30-sai no Hoken Taiiku – the end… finally

So yeah… I’ve actually watched this misery of an anime and now it’s finally over. My opinion on this is devided, because I found the first few episodes very amusing, it just bored the hell out of me in the later episodes.

The problem is, that was funny to see the main chracter fail. He tried to get the girl and he fails again and again. This part of the anime was stupid, because the entire anime is stupid, but this is the enjoyable kind of stupidity. You laugh, because of it’s stupidity and the main character who fails all the time.

Then comes the part when he an his woman are going out and this is when it gets boring. The enjoyable stupidity turns into annoying studpidity, the innocent lovely-dovely behavior of the main characters was making me sick and somehow the gods weren’t able to entertain me as well, the jokes failed to reach me.

As for the last episode, it really shocked me, they didn’t have their “first time” during the anime. Wasn’t this what the show was working towards to? I really don’t want to see them having sex, but I at least wanted it to happen in the last episode (off-screen, please). The way the gods returned to heaven was super-cliché-ish, this could’ve been done a thousand times better than this crap.

In the end, after the credits, you get to see Imagawas and Andous child, so obvioulsly they had sex at some point, but that was obvious, because Andou said she wanted to have a baby and well… I guess she got it. It sill diappointed me the gods were annoying Imagawa and Andou the entire time about this sex-thing and as soon as it’s settled they will have sex at some point, they just vanish.

What the…?


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