Finished my TTGL Rewatch-Marathon (spoiler)

I love doing a manga or anime marathon, but it only works with really good titles, otherwise you get bored or annoyed really fast. I marathoned Slam Dunk 3 times by now and I’m planning my 4rth one, but I usually don’t rewatch anime. It’s not like me to reread manga that often as well, but I did reread Trigun Maximum, Fullmetal Alchemist and Rough, for example.

However, my TTGL rewatch has shown me why it’s good to rewatch anime and why I probably should do it again when I find the time to do so. The reason is rather simple, but I never really thought much of it. The first time you watch an awesome anime, it blows you away and you can’t exerience the same feeling again. You can only lose your virginity once, so to speak.

Watching a second time will give you other benefits, though. TTGL has blown me away so tumblr_njz9yjYNda1unctdgo1_500much the first time I watched it, I didn’t pay that much attention to detail, especially in the last third of the story when the anime throws away every last bit of common sense. This time, I caught some interesting details and even though I wasn’t as overwhelmed as the first time, it still enhanced my overall experience, because some things actually make sense and some character decisions are better understandable now.

Overall, I guess the rewatch made me realize this animes crazyness even more, but also made me understand it better and it was still amazingly fun. Also, TTGL is one of the few anime that dares to kill off one of it’s main characters mid season in order to properly develop the other main character. Even after 8 years, this still deserves more than just one round of applause. Kamina, your death was worth it.

One anime I would love to rewatch is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, even though I probably won’t gain much from it, because I know the source material so well. It’s just such an amazing anime, it’s worth seeing a second time. I admit, I’m a fangirl, FMA is my favorite shounen and ranks in the top 3 of my favorite manga and anime, but this is seriously the best shounen I’ve ever seen. If you have never read or watched anything FMA related, I highly recommend you doing that right now.


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Spoilers)

This current season is going so-so, the best so far is easily Haikyuu S2 and that’s fine, I mean, you can’t have a killer season all the time and there’s at least a couple of decent anime airing.

Recently I watched an AMV, an AMV that made me want to rewatch TTGL. I mean, seriously, watch this AMV and tell me it doesn’t hype you up:

Any fan of action anime should totoally watch it. Actually, any anime fan should watch it. It’s the kind of anime you’re sad you’ve watched it, because you won’t be able to experience it’s greatness for the first time ever again. It’s that awesome.

Not only does it have crazy over the top action, but also one of the coolest characters ever created and probably the most unfortunate one, as well. Seriously, life is cruel on that poor guy. And no, I’m not talking about Kamina, Kamina is already perfect from the start and that’s why it’s good he died. He was Simons big hero and after he died Simon had to step tengen-toppa-gurren-lagann-wallpapers-4up his game and became arguably the most badass character in anime history. Simons decelopment from whimp to hero is nothing but amazing.

I just still hate the ending, though. Simon needs to go through so much bullshit, life is so damn cruel on him and when you think he finally gets the prize he deserves, Nia is snatched away from him and he decides to live his life wandering around in the background. Seriously? At least give him the girl, damn it…

Sure, his friends will never forget him and the ones in power who knew him will always remember it’s all thanks to Simon and remember his sacrifices, but this doesn’t change the fact that he was denied his happy ending.

Tengen_Toppa_Gurren_Lagann-5I will admit, this is anything but a typical cliche-ending, but Simon is one of those characters who worked so hard, they deserve their happy Ending. Like Ed in FMA, when he was shown married to Winry with kids and living a quiet happy life, that was cliche, but man does he deserve it.

I’ve seen non-happy-endings with the main character dying that were executed so well, I love them. Katanagatari has imo one of the most impressive plot twists and endings in any anime I’ve seen. It’s not cliche, it’s not happy, but it’s satisfactory, while TTGL is not.

Even though TTGL is genereally very highly acclaimed, the ending has been part of many very heated discussions. I will not hate anyone for likling it, because I can see why it’s good in it’s own way. I personally would’ve preferred a happy ending for Simon, because he deserves it so much after all of his hardships. Just look at his friends when Nia disappears, it’s heartbreaking, because they know how much Simon suffered and how much he deserves to be happy.


Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry ep. 2

headdeskWhen I was briefly talking about the first episode, I said I hoped there’d be no harem. Episode 2 arrives and with it comes the harem. And the incest. Two of the things I hate the most in anime. What a great start.

The episode was ok, but only until the sister arrived. I mean, sure, the newspaper girl was unnessecary fanservice, but I can live with that. Frankly speaking, if I couldn’t, I couldn’t watch anime alltogether. Since most anime are shounen and have more or less fanservice, as a female anime fan, this is something you just have to live with.

This doesn’t mean I have to like it, though, and I have my point of no return and this point is immediately crossed when the female lead becomes a rival in the form of the male leads sister. She literally shows up and jumps at her brother. Awesome! The first real kiss in this anime and it’s incest – real incest, the anime made it very clear beforehand those siblings are related by blood. This is just wrong on so many levels.

And on MyAnimeList most people were actually… rooting for this! You can’t really disagree nope-48959with preferences and I usually let everyone like what they want, but incest between bloodrelated siblings? Sorry, but no. And I absolutely won’t argue about her reasons and that it’s only fiction and let everyone like what they want. Just. No.

So, getting this out of the way, I’m obviously very close to dropping this anime. A friend of mine said he heared the main leads are actually going to be together, which is probably why neighter the anime nor the Novel are tagged as a harem and the thing with the sister will probably just be played out as fanservice from time to time.

However, even considering this, I’m still very close to dropping this and the reason is Stella. I’m fine with Tsundere, I even like Tsundere. I watched Shakugan no Shana and Toradora and I liked both of them. What I don’t like is when a supposely strong female lead goes ultra-dere to the point where she throws away her entire pride as a woman. A Tsundere is always fanserivce, but this extereme version of a Tsundere is just off the charts and makes me want to puke.

tumblr_nw0yvl6hdS1rd6sdio1_500If you want to play the strong female lead card, you better play it properly and don’t disgrace your entire gender by playing the obident slave rubbing your bare breasts on his back. That’s just disgusting. Of course you can have a character who’s strong and be in love, but normal people in love don’t do this crazy stuff, or at least not in this stage of their relationship.

End of story? Rakudai Kishi no Cavarly took a massive turn to the worse. Probably my first drop this season.

Fall Season 2015

Fall season has begun! ­čśÇ And since I have no freaking clue what I’ll be watching, I felt the need to finish Haiykuu Season 1, so I can watch at least Haikyuu Season 2. I mean, seriously, I have no clue what to watch, besides the obvious sequels.


In my desperation I watched Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry and Comet Lucifer. Both were ok, but nothing that had me on my toes. I like Tsundere, so that’s what Rakudai has it going for me, I just hope it won’t turn into harem – that’s an immediate drop. I can’t say much about Comet Lucifer, right now it could become anthing. My prediction is, it might just turn out to be an average mecha anime and that’s it.

I guess I’ll use this season to finsh up some anime I still need to complete. Haikyuu has brought me back onto track with my beloved sports anime, so after I finish up that one and tumblr_novw1uQtB91sgmjk9o1_500start with Haiykuu S2, I’ll marathon through Hajime no Ippo Rising. After reading 1100+ manga chapters, there’s no way I let a 25 episode anime beat me. I love Ippo, but it’s just a bit sad my personal favorite part of the story has been long over: the japanese featherweight title match between Sendo Takeshi and Makunouichi Ippo. Still the best animated fight in any shounen to date.

I also have a few Initial D Fifth Stage eps left, the problem with this one is, I already disliked the Project D arc in the manga, but I could still skip over the endless talk and boring stuff. However in the anime, there’s no way around it. I just think they really overdid it with the talking and explaining and stuff towards the end of the manga and it’s not doing the anime any good. The races are amazing – if you’re allowed to see more than two cars drifting through two corners per episode, that is. My favorite season is still season 2.


Pet Facts from Germany

I’m working as a veterenary nurse/technician in training in a small vet clinic in Germany and after I watched some veterenary videos on youtube, I decided to tell you guys some facts about pets in Germany.

