I though I’d never say what I’m about to say, but I’m obsessed with Yuri on Ice Omegaverse fanfictions right now. After 2 weeks and 65+hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the BOTW-Share_iconWild (and I’m still only halfway done, DAMN this game is freaking amazing – I’m currently on Death Mountain and the game actually expects me to buy a helmet for 2000 rupees? REALLY? When the chest part was like… 600 rupees? I may be swimming in money, but 2000 rupees for an item that’s not even important still hurts. Time to sell some more diamonds.), I took a break from my Nintendo Switch and buried myself in Yuri on Ice again.

Did I EVER mention I love Yuri on Ice? *cough* Yeah, Victuuri is my life.

Either way, when I first heared about Omegaverse, I was disgusted. I’m no expert by any means, but here’s the basics of what I’ve learned about it:

  • people have secondary genders: alpha, beta and omega
  • these secondary gener roles are very animalistic and based on sexual behaviorism of animals
  • betas are basically “normal people”
  • alphas are strong, leaders and at the top of the hierarchy, they are very protective over “their” omega, they go into ruts, knot with omegas while mating and can bind an omega to themselves
  • omegas are the lowest in the hierarchy, but are often treated as a “prize”, they go into heat (a time in which they are extreamly vulnerable), they usually build nests during heat, can get pregnant and may bond with an alpha
  • both alphas and omegas have a very strong distinctive smell that attracks them to each other, betas are ususaly either not affected, or can’t smell it

1481346976_yuri-iceAs you can see… very animalistic. There’s a lot more, like growling, sexual drive going absolutely mad, leaving one’s scent on the other, fighting between alphas for an omega and so on. There’s so much more, but I’m going to go into any more detail. I’ve read a short descibtion about a fanfiction where deltas were mentioned and I was like: “NOPE! I’m glad I got the general grip on alpha/beta/omega, please don’t knot my brain any more.” and another one that was an alphaomega, so… kind of a mix between an omega and an alpha – something like an alpha that goes into heat or something. As you can see: it varies a lot.

Now… I’m not just reading everything I see. Like I said, I was disgusted the first time I learned about it. It being so extremaly animalistic, it’s also very sterotypical and I personally support equality in gender roles. One of Victuuris many charming traits is that Yuri and Victor are in an equal relationship. They support each other, they lean on each other and even though Victor is Yuris coach and emotional support, you see him fail and Yuri stepping up to expain what he needs. The rings were Yuri’s idea. Their Ice Dance at the end of the final episode very clearly shows the lead changing between Victor and Yuri as a beautiful protrayal of their equal relationship.

Therefore, I prefer Omegaverse with Victor as the omega and Yuri as the alpha. It’s the exact opposite of what you would expect and I hate fanfictions/fanarts with domestic passive Yuri who’s at Victoir’s feet, because that’s NOT how their relationship works. With omega Victor and alpha Yuri, you have to challenge gender roles and expectations comming with them. Unless you want to write something completely out of character, you need to challenge both characters with their secondary gender. In one fancfiction Victor  has mental problems with going into heat and he had suppressed his heats so long, his efff4a1173921308b0a7f072412382b0body forced him into one, leading to a doctor’s visit who denied him any more suppressants forcing Victor to face his fears of being an omega. Or alpha Yuri who sees himself as a failure and thinks he should’ve been an omega or beta instead. He’s shaken with fear when Victor wants to share his heat with Yuri, but turns out to be possessive and protective when he needs to be.

Yuri on Ice was a show about equality and acceptance, where not a single soul  discriminates if you love someone of the same gender as your own or not. It’s a show about two very different characters finding, supporting and helping each other to become equal partners. The last thing I need to read/see about this show are fanworks about stoneage old sterotypical gender roles.

Yuri on Ice Finale (ep 12)

victor-is-loveAnd with this, the gaylicious ride that was Yuri on Ice, is officially over. And what a ride that was: fun, crazy, gay, beautiful, Victor-you-damn-perfect-human-being, medelas, rings – what 12 episodes those were.

Now that it’s over I’m a bit confliced. I was pretty sure Yuri was meant to win gold and retire at the peak of his career. He wanted to retire for a year now, repeated numerous times thoughout the episode and the GPF gold was the one declared goal. Neither happend, though.

My theory includes the ending has been sacrificed in favor of a second season. I’m relatively sure Yuri was supposed to win, retire and live happily ever after with Victor. Well, he’s still living with Victor, that one worked out, the rest…. not so so much. Having Yuri loose by 0.12 points is downright cruel. He got the world record, which is awesome, but not the gold medal, which is annoying. Also, Victor making a comeback at his age and wants to train Yuri at the same time is pretty much insane, so that’s another sore thumb in my chest.

