30 Days Shipping Challenge – Day 7

Day 7: The most heartbreaking scene.

Bolin, after he saw the Makorra kiss. Although it was hilarious, it was still heartbreaking. You can actually pinpoint the moment his heart shatters.


ranting about JesuOtaku (thatguywiththeglasses)

I bet a lot of people know thatguywiththeglasses. On his website, various people review various things and one reviewer is Jesu Otaku.

My god, I can’t stand this woman. Sorry, this is just a rant about her newest video, because I think it’s completely pointless. I’m fine with Top 10 lists, I really am. Actually, I love Top 10 lists, but where’s the point in making a “Top 10 Cowboy Bebop Episodes” list, when the Anime has 26 episodes? 3 more and you have half of the anime in your list. Why not make a ranking from best to worst including all episodes?

Top 3? Yeah, fine. Top 5? Ok, good. Top 10? POINTLESS, because the anime is too short to begin with. Can you shout out even louder that you’re a freaking annoying fangirl? No? Guess so.

In case you’re wondering: No, I’m not watching her videos, I just saw the preview on the front page, but I did watch some of her videos in the past and every single one of them sucked. I have enough of her. Really. The only reviewer who’s doing a somewhat good job in case of Manga/Anime, is Y Ruler of Time. Check him out, he’s quite good.