  • 20% of german households home a cat and 14% home a dog, making cats the most vs000291-europaeisch-Kurzhaarpopular pets in Germany. The most popular breed of cat is the European Short Hair. The most popular dog is the Mixed Breed – I’m not kidding.
  • Germany has 100% no kill animal shelters. Here in Germany it’s forbidden by law to euthanize an animal unless it suffers from an incurable desease that cuts down greatly on the quality of life of the animal.
  • You need to pay taxes for a dog, because they leave their feaces wherever you’re walking them and that sh*t needs to be cleaned up by someone. You don’t need to pay taxes for cats – living 100% inside or not doesn’t matter at all.
  • Our shelters are anything but empty, sometimes overpopulated, but if you want to adopt an animal from a shelter, pe prepared that you will have to come several times to get to know the animal and convince the people from the shelter that you can provide appropriate living conditions and care for the animal, be it a great dane or guinea pig.
  • Germans have a serious helper syndrom when it comes to animals. Since living conditions for pets are generally pretty good here compared to many other countries, there’s a lot of people trying to help animals in countries with worse conditions by bringing them to Germany. However, many people also see this practice with great concern, due to three main reasons: 1. Our shelters are full as they are, we have more than enough pets waiting to be rehomed on our own. 2. Imported dogs often come with deseases that’re naturally not seen here, leishmaniasis for example. 3. It doesn’t help the situation in the country of the animals origin at all.
  • The practice of neutering and spaying is very common over here and many people who don’t want to breed will neuter/spay their animal to make life easier and less stressfull for themselves and the animal. However, if you go very strictly by law, you’re actually fordidden to remove an organ unless the animal suffers from problems with it. Thislaw is usually interpreted very… open minded.
  • If you want to own a dog taller than 40cm or heavier than 20kg, you will have to pass an exam that will test basic knowledge. I did hear rumors one state is panning on having everyone take this exam, regardless of how tiny the dog is. I totally support this, because of the high amount of aggressive little dogs I see every day at our clinic – our small muzzles are much more in use than out big ones.
  • Ever since the early 2000s there’s been a new stricter law regarding the ownership of AMERICAN_STAFFORDSHIRE_TERRIERdog breeds that’re classified as potentially dangerous. Every state has it’s own laws, but you can generally say that if you own a dog from these lists you will have to pay higher taxes, need to provide special requirements in terms of the housing situation of the dog and you will have to pass a special test. The dog might also need to have it’s race determinded even though it’s a pure breed. Races that usually fall under these laws are e.g.: Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullterrier and to a lesser degree e.g.: American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler. Since the Stafford was a pretty popular breed prior to these laws, after they became effective german shelters were run over with Staffs and Staff Mixed Breeds.
  • It’s forbidden to cut off the tail or any other body part off the animals body for beauty reasons as it has been common practice in several breed of dogs like the Boxer or the Dobermann. Recently there has also been a case in court where it was forbidden to breed canadian-sphynx cats, because their havily reduced whiskers for beauty reasons are considered an act of animal cruely as it leaves the animal handicapped. … so why is it still allowed to breed pugs or cavallier king charles spaniels?
  • There are many places you can take you dog with, even restaurants and shops might allow you to take your dog with you.
  • Exotic pets like different types of snakes, bearded dragons or spiders and turles are on the rise, but they’re still very far behind the “classic” pets.
  • Cute rabbits and guinea pigs are still considered typical pets for small children and Kaninchen_20090127_0023often given to them as presents, even though I personally think they’re unsuited for children. They’re very afraid of humans and don’t like to be petted, need a special diet that is often messed up and die very easily if not provided with proper care. In the past decade the overall knowledge of the average Joe on how to keep such an animal has greatly improved. There’s still a lot that needs to be done for the smallest of pets, though.
  • There are still people left who believe a female dog needs to have a litter of puppies at least once, before she can be spayed safely. This is nonsense.

I guess that’s it for today. Of course there’s also acts of animal cruelty in Germany and it’s not always as rosy as it seems to be. We have problems as well, but we try to work on them, but like ever there’s much to be done.

My Guinea Pigs Anton, Patti & Rosi

My Guinea Pigs Anton, Patti & Rosi