Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Slowly but surely, we getting closer to the ESC 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of the participating songs have been selected and you will find them on youtube. Time to take a look and be happy about Australia returning.

I said it last year and I will say it again: I’m all in for having Australia as a regular participant. The kangaroos are super awesome people and very hyped. And they send actually good acts. The second year in a row. I’m impressed.

And you know what I’m even more imnpressed by? There’s actuially a good amount of songs I really like. There’s real solid pop, songs you can listen to without feeling ashamed. Wow, what happend? Is it Australia’s influence? I don’t really care, but I think it’s actual competion this year with a good amount of legimately strong songs and that makes it worth it for the music every once in a while. Cool.

My personal favorits are Armenia, Ireland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Russia and Australia. But worry not, we do have our annual weird acts as well and funny enough, Germany is one of them. I try to see the bright side: it can’t get worse than last year. XD



Shokugeki no Soma 148


Soma chapter 148

Unsurprisingly, Soma won the Shokugeki the


Soma chapter 1

simplest way possible: make food so delicious, the judges can’t withstand their desire to try it. Well, that was to be expected and Soma stayed true to his good old cocky self.


However, I have to admit, those past 148 chapters really did wonders to Soma. Sure, he’s often portayed very funny, but on the rare occausions he does get serioues, he shows just how much he’s grown up (and how much the drawing style of the manga-ka has improved).

Still: declaring live on TV he will kick some serious ass whenever someone is in search for a fight, evne if it’s the Elite 10, is just damn cool. Too bad Erinas reaction wasn’t shown, I would’ve loved to see that. She’s still super tsun when it comes to Soma, even though she perfectly well knows he makes delicious food.  Yeah, I’m shipping SomaxErina. 😛

Avatar – better than drugs

I’ve recently watched “Avatar: The Last Airbender” when I was ill. After having constantly told how great the series is, I’ve finally watched it myself and what can I say? I’t not just good, it’s downright amazing. I ended up watching one book per day, I just couldn’t stop, I haven’t had this with a cartoon for a very long time. Yeah, I guess I like it even more than MyLittlePony: Friendship is Magic.

The Last Airbender totally cracked me up with it’s humor, I freaking love sarcasm and guess who my favorit characters are? Of course Sokka and Toph. Sarcasm for the win. Ok, so when talking about Avatar, I guess you just have to mention the shipping wars, that’s what Avatar is famous for after all. I can see where it’s comming from, because the entire series is loaded with ship tease, they even have g-rated-sex between a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old in there. Yes, Aangs and Kataras dance in the Fire Nation… how did they get this past the radar? I have no clue, but it was amazing, so I’m not complaining or anything. =P

But all good things have to come to an end and so Avatar had to as well. The end was pretty amazing and pleasing, but although I’m on Kataangs ship, the kisses between Aang and Katara seemed kind of weird, especially the last one with “bedroom eyes” and all, probably because Aang is 12 years old. It just feels weird for me too look at, although it did prove my preferred couple to be canon. Do I even have to say anything about the fight? Amazing.

So, having finished The Last Airbender, of course I had to move on to The Legend of Korra and it’s so weird to have completely different characters now. You know, all the characters I’ve come to love through the 61 episodes of The Last Airbender, are pretty much gone now. Yeah, Katara and Zuko are still alive, but not part of the story and they’re old now, it’s so weird seeing Gran Gran Katara, seriously… and I miss Aang. And Sokka… my source of sarcasm has vanished, I’m so lost. T_T Although I do like Korra more than Aang, because I really like those tomboy-characters, plus she’s really funny, he’s still missing. Avatar without Aang is just not the same. And have you seen the flashback of adult-Aang? A beard? Really? What were they smoking?

Storywise I think The Legend of Korra is pretty much entirely uninteresting, but we’re just in episode 5, it might get better. Ironically, anthough the entire series is a lot darker and more serious than The Last Airbender, the threat seems to be much a lot less dangerous. At least for me. We have aggressive world domination and genocide, against a guy who takes bending away from people living in Republic City, plus the bad guy actually do has a point, whereas the Fire Lord was downright evil.

