Anime Preview: Spring 2011

It’s springtime. <- I have no idea who made this preview, but whoever you are: THANK YOU!

So… it’s time to look foward to the busiest animeseason of the year and while we’re enjoying the pleasure of tons of 13-episode-anime, we’ll also have the pleasure to enjoys tons of new 13-episode-anime. Did I mention, I don’t like this? It seems like there are more and more short anime, but I think you need at least around 25 episodes to build something up.  What can happen in just 13 episodes? What good can come out of it? … Well, Baccano!! is the living proof a short anime can be a masterpiece, but… I usually don’t like short anime, ok?  I was so pissed when I saw Kimi ni Todoke 2 will have, guess what, 13 episodes. Arg, screw you.

So, Spring 2011, at least it seems I’ll go and take a look into a few more anime in comparison to the currently airing winterseason. (My plan for that one was to watch Kimi ni Todoke 2 and IS: Infinite Stratos. Well, I’m pretty happy with KnT2, but I dropped IS pretty fast and instead I’m watching Yumekui Merry as well as Hourou Musuko now.) Seems like there’ll be at least a bit good stuff and this is what I’m most likely going to try watching:


I’ve been reading the manga for quite a while now and while many people actually like it very much, it’s more of an ok-manga for me. It’s completely over the top and I can live with stuff like that, I just can’t really stand the super-muscular over-9000 stong guys and that’s exactly what Toriko is about. Nevertheless I think the idea of a gourmet world is pretty nice and all the food looks so delicious, you want to start eating it yourself. In addtion, I think this manga could make a pretty good action-anime and at least I don’t dislike the manga, so I’ll give it a try. After the Specials came out, I was waiting for this TV-series. It’s not that uncommon for a special or an OVA to be turned into a TV-series later on. Let’s get ready for some crazy action.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi TV

Why am I going to watch this? Right, because it’s yaoi. I’m on a personal mission and that is to find a good yaoi/Shounen Ai-anime. There are quite a few yaoi/Shounen Ai-Manga I really like, but I’m actually really disappointed by the anime I’ve seen so far from this genre. So as a result, I’m going to take a look into every single new yaoi/Shounen Ai-anime, until I find one I’m ok with. So far, since the beginning of my mission I’ve seen Uraboku and Togainu no Chi and both were seriously aweful (altough TnC was worse), so wish me luck for this one.

Ao no Exorcist

Seems to be a quite nice shounen-series. For this one, I haven’t read the manga, but I’ve translated a describtion once and since that time I’ve always wanted to take a look into it. It’ll probably turn into a fighting-Shounen and I don’t expect a masterpiece, but I think it won’t turn out to be complete bullshit. More like… average shounen, some nice entertainment.

Deadman Wonderland

Or: I’m already looking towards the censorshit… ship. I’m following the manga for a long time now and if there’s one thing I can say about this series, then it’s going to be very violent and very bloody with lot’s of weird and crazy characters. This said, I’m actually surprised it’ll get an anime due to it’s violence. The most I’ve actually thought it would get is an OVA, but not a TV-series. I have mixed feelings about this, because the manga is quite good and I’m a bit concered they’ll ruin the anime by massive censorship and they will have to censor or leave out a huge amout of violence in the first place for it to be allowed to air, that’s for sure.


noitaminA timeslot ftw. I don’t watch every noitaminA-Anime, but I like to take a look at one or two, because they’re guaranteed to be different and this one seems quite interesting. Modern society, weath, money and all this stuff… well, it could turn into social criticism, but we’ll see. I’m looking foward to it.

Sket Dance

I don’t know just how many times I wanted to read the manga, but I… somehow… never did. And no, this is not about dancing, it’s school/comedy. I expect some light entertainment and will probably finally read the manga, if the anime was any good. I’m pretty sure it won’t turn into the anime of the season and to be honest: if we’re talking about school/comedy, I would’ve preferred to watch Yankee-kun to Megane-chan instead, but this manga has yet to get an anime. I’m really waiting for it and I hope someday it’ll get an anime. Until that day comes, let’s try Sket Dance this season.

Hana-Saku Iroha

I’m so sure I’ll think of it as boring, because it’s slice of life and I’m not very found of this genre. I’ll try it because I’m looking for a calm anime I can watch now and then. While Slice of Life often turns out to be boring for me, the anime I’ve watched weren’t seriously bad either, so I hope I’ll be safe from “omg, this as horrible.”


And for the OVAs, movies and stuff, I’ll probably watch the movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo and if Kizumonogatari is ever going to be aired (probably not this spring), I’ll watch that one, too. I’ll be the third -gatari anime and of course I’ll have to watch it.

By the way, look at the picture from Nichijou. Doesn’t that girl with the flowers look exactly like Osaka from Azumanga Daioh?


2 thoughts on “Anime Preview: Spring 2011

  1. AK says:

    Hello there….just stumbled across your blog.

    I know what you mean about the load of crappy yaoi out there, but there are a few gems like ‘Gravitation’ and ‘Junjou Romantica’ (I have high expectations for ‘Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’ because it’s by the same team that did JR). I also really like ‘Sukisho’ and ‘Loveless’, but they are a bit polarizing. Check out aarinfantasy’s site for these good yaoi animes too: ‘Koisuru Boukun’ (this one is great and the manga is even better); ‘Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku’; ‘Winter Cicada’; ‘Sex Pistols’ (OVA 2 is coming out next month). ‘Kirepapa’ and ‘Ikoku Irokoi Romantan’ aren’t bad either. For more old-school yaoi ‘Zetsuai 1989’, ‘Ai no Kusabi’, and ‘Song of Wind and Trees’ are good choices. Oh, and if you ever want to see a guy being raped with a cob of corn, don’t miss ‘My Sexual Harassment’ >.<

    Happy yaoi watching 😀

    ~Random Fangirl

    • Hi ^^

      Well, I actually know quite a few of the yaois you just talked about. xD Altough I’ve read more than I’ve watched. Let’s see…
      Gravitation – read and watched the OVA as well as the first 5 episodes of the TV-series. It’s quite nice, but too crazy from times to times and the anime is not nearly as good as the manga (imo).
      Junjou Romantica – tried to read the manga, failed ^^’ but I want to try the anime, because I always hear people praising this anime.
      Loveless – seen the anime. Do not like. D: I mean: the boy is 12 years old and the other one is a university student. No thanks. ^^’
      Koi Suru Boukun – reading the manga and watched the OVA, altough the manga is actually ok, I don’t like the OVA, because it reminded me that the manga as well as the relationship between the two main characters is based on rape. Uhm… bitter taste… ^^’
      Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku – read the manga, average High School-stuff. Bored me. ^^’
      Zetsuai 1989 – read the manga, thought it was bad. ^^’

      I’ll try to get some information regarding the other titles you’ve mentioned, thanks for that. ^^ I’m suere there has to be something I like. XD
      As for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, I’ve placed my hopes on it. It seems to have the potential to be good, so I hope it’ll be average at its worst. 🙂

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