone expected Michael Phelps to win, but he was actually beaten by Chad le Clos from South Africa, who probably fullfilled his personal big dream this day.
The third swimming medal was won by chinese supergirl Ye Shiwen, wo set a new olympic record in the women’s 200 m I.M. event with an amazing last lane. She was so fast on her last freestyle lane, it’s nothing but impressive. Second place was Alicia Coutts from Australia and third place was another american swimmer, it was Caitlin Leverenz.
And America won one more race, the men’s 4x200m teams event and this was Michael Phelps 15th olympic gold medal. Congratulations. Also congrats to France who managed to come in second and China with their third place, but… let’s just say I would have preferred to see Germany on third place, because our athletes only lost by 0,29 seconds. It was so close, they tried everything they could, gave it everything they had. You know, the first time german swimmers did really good in London and it’s just 0,29 seconds more they need. Paul Biedermann said after the race: “And when you have no luck, you also have misfortune.” It’s too bad, I really wanted to see them winning bronze, but the chinese swimmers where better by 0,29 seconds, you can’t change the facts. Our boys did well, we can be proud either way and it was an awesome race.

So, that’s it for today, I will have to work tomorrow, so I’ll miss most of the decisions, that’s too bad, but I’ll try to see as much as I can. I’ve completely fallen in love with Olympia, it’s so much fun, the athletes are great and these are the next medal-events tomorrow: Men’s K-1 (canoeing), Men’s and Women’s team sprint (cycling), Men’s synchronized 3 m springboard (Diving), Men’s individual épée (fencing), Women’s individual sabre (fencing), Men’s individual all-around (gymnastics), Men’s and Women’s Middleweight (Judo), Men’s Eight (rowing), Women’s Pair (rowing), Women’s Quadruple Sculls (rowing), Women’s 25m Pistol (Shooting), Men’s 200m breaststroke (swimming), Women’s 200m butterfly (swimming), Men’s 100m freestyle (swimming), Women’s 4×20m0 freestyle relay (swimming), Women’s singles (Tabletennis), Women’s 69kg (weightlifting), Men’s 77kg (weightlifting). This is a total of 20 decisions. I’ll have a lot to write tomorrow, I already see it comming.


Olympic Special: London 2012 – Day 3

Actually, I seriously thought I would start this entry with the following words: “And yet another day without medals for Germany.” Nnope, we actually got one today and it was not the Men’s synchronized 10m platform event and it has a pretty unpleasant story behind it. More about it later, but another unpleasant story now, because our last remaining female Table tennis player lost today and is out of the tournament. Probably the most successful and best Table tennis player who ever lived, Timo Boll, currently ranked 7th in the world rankings, surprisingly lost in the rount of the best eight and is also out of the tournament, sadly. His team colleage won and advanced into the quarterfinals, thanks. Let’s hope he’ll make it into the semi-finals, then we have a chance to win a medal.

Other than that, there are more surprising stories to tell about this day, because during the equestrian eventing cross-country event, sadly quite some participants fell and one of the horses decited to finish the race on it’s own, meaning: it ran away and the event had to be stopped temporary to catch the fleeing horse. The last event, jumping, will be held tomorrow and Germany has a pretty good chance, because the team is currently ranked first, before second place Great Britain and in the individual rankings Ingrid Klimke with her 15-year old horse Butts Abraxxas are curently at the top with high hopes for gold. Now that’s something we like to hear.

What we also like to hear are news from our amazing rowers. 4 german boats managed to qualify themselves in different finals so far and special attention should be given to Germany’s Men’s Four during the heats. Why? Because they passed the 1500m mark on fifth (last) place and passed the goal-line, only 500m later, in second place. I know I’ve said the german rowers are doing amazingly well, but this was seriously impressive. When I was watching I honestly thought they would have to go into the repechage and then they suddenly came out of nowhere completing the race right after Australia, who absolutely outclassed everyone in this race.

In canoeing, whe had some more events today and sadly in the men’s C-2 slalom our german participants missed the semifinals by 0.03 seconds. This hurts. In the women’s K-1 slalom competition our competitor made it into the semifinals with the 9th best time. I wasn’t able to watch any canoeing yesterday, but I was really impressed when I fist saw where the slalom events are being held. It looks so cool at Lee Valley White Water Centre, thank you Britons for the wonderful location, but pretty much all the locations are so beautiful, it’s just a matter of what is most impressive.