Animation, drawings, character design and background drawings… pure eye-porn. I mean seriously, this series looks nothing but absolutely stunningly amazing, especially the backgrounds look as if they’re taken right of of the artbook of epic.

What I absolutely love about The Legend of Korra, besides the drawings and Korra as a characters, is the whole shipping mess that’s going on. It makes sense the characters are a lot more into love and all, because they’re older than the entire main cast of The Last Airbender with Korra being 17 years old. When teenagers are this age, it’s completely normal to be filled with hormones, stumble into relationships, fall in love at first sight and do stupid things thanks to that. I can’t blame Mako for having feelings for two girls, although the nature of his feelings for said girls seems to be different. Bolin is… the comic relief and very childish. He’s likable, but not exactly boyfriend-material for Korra, that’s why I don’t think they’ll end up with each other. Plus she rejected him several times, as well as confessed her love to Mako and forced a kiss on him. If this is not enough to make it clear she’s head over heels for Mako, I don’t know what else is supposed to happen. We already had the first kiss in episode 5, are they supposed to end up in bed by the end of the season? To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m a hopeless shipper, I admit it and I’m enjoying the upcomming shipping war so much, including the mess between the characters. To sum it up: Korra is in love with Mako, who’s in love with both Asami and Korra, but is going out with Asami, while his jounger brother Bolin has a serious crush on Korra, who friendzoned him several times already and is jelous of Asami. To make it even better, Korra confessed her love to Mako, who used his relationship with Asami as an excuse to reject her, but later admitted he’s confused to which girl he likes more and returns the kiss she forced on him, what Bolin saw and as a conclusion, ran away from the szene completely heartbroken . I LOVE this. 😀 Too bad bad at the end of episode 5 all three of them pretty much friendzoned each other. Come on, don’t agree on friendship, you can’t just push a button and your feeling are gone. No matter how much you talk about wanting to be friends, love doesn’t work this way and I’m dying to see where this love dodecahedron is heading.

Also, I really love the fact that Korra is just downright straightforward with pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth, including love-matters. 😀 Korra, you’re the best, I’m telling you.

Oh, and one last thing: BEDROOM EYES!

The Lion King

Today I couldn’t resist anymore and bought “The Lion King”. If you don’t know what movie I’m talking about, you’re either way too young or didn’t have a childhood.

Well, yeah, so since you can buy the movie for a short period of time now, I was thinking about buying it, because I don’t have it and I freaking love this movie. t’s not just one of my favoritze Disney-movies, or one of my favorite animated movies, no, it ranks pretty high in my favorite movies of all time and I really really really wanted to have it, but I wasn’t so sure if I should buy it or let my uncle burn it for me.

Today when I saw the movie in the supermarket where my father and I were shopping, I was like: “Just shut up Disney and take my money.” Movie bought. I was really close to buying “The Rescuers Down Under” as well, because this movie looks downright amazing. “The Rescuers” might not have been such a good movie, but the sequeal is like a hundred times better. It’s a great adventure and the animation looks amazing, the szenes where the boy ride on the golden eagle is nothing but impressive. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

While we’re talking about movies nobody knows: one of my favorite Disney-movies is such a movie and it’s quite surprising, because it’s a pretty good movie with a somewhat dark tone to it and a good hero, a great villan and the finale szenes in big ben are really intense. I’m talking about “The Great Mouse Detective”. It’s really good, I promise.

But today evening I will drown myself in the greatness that’s called “The Lion King”.

Chihayafuru episode 6

Chihayafuru has already managed to become my favorite of the season, but it’s getting better and better with every episode. While I thought the episodes in the past were a bit boring, it’s entertaining me a lot more now.

Also I think it’s funny that Taichi has always been in love with Chihaya, but never told her. Get a grip boy, but I can understand why you won’t tell her: she probably doesn’t even think about love at all, the only thing she truly loves is karuta and this is probably how far her understanding of love goes. And all this, although Taichi and Chihaya would make a great couple, if you ask me. No, not just from the outlook apperance (when those two extraordinary goodlooking persons stand next to each other, they pretty much overshine everything around them), but also judging from their character as well.

