Bleach 454 – The most exiting part was with Urahara and Isshin

So, yet anouther week of disappointments. Just great.

How long are we going to stay like this?  Not knowing what all this is for? Not knowing how Bleach will continue? I just hope it’s not over as soon as they kill Tsukishima, because they befeated Aizen, they fought for months to reach the end battle, so please don’t tell me this manga will end with such a lame villain. What I want is some badass turnaround, a new epic villain, a new epic fight with old comrades. Not too many new characters, just a strong villain and a few henchmen. Well… and while we’re at it: could we get back to bearable pacing? Ever since Hueco Mundo, this manga has been progressing way too slow and chapter 454 was a prime example for that.

I mean, the entire chapter was about Tsukishimas powers and it’s not as if it’s that spectacular, so you need 19 pages to explain it. The chapter was like this: Urahara and Isshin … walking, Ichigo learning about Tsukishimas powers, Ginjou and Ichigo going to some mansion, while the actual part where they walk was not shown. And that’s it, that was this chapter. And the most depressing part is that Urahara and Isshin were actually the most interesting part of this chapter.

If they don’t come pack with Rukia, I’ll be so mad, I can tell you. Bleach is not Bleach without Rukia, she has been the female protagonist since chapter 1 and she will always stay the female protagonist, no matter how much the Inoue-fans want Inoue to take her place: it’s impossible to take Rukias place, especially for a girl like Orihime who’s so much different from Rukia. You can’t deny that Rukia is a very special person for the story, she’s the one who began it all, she’s the one who has a very special place in Ichigos big heart (no, I’m not implying he’s in love with her) and who can handle Ichigo the best. Like I said: Bleach is not Bleach without our ravenhaired tiny tsundere and Ichigo is half the fun without her.

So yeah, the first thing Bleach needs to do to improve: bring Rukia back! We’re talking about the bigger plotpoints later, Tite Kubo, but first you have to bring Rukia back. XD


30-sai no Hoken Taiiku – the end… finally

So yeah… I’ve actually watched this misery of an anime and now it’s finally over. My opinion on this is devided, because I found the first few episodes very amusing, it just bored the hell out of me in the later episodes.

The problem is, that was funny to see the main chracter fail. He tried to get the girl and he fails again and again. This part of the anime was stupid, because the entire anime is stupid, but this is the enjoyable kind of stupidity. You laugh, because of it’s stupidity and the main character who fails all the time.

Then comes the part when he an his woman are going out and this is when it gets boring. The enjoyable stupidity turns into annoying studpidity, the innocent lovely-dovely behavior of the main characters was making me sick and somehow the gods weren’t able to entertain me as well, the jokes failed to reach me.

As for the last episode, it really shocked me, they didn’t have their “first time” during the anime. Wasn’t this what the show was working towards to? I really don’t want to see them having sex, but I at least wanted it to happen in the last episode (off-screen, please). The way the gods returned to heaven was super-cliché-ish, this could’ve been done a thousand times better than this crap.

In the end, after the credits, you get to see Imagawas and Andous child, so obvioulsly they had sex at some point, but that was obvious, because Andou said she wanted to have a baby and well… I guess she got it. It sill diappointed me the gods were annoying Imagawa and Andou the entire time about this sex-thing and as soon as it’s settled they will have sex at some point, they just vanish.

What the…?

The Devil Does Exist – Yes, it’s shoujo and I love it.

Tomorrow, Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D will arrive and I’m sure I’ll be pretty much gone until I’ve beaten the game, so I want to write a qick entry about something before I loose my real life.  (Seriously, Zelda OoT is nothing but epic)

The Devil Does Exist is a Shoujo-Manga that was originally published between 1998 and 2002, so it’s not exactly the newest Manga out there. It never made it to Germany, so I’ve never been able to buy the volumes, although it’s one of my all-time favorite shoujo-manga.  In fact, it’s my favorite romantic-shoujo. There are others I like a lot as well, like Ouran High School Host Club or Lovely Complex (both are great manga btw), but they have quite a lot comedy, while The Devil Does Exist is a full-grown romance-story.