I mean, Victor skating? I’m all in, but he’s pretty old for top level competitive sport and yuri-on-ice-finale-victor-crytraining someone else at the same time is more or less impossible, realistically speaking. This anime has been pretty much stuck with realistic competitions so far, or until the real life short program world record was beaten my 8 points at least (I’m still a bit sour over that, because I think that’s a bit too much). Well, I guess I just have to live with that and at least we’re having Yuri and Victor train together in Russia now – whatever that may turn into.

The one thing I asolutely loved to death about this episode was the pair skate. I was dreaming of a pas de deux since episode one and I was literally screaming of joy when they pulled it off! And it was so beautifully done, too. The contrast to Victor’s original performanc was stunning: not only were they wearing blue and red costumes, they also wore silver ornaments – after Yuri won silver at the GPF. When Victor won the world championships, he wore golden ornaments. The song was originally a solo, yuri-on-ice-finale-victor-and-yuribut now it was a duet. Furthermore, when Yuri starts off alone, everything is blue – cold and lonely-, but as soon as Victor enters, everything turns magenta – warm and happy- while they dance together. I would’ve loved to see them training for that, because they even included some lifts, but since they had barely enough time to show the character development properly, that’s really too much to ask.

Overall, it was a great anime. Very short and rushed, they barely had enough time to squeeze Yuri’s character development in between all the competitions, but still pretty good. I would’ve liked if it was 24 episodes and more detailed on the characters, but nobody could’ve imagined the show turned into such a huge hit and is now even getting a second season that was never planned.

My personal favorite part of this anime is not Victuuri, not the pair skate, not the kiss, none of those things. My favorite part of this anime is the society in this world, that accepts a homosexual relationship without any second thought. A world where everyone can love whoever they want is a truly wonderful world to live in and one I wish we could see in real life as well. I think Yuri on Ice set a bold statement by showing off a world like this where love is universal and all types of love are equally accepted. It’s not about men and women, it’s simply about love and nothing else and everyone just accepts this fact. This is wonderful and while many people have been arguing Yuri on Ice made history by including a homosexual pairiung into a non-BL sportsanime, I think what they really made history with is how normal this relationship was portrayed.

Overall, I guess I give this anime a very subjective 8/10. It could’ve been a 10/10 judging by yuri-on-ice-pair-skatehow much fun I had with episode 1-10, but episode 11 and 12 really went down into a direction I didn’t like in favor of a second season. Yuri on Ice was gayliciously awesome and even though I’ve been criticizing the decision to alter the ending in favor of a second season, I hate to admit I can’t wait to see said second season.

Digimon Adventure Tri

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I’m so incredibly hyped for this anime!!! _portal__by_super_hedgehog-d4mxa94 It’s a new Digimon season! With the original DigiDestined! This is pure nostalgia for me, I was a 90s kid, I grew up on Pokemon and Digimon during the peak of the monster-craze, it was so awesome back then. The big question: Pokemon or Digimon. Well… game: Pokemon. Anime: Digimon. At least the first two seasons. I don’t really like it when they exchange the main characters and in Digimon 02 at least two old cast members were still active and the rest appeared once in a while, but the season after that…tumblr_lyarp10Oxj1r5nzlko5_r1_250

I know Digimon Tamers has a lot fans, but it was never my cup of tea. Call me old fashioned, I still like Digimon Adventure best. And it’s comming back! This April! Get your nostalgia googles out, it’s time to get some digital monsters covered in f*cking weapons beat the hell out of each other. Ok, I know it’s basically a “kids show”, but it’s ok. This time, it’s ok and I honestly don’t care.

tumblr_inline_nakwwkkhqx1rfqor4Besides, this is the chance to correct that messed up pairing end-game. All these years MattxSora was a sore thumb in my shipper heart, that was probably my first big “what the hell” moment in my shipping career. I mean, seriously, what the hell were they thinking? Not only did they butcher Sora from being a tomboy to a princess (another part they can correct) all of a sudden, because… reasons? Mimi is back, she was the original princess from the group, pair her off with Mr.Cool aka Matt and give the tomboy to the leader.

Let the Taiora ship sail once again!


Nintendo Wii and Zelda Skyward Sword

I’ve never wanted to have a Wii, never! And now those bastards from Nintendo create another Zelda-Game for the Wii that elates fans and critics at the same time, many even speak of the greatest Zelda of all time.

Well, talking about old franchises, Zelda sure is the living proof you can pull off a great game from a 25 years old franchise, without half of the fans whining about it. Yes, I’m talking to you Final Fantay.