Arata might become a problem, though… since he was the one who taught Chihaya the joy of karuta and he’s the one she wants to play with the most, he has actually quite good chances, but I still think Taichi suits her better character-wise. Well, whatever, at least he’s back to playing karuta, as we’ve seen at the very end of the episode. I was very afraid this might turn into the quest to make Arata play karuta again, but the end of episode 5 was very heartwarming when he said he always wanted to be friends with Chihaya and Taichi, so it qas quite obvious he’ll start playing karuta on his own again, but very nicely done.

The new girl… I really like her. In comparison to Chihaya, she looks like a grey mouse and her entire apperance was very quite, but she turned out to have quite the strong will. It surprised me when she actually made Chihaya model for her parents’ shop and the first thing she did in the club, was making Chihaya and Taichi clean the room. Yeah, I really like her, I can say that and I can’t wait to see more from her. Now it’s just down to two more members and I’m very exited who that might be.

I’ve mentioned Chihayas good looks twice now, so I’d like to get this straight: I was laughing when I noticed that Chihaya, who doesn’t give a damn about what people think of her and who has a tomboy-ish personality, is actually prettier than her sister when she was her age, who was trying to become a professional model back then. Of course, the main character of a manga/anime is usually someone who looks good, but in this case they’re playing around with this, because Chihaya really doesn’t care and her outlook apperance doesn’t suit her character at all. I’d even call it a missfortune in her case, because it makes people believe that she’s the perfect girl and as soon as she goes into action or just opens her mouth she’s the weirdo and everyone tries to avoid her. She’s nice to look at, but nothing more. Good thing Chihaya doesn’t care about this, because this is pretty harsh.

Speaking about something harsh: I thought it was unbelievable when she was in elementary school and her partens wouldn’t even listen to her when she tried to tell them very proudly that she won the karuta tournament at her school. They were all over her sister, because of some modeling job and even allowed her to talk shit about Chihayas karuta-achievement, making little Chihaya very sad who actually managed to swallow her tears and laughed not too lang after this. What a girl, I felt truly sorry for her. 😦

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana) Episode 1 – Surprise Attack

I’ve just watched AnoHana episode 1. I have to admit, I completely forgot about this anime and just watched the first episode, because I was bored and felt like watching a new anime. I can’t tell you how glad I’m right now, because it would’ve been a shame to miss this.

From what I’ve watched so far, no anime was seriously bad, but no anime left an impression on me. Toriko was silly, Sket Dance was average, Hanasaku Iroha was quite nice, C was kinda… weird, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi was pretty much as goo as I predicted and that’s all I’ve seen so far. Funny enough the only anime I didn’t even plan to watch left the biggest and most positive impression on me: AnoHana.

It’s some kind of comming of age-story I guess. Six old friends have lost connection after one of them died and over the years everyone has heavily  changed. The past leader of  the group “Jintan” is now a shut-in who refuses to go to school, but he can see something he calls “his stress” and this is his dead friend Menma. For her sake he tries to overcome his complexes and wants to fulfill her last wish, but to do so, he will have to reunite all of his old friends and this is not an easy task, considering everyone’s such much different than they used to be.

Actually, I’ve been thinking if Menma is an hallucination like Jintan said, or if she’s a ghost, because she goes off wandering around on her own (altough she’s seen with Jintan the most). If she’s a ghost than she would lead him and his friends back to happiness or something like this, but if she’s a hallucination isn’t it more like it’s Jintas wish for everyone to reunite again? Well, I guess we’ll see what comes next.

As for me I’m really looking foward to next week and I can’t wait for the next episode. This was the best first episode I’ve seen this season. I’d a really nice slice of life drama, I hope it will keep it’s quality up. If it does, I’ll easily turn into an anime I’d love to recommend everyone to watch.

Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike – even more Shounen-ai! I think I’m an addict…

And I’ve read yet another shounen-ai manga and this time, it hasn’t anything to do with anime, I’ve just read it for the heck of it. I like reading shounen-ai and yaoi, I really think I’m an addict… on the other hand: I’m a manga-addict anyway, so it doesn’t really makes any difference at all. Btw: spoiler ahead.

