Ao no Exorcist 18 – Filler for the… fail

So, a new Ao no Exorcist-Episode and of course it was a filler. I was very sceptical when the Anime began, because there are not this many chapters and I don’t think they plan to begin the current arc, because it’s not finished in the manga and they don’t really have enough episodes left. I’m pretty convinced the rest of the anime will be fillers.

Aside the beach-episode they exorcist-fillers weren’t that bad, so they’re probably going to end this anime on a solid note, but of course the original material is better (most of the time) and I’m very curious how they’re going to let this anime end. Will they try to wrap it up in the last episodes? Or will they just let it end with no real end at all, everything open and ready for a second season? The problem is, that Konekomarus feelings towards Rin are also a problem in the manga, but they solve it later and in the anime, this problem has already been solved now. In fact, the manga handles the problem with Rins friends much better, because it takes more time, until you really see what they think of Rin and why they’re acting different now.

Well yeah, so much about this. Let’s enjoy the filler-time *cough*, because the preview already showed episode 19 will be a filler as well, just as I expected.


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