Nevertheless, thanks to Zelda Skyward Sword, I finally decited to buy a Wii. Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D made me buy a 3DS and so Zelda Skyward Sword makes be buy a Wii. Damn you Nintendo, if there’s one game that makes be buy a console, it’s Zelda. Just why are the Zelda-games so damn good? I love them, I don’t even play this many games, but I freaking love Zelda. It’s my favorite franchise of all time. Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda-game and what can I say? It’s still my most favorite game and made me fall in love with the franchise instantly.

Well, yeah, so I’m looking foward to receive my Wii + Skyward Sword the next days and I hope this game is worth it, altough I’m 99% positive it is. I’m very interested in the sword fighting, it’s being praised a lot and I’m afraid I might fail very hard at first. Going from A-Button-mashing to actual motion control based movements you need your head for, might become a very fun thing for me.

Bleach Chapter 473: “What are you fighting for?” – “Because you’re attacking me.”

Yes, it’s that time of the week again: a new Bleach chapter ahs appeared! Kenni used… nothing, because she’s too amazed by the Gerudo Valley Piano cover she’s listening to right now. amazing

Ok, I’m sorry, my inner Zelda-nerd was showing right now, but come one: everyone who has ever played a video game has to admit that Gerudo Valley is one hell of a great song. And the only song in Ocarina of Time that is as good as Gerudo Valley, or maybe better, is the Song of Stroms. Listen to this piano cover, it’s pure epic: click here for awesome

And since I was going to talk about Bleach… let’s get back to the manga. °x° Actually there’s not this much to talk about, because most of the time the Shinigami were simply talking about random stuff, but I have to admit Ikkaku made me laught when he told Kenpachi he was lecturing his enemy. xD Oh yeah and I was right: Hitsugaya didn’t kill his opponent, because he wanted him to to lift his weird virtual reality ability… On the other hand: Ever since Ginjou told us that Tsukishimas ability will stop working after he’s dead, we can pretty much assume the same will happen to all the other fullbringers as well, making Hitsugayas effort to get his opponent out of the battle alive, pretty much pointless. He could’ve just killed him, in fact, this would have gotten Ichigo and Ginjou out of their personal “room”. So why didn’t he? Well, probably he has a warmer heart than he looks like? Dunno… Don’t get me wrong, I like how he handled his opponent and made a deal in the end that he will let him go, but in comparison to Byakuya who has just discovered his sadistic side and left knowing his opponent will slowly die, he seems surprisingly warm-natured for someone who’s labeled as an ice prince and who’s wielding an ice-type zanpaktou. Or maybe it’s just his age.

What I didn’t really understand was the question Ginjou was asking Ichigo during their battle: “What are you fighting for?” Because that’s pretty obvious: Ginjou is evil and he’s attacking Ichigo, so he’s pretty much forcing Ichigo to fight him. Yes, Ichigo might have begun fighting to rescue his friends, because he’s always fighting to rescue someone, but even after Tsukishimas effect is gone, his friends are still not safe as long as Ginjou is running around. He can’t let this dangerous guy keep going the way he wants, Ginjou needs to be stopped and this is obviously the reason Ichigo is still fighting, or does he need another reason?

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season 2 Episode 2

Just… how can Onodera still deny his love for Takano, after he kissed him passionately in the car unable to do anything but cling to him? Well, at least I can underdstand Takano now, because Onodera is obviously so deeply in love with him, why would he stop? But giving the cake away was a shame, although I don’t really understand where the birthday present vanished to after they left the elevator. It’s magic!

Ok, what elese happend? Yokozawa – again. Seems like Takano feels entirely different about the whole thing with him than Yokozawa himself, because he looks like he damn well enjoyed his time with Takano and wants some more of him, so he tries to scare Onodera away. Too bad Takano wants Onodera, who also wants him, but refuses to say so. Nevertheless, I was really wondering why Takano and Onodera aren’t an item by now, because they should be.

Oh wait, the story is over once they get together, we can’t do this yet, we have to stretch it out. Well, don’t get me wrong, it’s normal there’s a lot stretching in manga and anime, it just annoys me when the characters obviously whould have moved on to the next stage, because Takano and Onodera sould be together by now, it’s just Onodera being a bitch what’s stopping them. Not Yokozawa, no, Onodera is the main hindrance.

Oh yeah and next week sidestory…

Skip Beat 180

Let me give you an appropriate summary of this chapter: there was whole lot of nothing.

Great…  I can’t even talk about this chapter, because of the lack of … something happening. I’m at a loss of words.