So, I’ve read the manga with the name I’ll never be able to remember without looking it up: Komatta Toki no wa Hoshi no Kike. Or also known as: Ask the Stras for Help! … yeah, whatever this title wants me to tell about the story is still an unsolved question for me. I’ve read 14 volumes now ( I think it’s around 41 chapers) and it’s a normal Highschool Story, I pretty much gave up on figuring out what the tile has to do with the manga. It’s finished by the way: 26 volumes with a total of 82 chapters, but only 14 volumes are scanlated right now and the scanlations are slow as fuck… damn. It’s an older manga, that was published between 1997 and 2005. A Shounen-Ai manga with a total of 26 volumes is actually really long, you don’t see this too often, but I can totally understand why it’s so long, because I really enjoyed reading it.

In my previous entry, I said I don’t like the typical Highschool Romance, but this one is exactly what I like, because the main point is, that the main couple does not “get together” too early. They don’t even fall in love this fast, it takes a long while and this is what makes it so enjoyable for me: they don’t jump from strangers to eternal love and the way their relationshiop slowly progresses to the point where everyone around them notices they have to be in love or something, but neither of them has actually confessed yet. I think Takara hasn’t even admitted to himself that he’s in love (volume 14). Actually right now we’re at the stage when he slowy begins to suffer due to his love, because he get’s jealous, he doesn’t like to be seperated from Hosaka for too long or he’s deeply hurt by harsh words Hosaka says without noticing. Well, Hosaka on the other hand seems to know that Takara is a very special person to him, if he knows that it’s love… I’m not sure, but it’s clear both of them want and need contact with each other – physical contact.

It begins with both of them pretty much hating each other, because their personalities clash against one another. They’re both hard to handle and really similar to each other in certain aspects, so they don’t get along at first. After being stuck in one room in the dorm, they’re forced to live with each other and quarrel pretty much every day. I’m convinced they’re both masochists and sadists at the same time, they need their fights. xD While they’re fighting all the time, they actually begin to get really close and at one point they somehow begin to share one bed and it goes on and on until they sleep together every night. Physical contact, that was used to tease the other at the beginning, becomes something normal to them not even worth mentioning anymore, let alone fighting over it. The way their relationship is now, it looks like a couple that has been going out for 2 year, but like I said earlier: neither of them has confessed anything. From their point of view, they’re still in a kind of “friends”-relationship, while they behave completely different. I’m actually pretty interested in what a relationship might look like, because considering Hosaka, I doubt he’d have a probem kissing Takara in public. This could turn into a few very funny moments, indeed.

By the way, I said both of their characters are similar to each other, so both characters seem to be pretty strong (while they both have their weak points) and so the seme/uke-pattern is played out pretty nice. What bugs me a bit is the fact the Takara cries from times to times. For a 16-year old male, it just looks weird to cry, no matter if he’s a huge boxer or a pussy. Well, whatever…

This manga is nothing near perfect or anything, but I just enjoy reading it a lot. The slice-of-life parts are pretty nice and while some drama that is added in there (kidnapping…) doesn’t really suit the manga in my opinion, it’s still pretty enjoyable to read. The art is a bit stiff here and there and since the beginning is pretty old, so is the style of art, but all in all it’s ok. What pisses me off a bit, is the fact that the kisses aren’t shown. You either see nothing or at least not the lips touching, that’s irritating me. As a sidenote: no kiss has happend out of the desire  to express love to the other character as of now. It was just to tease Takara, I’m still waiting for a “real” kiss out of love and with the only intention to express love.

While has “Comedy, Drama, Shounen-Ai” listed as the genre, I think the amount of drama until now is pretty much normal. Don’t expect too much drama, really. Most of the time, I think it’s pretty lighthearted and altough I sure don’t laught about every joke, the comedy adds to the lighthearted atmosphere. I’d say it’s more of a BL slice-of-life manga with some comedy and drama in it. I was actually quite surprised Slice-of-Life is not listed.

So, I like this manga a lot and I totally recommend it for you, if you want to read shounen-ai without too much clichee, but a few cute moments here and there, as well as a relationship in it’s main focus that progresses slowly without both characters jumping at each other after 5 chapters.