The plot revolves around Saito Kayano, a second year High School student in love. When she finally finds the heart to write a love letter to her beloved, the letter accidentally gets into the hands of Edogawa Takeru, a first year student in her school. He’s known as a great troublemaker, the girls love him for his great looks and on top of that, he’s the son of the principal.

It doesn’t take long for Takeru to begin taking advantage of Kayano, because he refuses to give her back the loveletter, starts to blackmail her and her live turns into hell. Between running errands and surviving his moods, Kayano learns that her single mother found a new love and will remarry: the principal of her scool. If this wasn’t enough, she starts to fall in love with her future brother.

I just love this manga and the relationship between Kayano and Takeru. The ups and downs, the many obstacles in their way and the bittersweet scent of a forbidden love between siblings. While they’re not related by blood, it’s not as if it’s forbidden by law, but the guild weights heavy on them knowing they might destroy the peace their families finally reached.

I’ve read this manga probably around four times already and finally decided to get the english volumes, altough it’s actually quite expencive to import them from the US and it takes some time for the mangas to arrive here, but I have to own them. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read it, it always makes my heart beat faster when those insanly cute moments come and I can’t help but go all “awww” when Taku’s got this calm loving smile on his face. Not even cliché-overloaded sentences like: “you’re the one person I wanna be loves by” are making me puke, but instead I can’t help but love them (and I tell you, I HATE cliché), because they don’t even seem to be this bad between teasing and weird love confessions.

The art needs some corrections, but is pretty much ok. Especially the faces are drawn super-handsome/cute, while the manga-ka seems to have some problems with the size of feet. xD Well, it’s not that bad, I promise. Also, I really like the fact the characters always wear different kinds of clothers every day. I know students usually have to wear a school uniform in Japan, but the fact this students doesn’t seem to and the manga-ka actually makes them wear all kinds of different stuff like a normal teenager would, gives the manga a few extra points. ;3

All in all it’s a great shoujo-manga with lot’s of romance and a great main couple. I seriously prefer this over many other much more popular shoujo such as Dengeki Daisy, Kimi ni Todoke, Fruits Basket or Skip Beat. I like all these mangas, but The Devil Does Exist is still atop all of them (at least for me). You really should give it a try. ;3

Hajime no Ippo 939 – did he lose or win?

So, the fight against Kojima has finally come to an end, but Ippo looks more like he lost, while he’s sent his opponent down with an one hit KO.
Kojima was sure he would be able to take one of Ippos punches, but instead he wasn’t, altough there’s probably not one single person on this planet who knows more about Ippos boxing. I guess this was probably the first time Ippo punched an opponent with all his might, so Kojima couldn’t foresee it’s destructive power. So in the end he won easily, but doesn’t look happy at all. By the way, I don’t think he killed Kojima.

Now there are several possibilities why he’s not happy and this what I came up with:

  1. This was not a boxing match, this was a bawl and Ippo knows Kamogawa did not teach him to bawl, but to box. So in conclusion, for the first time in his career, he did not do was Kamogawa told him to do.
  2. Ippo probably doesn’t want to win this overwhelmingly. There’s nothing exiting about a one hit KO, especially if you do it several times in a row. You’re just completely destorying your oppenent in a blink of an eye, this is not boxing either and Ippo doesn’t want to box like this.

Well, there are other possible reasons, for example that this match was no fun for Ippo, but I don’t think he’s boxing only because it’s fun. Well, this match was no fun for him, that’s for sure, but I don’t think this is reason enough for him to become so depressed. He could also be disappointed by Kojima, because he was talking so big and talking bad about his friends and opponents, so Ippo expected him to be much stronger, but… I don’t know, this doesn’t sound right to me. This is probably not something about Ippos opponent, but about himself. He’s probably not satisfied with himself and the way he has fought this night.

The conclusion? Well, I think he might step down as the japanese champion, because now we know that there really is nobody in Japan who can beat him anymore, when he’s able to beat someone from two weightclasses above so easily. It’s really time for Ippo to take a step ahead and conquer the world, Japan has become too small for him and even Aisa can’t really beat him with it’s various champions. Ricardo Martinez is waiting, you still have a promise to fullfil, Ippo. Remember when you promised Date Eiji you’ll beat Martinez?

Exactly, I think the time Ippo sould say hi to the world champ is drawing near.