Our gymnastics failed to win a medal and only paced 7th, even though Fabian Hambüchen did extreamly well, it was just not enough for the team, but he will have his chance to win an individual medal. Let’s hope he wil present himself as good as he did today, or better of course. Still, it’s not too late to place your bets on Germany’s worst summer olympics.

Back to bussiness and to the first gold medal of the day, that was given to Alin George Moldoveanu from Romania in the Men’s 10m air rifle shooting event. It was a very exiting final, the first place changed several times and Niccolo Campriani from Italy came in second at last. Bronze went to Gagan Narang from India and this man has a pretty touching story behind him, because his father had to sell some land to be able to buy his son his first air rifle and in order to prevent this to happen again, he later founded a school for air shooting, I think. Of course evey athelte deserves the medals he or she wins, but this man’s medal weights a bit more than others.

For the second medal, we have to go back into the water and also into the next german medal-catastrophy, because the same guys who won silver 4 years ago, only got 7th place today, because they seriously messed up one of their jumps and got thrown back from 3rd place to 7th. The winners were Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan from China with a very strong performance in the synchronized 10m platform diving event and absolutely deserved to win. Second place went to Mexico and third to the United States. Britain was unable to keep their good results from the early jumps. Too bad, because the audience celebrated their athletes like heroes with massive cheering every time they appeared. By the way, the Chinese said they wanted to win every diving event there is in the olympics this time. They’re doing pretty good so far.

In Judo Kaori Matsumoto from Japan won against romanian athelte Corina Caprioriu in the lightweight event. Men’s lightweight winner was Mansur Isaev from Russia, who won against Riki Nakaya winning silver for Japan. Nice fight, but I didn’t liked the fact that Isaev sat onto his opponent after the fight was over to celebrate his victory, while Nakaya was still lying on the ground. This was unnessecary and I absolutely love the fact that so many athletes congratulate the winners very friendly, hugging and kissing them.

In weightlifting, we had the decision in the women’s 58kg event, that was won by chinese athlete Li Xueying, who also broke the olympic record while she was at it. Silver medal winner was Pimsiri Sirikaew from Thailand and the bronze medal made it’s way to Yuliya Kalina from Ukraine. Just as a side note: German competitor Christin Ulrich rewrote the german record 3 times during this event and still only made it to 13th place. Yeah, this is how good we are at this event, but congratulations to her for improving her personal best so much.
In the men’s 62kg event, we have the third gold medal for North Korea won by Kim Un-Guk. He also rewrote the World Record.

Remember when I was talking about men’s gymnastics? Yeah, this event was won by China, who did a lot better now than they did during the qualifications. Japan also did a lot better compared to their prior performance and won silver, followed by the host with bronze. As a fact, the chinese athletes did so well, they won gold before the competition was over. Oh boy.

Now to the swimming competitions, the first gold medal in the Aquatic Center was given to french superhero Yannick Agnel winning the men’s 200m freestlye event. German competitor and world champion Paul Biedermann only managed to place 5th, but he swam his best time this season so far and the others were incredibly strong, so I think he did a good job, although he’s not entirely satisfied with his time. Ryan Lochte was still better, but also failed to win a medal. Next winner is Missy Franklin in the women’s 100m backstroke event, who qualified for 200m freestyle only 17 minutes before the backstroke final. Her sheldue is pretty impressive in general by the way, she’s trying to win 7 events. Also from America, but on the male side of the swimming team and also winner of the 100m backstroke, is Matthew Grevers. The german athelete came in 6th, but was happy to be able to swim this race at all and was absolutely satisfied. That’s something new from a german swimmer in London.
The last swimmer-medal went to 15-year old Ruta Meilutyte from Lithuania, who managed to improve her personal best during the last 3 month so much, that she won the 100m breaststroke event in Lonon as yet another unusually young athlete. What have I been doing when I was 15 years old? Right, nothing.

