Sket Dance Episode 1 – and you thought it was about dancing?

Springseason has started, so I have started to watch new anime as well. One of the new Anime I wanted to watch is Sket Dance and despite its misleading title, it has nothing to do with dancing whatsoever – thank god, I checked the plot beforehand.

It’s a shounen-anime about a club in school that helps other students and the student council with problems or requests to improve schoollife. It pretty much has everything it needs to prevent itself from sucking. The only problem is, that there’s nothing more. The first episode felt like a shounen-anime right out of the textbok. The characters, the setting, the plot… everything has been done before and it’s not as if Sket Dance is doing a bad job, but there’s something missing that would make it interesting. There’s nothing new, it feels as if everything has been done a thousand times before.

The yankee-girl, the computer -freak, the energic but kind of stupid main character… right out of the textbook. Actually, the special ability the main character has, is something I’ve never seen before, but it’s so lame, I’m impressed it even counts as a special ability.  It’s called a “concentration mode” when he puts on his googles. Well, yeah, pretty much all he’s doing is overthinking the facts and finding a solution. I really hope there’s more to him than this. ^^’

The interesting thing about this anime is actually, that I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but it’s just so incredibly underwhelming. I didn’t expect too much, but this is kinda lifeless. I guess I’m a bit disappointed. I will continue, because it’s not bad, but this won’t turn into the best anime of the season for sure.


Kimi ni Todoke 2 (Episode 9) Ryu is my hero.

Hey, hey. 😀

I’ve just watched Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 episode 9  and besides the fact that something finally happend, Ryu made my day. When Joe asked him about Kazehaya he didn’t want to lie, so he just answerd with a cheeky grin and laughed every time Joe asked. xD Seriously, that made me laught so hard, I just love his character. And he’s got the nerve to sleep while all the others were working hard to make it in time for the parade. You win, Ryu. You win.

About Kazehaya and Sawako…  let’s just say, I’m always surprised how insanly thickheaded Sawako is. Well, yeah, at least Kazehaya finally knows that Sawako is in love with him, but hugging her tightly wasn’t enought to make her understand he loves her, too? No wonder she didn’t understand when he said it a few episodes ago… Seriously, for this girl you need to shout it into her ears and write it down. Add: “I like you and I mean L-O-V-E, like lovers, not friends.” She won’t get it otherwise…

After all he did, she still thinks he meant he’s not in love with her when he said his “like” is different from hers, but he said this at a point where he didn’t know she’s in love with him. Those two have serious problems – and a talent to create these problem themselves, altough there’s no need. Truth to be told: The walking stupidity called Joe is not their fault, this guy’s just dumb as bread. Kazehaya was wa~y too nice to him for ruining the biggest chance he ever had.

IS: Infinite Stratos or It Sucks

So, I’ve tried watching IS and I’ve already dropped it. I was skeptical, since it smelled like harem, but the animation lookes nice, so I gave it a try. To be fair: the animation really is nice, but that’s pretty much all there is. A piece of shit is still a piece of shit, even if it’s wrapped in colorful gift wrap paper.

The main problem I have is the harem. I’m female, if it comes down to it the only harem I can somehow enjoy would be a reverse harem. Most typical harem-anime are so boring and, from my point of view, there’s no point. You have the stereotypical normal boy who somehow gets a bunch of sexy girls being totally crazy over him.

Why? Well, because. That’s exactly what I don’t like: there’s no fucking reason. I understand this genre is meant to be watched by male audience and the main character is supposed to be normal, so that the otaku-audience can relate to him and be happy there are so many sexy girls. I don’t expect an anime to be realistic, that would be… well a bit too naive, but especially school harems are set in a more or less normal environment. Add the normal male protagonist who’s probably even an outcast and has obvious flaws (e.g. a klutz) and you get a somehwhat realistic setting. Somewhat! Well, and then there are the girls and those bitches usually act totally over the top and not the slightest bit comprehensible.

You know, this is most likely just my own way of seeing this, because I’m female and those animes are animed for males. I guess those males aren’t interest in a somewhat logical behavior, because… hot chicks. *fap fap fap*  <- something like that? It’s pissing me off so much.

Back to IS: I had the feeling it will turn into a harem, but I hoped the mecha-part would be dominant and I could enjoy the action. The first episode was bearable, the first girl was introduced (childhood friend) and the male protagonist seemed like he could actually funktion as a character who’s not a klutz but someone who’s actually able to pull something off worth admiring. After all, he’s the only male who can fly an IS, so he’s something very special and it’s not that unsual to look up to someone like this. Too bad he’s a klutz. -__-

In the second episode he actually made a pretty good impressing in his IS and the way he was holding down a much more experienced opponent. Too bad at the very beginning of episode 3, he seemed to have lost all his ability over night and behaved like the complete noob he is. *sigh* In addition to that the british girl he fought pretty much despised him, but after her close win she suddenly wanted to rape him as soon as possible.

That’s harem-behavior for you. It’s completely reasonable she’s impressed by his ability although he’s inexperienced, but that’s not a reason for her to suddenly try to get him into her bedroom and have a nice fuck. *facepalm* Now that’s a radical change of mind here. And it’s bullshit.

You know, the first two minutes of episode 3 made me nearly puke due to it’s shittyness. Episode 1 was ok, episode 2 gave me a neat animated action-sequence, episode 3 made me sick even bevore the opening began to play.

It could’ve been different than the usual harem, but it’s not. It’s just a shitty harem excuse for a mecha-anime and that’s it. I didn’t even watched the rest of episode 3, I instantly dropped it. No need to watch this crap.