Digimon Adventure tri.1: Saikai

It’s finally here!!


Pokemon might have the better games, but Digimon sure has the better anime. And always had. I’m a 90s kid, I grew up in the middle of the monster-craze and I loved Digimon Adventure.

Digimon Adventure tri is made specifically for people like me and this anime is pure fanservice. There are a lot of shows out there trying to give us what we want and hardly ever do they succeed. Digimon tri hits all the right spots. And I mean all the right spots.

After watching all 4 episodes, I need to get that supid grin off my face. giphyfeels2Hearing the intro, the fighting theme and the evolution theme alone sends me on an emotional rollercoaster. Add the original cast and the original Digimon and you have a winner.

However, what truly makes this great, is how well they aged the characters. They’ve all grown up, but their friendship was still there and the overall chemistry was spot on. The one time when Koshiro explained way too much in detail what’s going on and everyone just started talking about different stuff was hilarious. And what about Koushiros crush on Mimi? Awesome. Tai x Sora x Yamato love triangle hints in the first 10 minutes of episode 1? Can’t wait to enjoy the upcomming shipping wars. Huge animated monsters beating the crap out of each other? Man, I’ve missed it so much.

The thing is, this anime doesn’t just give us what some people think we might want, it really gives us what we want. Even though the original cast of Digimon Adventure was still there in Digimon 02, they only played a minor role (aside froiron-man-gifm Hikari and Takeru – how come they’re not dating, though? This needs to be fixed asap) and many “day one” digimon fans, wanted to know more about the aged original cast.

And this is exactly it. They can still fight, but they have their problems. Joe seems to be the furthest away from the group because he has essential problems in his life. Tai has no idea what to do with his future and likes to hang out with his friends all day, but heavily questions their actions regarding their fights in terms of destruction and possible loss of human lives. He would’ve never done that in the past, because he was a kid and the audience were children as well.

Well, what can I say? Digimon Tri had big shoes to fill and the expectations were sky high. This anime is pure fanserivce and it’s target audience aren’t children, it’s old fans like me who missed the original not even sorry chris hemsworthcast after 02. In that respect, it didn’t just meet my expectations, it exceeded them. It’s exactly what I always wanted and I can’t say how much I was looking forward to it.

The wait was worth it.


Sword Art Online

giphysao4I recently watched a pretty cool SAO AMV. I wanted to watch the anime for a while, so I finally started watching it yesterday… and finished episode 21/25 the same day. If I started a few hours ealier, I would’ve made it. And now I have to wait after my next test to finish up the last episodes.

I know there’s a lot of people who really love this anime, but also a lot of people who think it’s horribly overrated. I understand both of them. Peronally, I’d rate the first part of the anime up until episode 14 with an 8 oder even a 9/10. I really loved the SAO-arc. It was exciting, the action was very well done and the love story was super cute.

Even though the male lead still was the most powerful among the main group, the female lead was basically an action hero by herself. It was so funny to see during their tumblr_nwqw1bI54w1tdnwpwo1_500honeymoon when Asuna went to kick some ass, everyone around was totally freaking out and Kirito stayed totally cool. They suited each other so well and I loved seeing a strong couple. As much as Kirito was protecting Asuna, she was also protecting him. Without her, he would’ve died in SAO.

And then came the second part of the anime and Asuna was downgraded to the damsel in distress. And the guy who wants to marry her? He’s just creepy and let’s not forget she’s still underage with her 17 years and he’s a grown adult. And the creepyness doesn’t stop here, because of course Kiritos real life sister is actually only his counsin and that makes it totally ok for her to have a huge crush on him.

What’s with these creepy relationships in the second part of the anime? Sure, they don’t giphysao3go anywhere, but I still feel very uncomfortable watching it. I guess at least the incest-love from his cousin is meant to be fanservice, because basically her entire character is fanservice. She serves a proper role by showing Kirito around in ALO and helping him to get to the World Tree, but her love towards her supposed brother plus seeing her half naked at least 3 times until now can only be explained by fanservice. Which really pisses me off, because SAO was such a great anime in it’s first half without obvious fanservice measures.

You know, an anime like Shokugeki no Soma shows you right off the bat you have to expect fanservice and that’s fine. However, it the anime has kept it to a minimum until more than halfway through and then decides to throw in much more fanservice moments, it’s much more annoying, because you don’t expect the fanservice to go up all of a sudden.

And then there’s the world of Alfheim Online. We’ve spent 14 episodes and 2 years in SAO, so it’s world was familiar and the players were all experts by that point, otherwise they would’ve been dead by that point. Now, Kirito starts as a total noob in an otherwise overpowered avatar in this new world. The problem is, he and the audience both don’t really have time to get used to this new world, as there’s this 1 week time limit. Sure, Kirito is kind of getting how magic works in battle, but he’s overall still trying to fight like he did in SAO, because that’s what he’s familiar with.