And we finally reach the last medal of the day and that was given out in fencing. The women’s individual épée was very dramatic with an extremely close decision in the semi-final between german athlete Britta Heidemann and south korean athlete A-Lam Shin. The last action by Heidemann was so close to the end of the last second, that the korean team discussed it over with the officials, who gave the point to Heidemann nonetheless after 25 minutes of discussions. They relyed on some complicated rules that I didn’t quite understand, but as much as I pity Shin, it actually really does seem like Heidemann’s victory is legit and even after Shin broke into tears and refused to go off stage, there was no helping. They even protested against the decision, but the officials still said it was Heidemann’s victory. She on the other hand lost in the finals pretty much in the last second herself to Yana Shemyakina from Ukraine, but still winning Germany’s first medal in London. Could’ve been gold, because it was a very exiting and close match, but happened to be silver. Still very well done. As for 3rd place, Shin lost aganst Yujie Sun from China, who won the bronze medal. What a mess and a silver medal with a very bitter taste.

And this was day 3! Very exiting, lot’s of stuff happend, good and bad stuff, but still a very exiting day. From a german point of view there’s actually more to celebrate, for example in men’s field hockey and badminton, but I’m lazy now.
Tomorrow, we have decisions in: Men’s C-1 (Canoeing), Women’s synchronized 10 m platform (Diving), individual eventing and team eventing (Equestrian), Men’s individual foil (Fencing), Women’s team all-around (Gymnastics), Women’s and Men’s half-middleweight (Judo), Men’s Skeet (Shooting), Women’s 200m freestyle (Swimming), Men’s 200m butterfly (Swimming), Women’s 200m I.M (Swimming), Men’s 4 × 200 freestyle relay (Swimming), Men’s 69kg and Women’s 63kg (Weightlifting). This is a total of 15 decisions, the most we’ve had so far.

Olympic Special: London 2012 – Day 2

World Record, rain stops matches and still no medals for Germany. Man, I missed so much today… I was able to watch some of the first events, including the swimming qualifications. After our incredibly bad performance yesterday, I wasn’t exactly looking foward to it and guess what? It stated today just like it ended yesterday: with our swimmers pretty much 1 second below their best time. You can’t win anything in an olympic race with times like these…
Tanks to Sarah Poewe, who rewrote her personal best time and qualified for the 100m breststroke semi-finals, we were able to look into a brighter tournament. In the end, some others qualified for some other semi-finals as well and Paul Biedermann managed to qualify for the 200m freestyle final with the 4rth best time. Meaning: hopes for a medal, but until now our athletes successfully destroyed all hope.

Our female Table tennis athlete Kristin Silbereisen in the single’s competition failed to reach the round of the best 16, unlike her team colleage Jiaduo Wu. Yes, she’s playing for Germany. Too bad, I’ve seen Silbereisens match today morning and it looked good. Our Equestrians also looked pretty good, in the eventing competition we’re currently ranked 1st. Let’s see how long, but wait, Equestrian is usually where we’re good at and I love to watch dressage, too bad Totilas can’t compete. I hope I’ll be able to watch some of the dressage events and we’re usually doing pretty good in these events, so I guess that’s one more reason to watch. Hey, just as a notice, these are some of the countries with more medals than we have: South Africa, Taiwan, Cuba, Uzbekistan and North Korea. I would love to nod my head and say: “Yeah, we suck.” but it’s just much too early. We have a pretty small team this time and I don’t expect as many medals as we had last time, but I guess we will manage some at least.

By the way, no chance of a medal in football/soccer has Spain, they have been eleminated by Honduras during the quatification rounds.

Now for the golden girls and boys, what did we have today? The first medals of the day were given out in a shooting event once again and once again a chinese woman (Guo Wenjun) managed to win, this time in the Women’s 10m Air Pistol event. But it was pretty close, second place Celine Goberville from France lost her chance of gold with the last shot when her nerves got the better out of her. The other Shooting-medals given out this day were the ones for Women’s Skeet, where we actually had a realistic chance to win something, but Kim Rhode from the USA won and our athlete only placed 6th, doing considerably worse than 4 years ago in Beijing, where she won the bronze-medal.

