Bleach 624

giphy3Aizen? Pff. Quincy working together with Shinigami? Pff.

Grimmjow is back! I called it. I never believed he’d stay dead, I always said he will be back. I’m also pretty convinced Hitsugaya will be back… somewhat alive. More or less. Whatever.

But Grimmjow is back, he’s one of the coolest characters in Bleach and he’s pouting like a baby. I haven’t been so excited for Isshin_Kurosaki_reveals_himself_to_Aizen_(&_Ichigo)_001Bleach since… well… good question actually. I think since Isshin and Masaki’s backstory. Isshin is still boss. Come to think of it, we need some more Isshin action, but I guess I’m pretty happy Kubo at least remembered some other older characters, such as Kon. At one point I’ve actually believed he’d forgotten about him. I miss the old days, when Bleach was nothing more than a good shounen with a simple story. Now it’s… a mess.

Either way, today we celebrate Grimmjow! ­čśÇ


Glass Mask – my shipping nightmare

Why is it my nightmare? Because I haven’t seen anything new for years and I love Maya x Masumi, they’re so super cute. I want to see them together, but there’s still so much to scan and the japanese volumes don’t really move on either… Like I said. It’s a nightmare.

Either way, while impatienty waiting for the slow scanlations (but thanks anyway guys, you’re doing a great job!), I decided to give my thoughts on the end of this manga. Whenever it’ll be.

glass-mask-2760567So, my prediction is, Maya “wins” with her interpretation of the Crimson Goddess and they key to that is Masumi. Those two share an insepperable bond and have truly found their “one true love” in eath other, they just haven’t had the chance to live their love. Their relationship was complicated from the very beginning, when Maya was still obviously much too young to be Masumis lover and it was all about a taltented actress. Fate has been very cruel to them resulting in a very tragic love, even after they both are very aware of eath other’s feeling. Actually, I think the realization that they’re deeply in a mutual love, made it even worse, because of their difficulties being together.

However, this sad and tragic part of their relationship is exactly what’s going to give Maya the advantage in the Crimson Goddess competition with Ayumi. Sensei Tsukikage was only able to portay the Crimson Goddess as good as she did, because of her tragic love. They key point in the Goddess is the love aspect and Maya has experienced a very painful love towards Masumi. She knows what it’s like to long for someone you can’t have. She knows what being in love but not being able to be together means. She knows the pain seeing her loved one in the hands of someone else. And we’re not just talking about any other “love”, this is the often quoted one true love and that’s what makes it so hard to endure.

Maya’s extreme hardships in her relationship to Masumi will make her come out as the true Crimson Goddess and I’m sure when she’s on stage acting her part, she won’t do it for herself, or her Sensei or anyone for that matter, besides Masumi. She wants to act for him and she wants to show him her perfect Crimson Goddess and I’m pretty sure he will be moved to tears, because he’ll be the only one who’ll truly understand her acting.

And since I’m a hopeless shipper, I bless them with a happy ending. Someone who loves eath other so much and has gone through so much agony, deserves to be together. Maya is already going into the direction of really not caring about anything besides wanting to be with Masumi, but he’s having more difficulties, especially since he got that crazy jealous fiancee of his he needs to get rid off, without driving her into suicide. The later in the manga and the more obvious they’re becomming about their feelings, the harder they become to watch. The trip on the boat they shared, was too bittersweet to endure. Just do these two lovebids a favor and let them be.

And the 11 year age gab?


Crazy Easter Goodness

So, while I’m chewing on my awesome huge Lindt chocolate bunny, besides being totally afraid I might break a tooth on the frozen bunny, I thought I might tell the world about an Easter tradition my family runs and I’ve actually never seen anyone do this besides my family, so it’s not exactly a local thing where I live, I guess. Most people I talk to are just grossed out.

I’m talking about “Soleier” and according to Wikipedia, this is supposed to be a traditional dish in Berlin? The only problem is, my mother’s side of my family has it’s roots in Poland and my grandmother who makes our Soleier has never been to Berlin, she has the recipe from her mother and she was polish, so … maybe it’s a thing in Poland as well?

Now, what’s a Solei? It’s weird deliciousness. Like I said, most people I talk with are usually grossed out, but I’ve been eating this stuff my entire life, so I’m usually really looking forward to it every year when my grandmother makes them. I seriously need to ask her to write down the recipe she uses, but she doesn’t want to, because she doesn’t measure anything, she just… makes them.

Soleier are especially prepared eggs. You need hard boiled eggs, and I mean really hard boiled eggs, boil them until you’re 100% sure they’re totally hard boild. Then you break the shell, but don’t peal it, only break it, and put them into a very salty mixture with different ingredients. My grandmother uses onion and caraway. Let them sit and after about a week or so, they’re ready to eat!

Sounds delicious, right? No, no, the fun part starts now. That’s how my family does it: you peel the egg, cut it in half and take the york out. Use the white part of the egg as a cup. Put some salt and pepper in there, as much mustard in it as you want and fill in about 2/3 Oil and 1/3 vinegar. Place the York back on top of it and in the mouth it goes.

Of course you can do this with normal eggs as well, but the pickled eggs taste so much better. Oh, and prepare for a total mess handling the oil and vinegar. I recomment using a plate, or you will turn your kitchen into a smelly oily place of hell, but it’s worth it. I love it. Feel free to adjust the egg to your tastings. Want some hot sauce in it? Or Ketchup? Don’t like Mustard? No problem.