Ao no Exorcist 3 – the coolest anime this season

While I think AnoHana is probably the best anime this season so far, Ao no Exorcist is easily the coolest one. It started off great, it’s a lot of fun to watch, there’s great action, it makes you want to see the next episode immediately and when the time calls for it, the characters turn badass to the core. ❤ So cool!

I mean, really, in episode 3 when Yukio and Rin had their little “argument” while fighting these Goblins, that was so cool. I really like Yukios guns, but Rins swort-attackt blew me away, that was awesome.

What I don’t like is the German-reference. Damn headmaster… Mephisto? Faust? Someone likes Goethe, huh? And of course, he had to count in German, too… Eins, zwei, drei – my ass. What’s so faszinating about the german language? English is probably the only language you hear more often. I really don’t understand, I always thought people from other countries don’t like German, because it sounds rough and hard.  Well, whatever, seems like people from Japan like it. (for whatever reasons)

To make a long story short, even with the German-stuff, episode 3 was still as awesome as the other two episodes and I’ll make sure to check the manga out, as soon as the anime is finished. I don’t want to spoil myself, so I don’t want to read it while the anime still aires.


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