Today the British were amused, because they got their first medal, won by Lizzie Armitstead in the Women’s road race, who placed second after Marianne Vos from the Netherlands. The “Oranje”-girl was no surprise winner and was the favorite to win. Not enough for the Dutch though, because they were also able to celebrate their second place in the Women’s 4x100m freestyle race, that was won by Austalian athletes with a new olympic record.

Sadly, I missed the Women’s synchronized 3 m springboard event, because I absolutely love synchronized diving, but there’s another event tomorrow that I’ll watch for sure. This one though was won by He Zi and Wu Minxia from China. It was Wu’s third olympic gold medal in this event, she won it 2008 and 2004 with a different partner.

Also vom Asia, but from a different country comes the winner of the Half-lightweight Judo event Kum Ae An, she’s from North Korea. In 2008 she failed to win the gold medal and had to be satisfied with silver, but this time she actually got it and got North Koreas first olympic gold medal of the day. Second place was Yanet Bermoy Acosta from Cuba, bronze went to Italy and France. And yes, both, because two people are apparently able to earn a bronze-medal in Judo. Lasha Shavdatuashvili from Georgia is not one of the bronze-winners, but the Men’s Half-lightweight event’s winner. Second place goes to Hungary.

Off to weightlifting, in the women’s 53 kg event, we had a german competitor, who managed to rewrite the german record, but was sill far from winning an olympic medal. But she still did pretty good, because she improved her personal best, so I guess she’s satisfied with the competition, although it’s always nicer to win something, that’s for sure. Zulfiya Chinshanlo from Kazachstan was the one who was able to enjoy to cheers the most, because she won this event. Second place was Hsu Shu-ching from Taiwan and thrid was Cristina Iovu from Moldova.

Back to Asia: where Italy won their first gold medals yesterday, not only South Korea was able to celebrate today, because the Women’s Archery team event was won by the South Korean Team, but also more of Asia, because China placed second before Japan on third place. Surprising? I don’t know… Unlike this asian celebration, Europe dominated the Men’s individual sabre event with Áron Szilágyi from Hungary winning before Diego Occhiuzzi from Italy. The Italian sure know who to use their bladed weapons. Sorry, bad pun.

Back to swimming and off to yet another continent, because Dana Vollmer from America not only won the race, she also rewrote the world record. Congratulations, she’s now the first women to swim the 100m butterfly long course faster than 56 seconds. Cameron van der Burgh sounds Dutch, but is fom South Africa and rewrote the 100m breaststroke long course World Record. Camille Muffat from France didn’t set any new world records, but a new olympic record and also won gold for her country… and herself… I guess. Silver went to America and Bronze to the host Great Britain. More amused Britons.

Now the second North Korean Gold comes into play, won by Om Yun-Chol in the Men’s 56 kg weightlifting event. He dedicated the medal to the deceased Kim Jong-Il, former Supreme Leader of North Korea. I’m sorry, I don’t like politics in sports events, I liked it more when german weightlifter Matthias Steiner dedicated his olympic gold medal 2008 in the Men’s +105kg event to his deceased wife.

For the last medals of the day, we have to go back into the water, France won the Men’s 4×100m freestyle event, by beating the USA on the last few meters, who came in second place obviously. Russia was third. So much swimming, but there are a lot of medals to win in swimming competitions overall and we have 4 decisions per day during the first 8 days of the games. Actually the amount of medals given out to swimmers is the second highest in the entire olympic games with 34 swimming events, only the Athletics have more events, they have 47.

So, what is there to expect tomorrow? We have decisions in: Men’s synchronized 10 m platform (Diving), Women’s Individual épée (Fencing), Men’s team all-around (Gymnastics), Men’s and Women’s Lightweight (Judo), Men’s 10m Air Rifle (Shooting), Men’s 200m freestyle (swimming), Men’s and Women’s 100m backstroke (swimming), Women’s 100m breaststroke (swimming), Men’s 62kg (Weightlifting) and Women’s 58kg (weightlifting). Other than that, there are Event competitions in Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Equestrian, Field hockey, Handball, Rowing, Sailing, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Water polo.

And I really should stop writing these in the middle of the night, it’s 1:46am right now by the way, but an olympic day is a long day.

