Team Rocket and Pikachu

I watched the Pokémon anime when I was a kid. That was around the time Red/Blue were a huge thing. Like, really, back in the days everyone played Pokémon. Everyone.

As for today, it’s been a long time ever since I watched the last episode, but I do play the new games when they arrive and read some discussions on the internet every now and then. One topic that stikes me again and again is Team Rocket with their crazy obsession to steal Pikachu.

I’ve read numerous times, that Team Rocket is stupid for going after such a common Pokémon. I agree they could’ve had some seriously rare Pokémon to deliver their boss from what I heared, but the thing is… Pikachu is not a common Pokémon. It’s not super-rare either, but it’s still relatively rare compared to others.

In Pokémon Red/Blue you can encounter it in Viridian Forest with an encounter rate of 5%. The only place where it actually is common, is the Power Plant with an encounter rate of 25%, but you need surf to get there and it’s is a completely optional place to go. Chances are, on your first unassisted play-through, you don’t even know it exists, let alone go there. Also, it makes sense that all the electric type Pokemon are common in this place, it even has Zapdos, it’s such an electric paradise.

Gold/Silver: route 2 during the day and in the morning 5%

Ruby/Sapphire: in 2 areas of the safari-zone, both times 5%

D/P: Trophy Garden 10%

Black/White: not in the game

X/Y: route 3 5%, Santalune Forest 6%

There certainly are much more rare Pokémon (Feebas Gen III & IV anyone?), but Pikachu is not that easy to get. The easiest are Gen I (when you know where the Power Plant is + surf) and Gen IV. So while Team Rocket could try and focus on more valuable Pokémon, Pikachu is not that much of a crazy idea as people often make it seem to be. Just because Ash is running around with one all the time and the TV-series throws us this particular Pikachu in our faces non-stop, doesn’t make it a common Pokémon.


The Oscars 2016 – Best Actor

I’m no movie expert, but I keep my ears and eyes open what happens around oscar season and one of the big talks is the Best Actor category. While some talk about a weak year of performances, other’s call out a strong list of actors, it’s… weird.

Either way, the big talk is, especially after the Golden Globes, Leonardo DiCaprio. But why is that? The amount of support he receives for his first possible Oscar is huge, the internet loves him. Sure, the internet would also love to see him get nominated and robbed to make an armada of memes out of it, but right now there’s a lot of people who want to see him win an oscar, but there’s other actors who did amazingly well, too.

Speaking from personal experiences, this huge support might come from the fact that Leo starred in a lot of impressives roles where he never got an oscar for, sometimes not even a nomination. In recent times, we saw his brillant performance in Django Unchained with his, now legendary, improvised scene where he was so in-character he broke the glass, accidentally cut himself with it and smeared the blood over Kerry Washingtons face. And Christoph Waltz won best Supporting Actor for Dr Schultz in the same movie. As Will Smith already noted, when he read the script: Django is not the main character, Schultz is. Waltz was awesome, I highly enjoyed his performace and I love the entire movie, but to me it was a mystery why he didn’t win “Best Actor”, because Dr Shultz really does feel like the actual leading role and not Django.

Then there’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Five Oscar nominations, not a single one awarded. I’m not saying 12 years a slave didn’t deserve the win, or that Matthew McConaughey wasn’t anthing but impressive in Dallas Buyers Club, but Leo’s performance in Wolf of Wall Street was arguably his best one to date – and that’s including a long line of top notch performances. I’d go as far and speculate, maybe this movie is the biggest reason so many people support Leo. He’s been presenting us one great performance after the other and Wolf of Wall Street sticks out as his best.

He didn’t get his oscar for Gilbert Gape, he didn’t get it for Aviator, neighter for Blood Diamond and this brilliant performance in Wolf of Wall Street was overlooked as well. There have been a lot of actors nominated a bunch of times that never got an oscar, I think the  record is 8 nominations and no oscar, but in Leo’s case I guess a lot of peoplke feel like he finally “deserves” it, because he delivered consistenly great movies and outstanding roles.

I’m sure his next nomination is a given and he’s probably one of the top contenders for Best Actor this year. I will go see the Revenant tomorrow and see for myself, if he deserves the golden statue for his performance this year. I don’t like awards given to actors for less significant roles, because they didn’t get it for their most outstanding one before. That’s just a bad consolation prize.

Either way, Oscar or not, DiCaprio is a great actor. He got 20 seconds of standing ovations at the Golden Globes, they’ll give him at least 1 minutes of standing ovations at the Oscars. Everyone knows he deserves it. And if he doesn’t win? Well, then the internet has one hell of a great time with countless of funny Leo memes and will look forward to his next nomination to start the hype all over again.


fake1To start off the new year strong, I decided to reread probably my all time favorite BL manga. When talking about shounen ai I usually go with Seven Days and I have to admit I usually prefer shounen ai over yaoi, because many yaoi manga are written around the sex. I don’t have a problem with some mano a mano action, but it’s often just too much and the story usually just serves as a matchmaker to get them into bed as fast as possible.

Maybe that’s the reason I like Fake so much. It’s a 7 volume manga about fake5two cops in New York. Dee is bi and more or less instantly falls in love with his new partner Ryo, who’s been straight so far, but feels drawn to Dee when they first meet at the police station. Sounds rushed? It’s not. Even though Ryo does feel some sort of affection towards Dee and even allows him to kiss him every once in a while, he’s afraid to fall in love with Dee and struggles to accept his feelings. Also, he’s an airhead and doesn’t even realize what the heck is going on at first, while Dee would love to jump him any second.

fake3For a yaoi manga, Fake is very tame. For a long time all you get to see are kisses, some hotter than others, and Dee trying to get into Ryo’s pants unsuccessfully. However, even though it seems Dee is some horny impatient idiot, he stopped at several occasions when he noticed Ryo was out of it and there was something weird going on. He never took advantage of the situation when Ryo was mentally not fully reliable and only fooled around when he new his partner was fully “with him”. I really appreciate this, because I hate all the countless rape-stories. It may look at some points that Dee seriously wants to rape Ryo, but he would’ve never actually done it and the fact that he stopped on more than one occasion for Ryo’s sake, proves just that. Thumbs-up for non-rape-yaoi.

It takes the both of them until volume 7 once there’s finally the first sex szene and it’s very short. Some foreplay and one half-shadowed-picture of them actually doing it and even the second time around at the very end of the manga is fake2not really that long. The “worst” aka most explicit thing you get to see is a the censored shape of an erect penis. I’ve seen much, much worse in other yaoi, I can assure that.

Besides, with kisses as hot as the ones we see, it’s really not that much of a deal we don’t see that much sex. It’s not a manga build around sex anyway, like many other yaoi and you can’t really blame those for it, because that’s what the audience wants. It’s great to see some more tame works in between and I have to admit, I love seeing Ryo and Dee kissing. That’s why I filled this post with so many pictures of them kissing. 😀