Olympic Special: London 2012 – Day 1

Yes, I know that there were qualification matches before the official opening, but Saturday is the first “real” day, ok? And I’m watching as much as I possibly can. And I have no f*cking clue about most kinds of sport shown there. Just like the time I was talking about the Eurovision Song Contest. I think I might really want to rename this blog.

So, what did we have today? Actually, pretty much amazing stuff and since I’m German and our olympic coverage is more about the german athletes, I’ll talk a bit more about them. Such as the swimmers, who completely failed in every single match they had – men and women. Great, yet another aquatic desaster on the german side, as if we haven’t had enough of them during the olympic games. They failed just like Michael Phelpes, wo only placed 4rth in the individual meledy (400m) and failed to win a medal. On the other hand: he’s already a legend, what he achieved until now is amazing anyway. I guess it’s time for the others now. On the other hand his rival and friend Ryan Lochte won – without breaking the world record though. Ok, ok, Phelpes at least made it into the final, unlike our athletes.

More about swimming: amazingly well did Sun Yang, who won Chinas first Gold medal for swimming in 400m freestyle. His fellow athlete Ye Shiwen had another amazing race: she won the 400m individual meledy in the women’s section and now comes the unbelievable part: on the last 100m, she was only slightly slower than Ryan Lochte and on the last 50m she was faster than him. Sounds pretty freacky, doesn’t it? Oh yeah and she rewrote the World Record, the first new WR ever since those special swim suits were banned early 2010. And did I mention that she’s 16 years old? Other than that, we had Australia winning the 4x100m freestyle race with a new Olympic Record.

Let’s keep it wet, as bad as our swimmers were, our rowers did amazingly well, most of the boats that started this day, not only made it to the finals on their first try, but also won their races. The most amazing boat was the Men’s Eight, that hasn’t los a single race in 4 years and won in the Heats against the Vize-Worldchampion and the Bronze-medal winner and was faster than the american boat (who won their race) by 5 seconds. I don’t know about you guys, but I smell gold. German athletes failed to win a medal today, but I have high hopes for our rowers.

So, what else was there today?  Shooting, the first Gold Medal was won by Chinese athlete Yi Siling in the Women’s 10m Air Rifle. Another athlete was pregnant by the way, but she wasn’t even close to the top rankings. Still pretty cool though. The other Gold in Shooting was given out for the Men’s 10m Air Pistol to South Korean Jin Jong-oh.

This is getting… long. Damn, I can’t back down now. Cycling! We had the Men’s Road Race today and the British were not amused, because they didn’t win a medal. Instead, the Gold Medal went to Alexander Vinokourov from Kazakhstan, the Silver Medal to Rigoberto Urán from Colombia and the Bronze Medal to Alexander Kristoff from Norway. Who would’ve thought?

Another surprise was  the Individual foil in the women’s fencing event that was completely dominated by Italy, winning all medals on it’s own. Come one guys, leave some for the rest… But these weren’t the only medals for Italy today, because they placed first in the Men’s team Archery event slighly before the USA with 219 points to 218. Actually it was so close, the last archer from Italy had to score 10 points to win, 9 points were needed for an extra round and 8 points or worse were equal to second place. He got 10 points, I really would like to have the nerves of that man. Absolutely amazing.

Six medals were given out to the judoka today, each one twice. Arsen Galstyan from Russia won the Men’s Extra-lightweight event and Sarah Menezes from Brazil won the Women’s Extra-lightweight event. The last remaining medal that I forgot to mention yet ment to Wang Mingjuan from China in the Women’s 48kg weightlifting event. She didn’t create a new record, but gold is pretty awesome on it’s own.
Germany did not play in the qualification rounds of Table tennis and this is actually pretty good, because it shows that we’re placed pretty high in the world rankings. Talking about Tennis: Serena Williams made it clear that she wants to win a Medal and to be honest, I think she will. Roger Federer also won, but also no surprise.

We also had the Men’s Gymnastics Qualifications today and Germany placed 4rth overall, that’s pretty good and we’re playced even before China and Japan… that’s insane. Our athletes did pretty good overall and we might have a chance of a medal or two, if things go in our favor a lot. The stars of the day came from America though, who did extraordinary well and pretty much rocked the Gymnastics.

The 30+ Beach volleyball party between Australia and America was nice to watch, especially because the audience was so great and really helped the athletes to do their best. The two German Beach volleyball teams did good, both teams won their first matches and our other two teams have yet to play.

Of course there was more today, such as Table tennis player Natalia Partyka, who was born without a right hand and forearm and won her first match against Mie Skov from Denmark, but I’m tired and need sleep. Besides, I haven’t watched anything from the remaining stuff that happend, but I still think I’ve seen pretty damn much today. That was, because I had time today and tomorrow I’ll have to work, so I will miss the Women’s synchronized 3 m springboard event. Damn it, I love to watch Synchronized diving… 😦

50 Pairings Meme

Well, I kinda took the 50 character meme and turned it into the 50 Pairing meme. =P

Finding 50 pairings was easy, I actually had to leave some out. Some of these pairings are canon, not all though and Bleach is the only fandom in there with two entries. And yes, there are Boys Love-pairings in there, but no Girls Love-pairings, althought some of them may seem like it. 😉

First row (from left to right): Takeru x Kayano (The Devil Does Exist), Maya x Masumi (Glass Mask), Ed x Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist), Ichigo x Rukia (Bleach), Soul x Maka (Soul Eater), Maria x Shin (Akuma to Love Song), Seryou x Yuzuru (Seven Days)

Second row (l.t.r.): Ai x Leo (Himitsu no Ai-chan), Otani x Risa (Lovely Complex), Yukina x Shigure (Watashi ni XX shinasai), Sawako x Shota (Kimi ni Todoke), Shichika x Togame (Katanagatari), Haruhi x Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club), Maya x Mitsuomi (Tenjou Tenge), Vash x Meryl (Trigun Maximum), Kyoko x Ren (Skip Beat)

Thrid row (l.t.r.): Ikki x Kururu (Air Gear), Kou x Aoba (Cross Game), Hokuto x Chiwa (Hapi Mari), Misaki x Takumi (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), Hitsugaya x Hinamori (Bleach), Yin x Lele (The One), Kenshin x Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin),  Takara x Kiyomine (Komatta Toki no wa Hoshi ni Kike), Kira x Rei (Mars)

Forth row (l.t.r.): Kai x Sae (Piano no Mori), InuYasha x Kagome (InuYasha), Shizuku x Miyabi (Kami no Shizuku), Rin x Shiemi (Ao no Exorcist), Ran x Shinichi (Detective Conan), Makoto x Ito (W Juliet), Kei x Hikari (Special A), Shaolan x Sakura (Tsubasa Cronicles/Card Captor Sakura), Tsukimi x Kuranosuke (Kuragehime)

Fifth row (l.t.r.): Ayato x Yugo (Magnolia), Miyazawa x Arima (Kare Kano), Kiriya x Karino (Kare First Love), Kyouhei x Kaya (Midnight Secretary),  Nana x Ren (Nana), Sunako x Kyohei (Perfect Girl Evolution), Ranma x Akane (Ranma 1/2), Fumino x Kazuma (Faster than a Kiss), Mookyul x Ewon (Totally Captivated)

Sixth row (.l.t.r.): Arikawa x Misaki (Only The Flower Knows), Usagi x Mamoru (Sailor Moon), George x Yukari (Paradise Kiss), Simon x Nia (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan), Dee x Ryo (Fake), Hei x Kirihara (Farker than Black), Riyuuji x Taiga (Toradora!)

30 Days Shipping Challenge – Day 19

Day 19: A pairing you’ve rooted for since the beginning.

Ed x Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist… and I was right! Take this!

This is actually my true OTP, the one pairing I love the most. I’ve immediately fallen in love with them and saw right through them. Their interaction is amazing and their relationship slowly builds up from “childhood friends” to “being in love” to the point that you can actually tell when Edward exactly realized that he’s in love with Winry. They have so much chemistry and their characters work so well together, lots of Shoujo-Manga can learn from this and this is Shounen. Truth to be told, there are a lot of romance and shipping hints for Shounen standarts, but it’s still only subtle and does not push itself into the foreground. It actually feels very natural for Edward to fall in love with Winry and that is why I love them so much.
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