And I don’t like the world of Alfheim. It’s like SAO, but totally different at the same time. I dislike the entire fairy-theme and does really nobody notice anything about Kirito? He’s the giphysaoone who beat SAO, I’m pretty sure that made the news and absolutely nobody suspects a thing when a player with the same name equipped like a noob, but with crazy stats, suddenly pops up? Really? Nobody? It also amazes me Suguha hasn’t noticed yet it’s her brother she’s guiding to the World tree, but I guess she thinks he wouldn’t want to play such a game ever again after what happend in SAO, just like Asuna’s fiancé.

I would’ve preferred the anime to end after episode 14 and just give Asuna and Kirito a happy end at that point. The ALO arc is much weaker than the SAO arc, downgrades well known characters and is just plain aweful at some points. If it had to be 25 episodes, I would’ve loved to see 25 episodes in SAO with a happy end. Furthermore, I don’t think I’ll be watching Swords Art Online II.


Nintendo Direct November 2015

Ok, let’s make it short, so I can come to the point and of course when it comes to Nintendo, my main reason of concern is Zelda, because Zelda.

Now, what do I actually still remember? Pokken Tournament comming to Wii U and actually commung to the west as well. Awesome, I was waiting for that. I mean, you’re battling all the time in Pokemon anyway and the anime kind of shows how awesome dynamic fights can work with this franchise. Super hyped for this.

And speaking of Pokemon, yay for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. I know Gates to Infinity isn’t excatly the best entry in the franchise, but it was still reasonably fun and I’m looking forward to more Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. =)

With Fast Racing Neo looking that awesome, I highly doubt we’ll ever see a true F-Zero ever again. However, seeing two DLC F-Zero themed MK8 DLC stages, I was doubting they’re actually considering developing a full game. The two MK8 stages were compensatory fanservice.

Cloud comming to Smash. Well… ok. Some people are acting all surprised, but seriously, Nintendo and Square Enix have a very long and successfull relationship with each other. While Final Fanatsy is no longer relased on Nintendo consoles, other Square Enix franchises are, like Dragon Quest and Bravely Default (an excellent old school Final Fanatsy-esque JRPG). I don’t think it’s that weird to have a Square Enix Character on Smash and Cloud is arguably the most memorable one.

Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow for virtual console. And the internet goes “Boom!”. I’m still impressed how many people are so extreamly nostalgia driven for these games. Sure, it has a sweet spot in my heart as well, but some of the old battle/gameplay mechanics are so horrible, especially when you’re used to the new games. People can hate on the new games all they want, but the gameplay, battles and competitive play have improved a lot over the generations. I mean, you couldn’t breed, only very few moves were available back then, special attack and defense were combined in just one “special” ability, the classification in special and physical attacks was completely different, competitive play was nowhere near what ne know today and the entire game was crazy unbalanced with massively overpowered psychic and dragon type pokemon. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg. I love the Gen I games as well, but I don’t run around with pink nostalgia googles all the time when it comes to Pokémon.

More Xenoblade Chronices X stuff. I don’t care I need to save money, I need this game. And since I’m planning on buying the disc version, thanks for giving me a chance to reduce the loading times for free. Can’t wait to buy it, but might actually have to wait until christmas, so others can buy it for me. If I can wait this long. Either way, I’m getting this game.

Now, to the interesting part: Zelda. As soon as Zelda is mentioned I’m in, even though I have to admit, I have absolutely 0 interest in Tri Force Heroes, but it’s a spin off anyway. I also don’t really are about Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks on the Virtual Console, because they’re by far my least favorite Zelda games and I don’t plan on playing them again. Besides, even if I’d want to, I still have the physical DS games I can play on my 3DS, too. I seriously have no need for these games. If you missed out on them on the DS, I’d say go for it, but for me? Nope.

The big Zelda announcement was Twilight Princess HD, I guess? I’m honest, I was pretty impressed by the graphical improvements Star Fox Zero made between E3 and now (it actually starts looking like a game I’m interested in buying by now), but TPHD didn’t really impress me at all. Wind Waker HD looked noticably better, but from the first glance we got, TP HD didn’t really good that much better compared to its original release. Then again, Wind Waker has a much more timeless art style and aged better to begin with. As you can see, I’m not too hyped for this. TP is 9 years old, but it still feels rather recent to me, because there’s just one Zelda home console game that is even more recent and that is Skyward Sword. Also, I’m oversatuated with Zelda remakes. I’d rather have them spent more time on Zelda U and get this game out faster, than having another remake. They’re milking the franchise with rereleases and remakes way too much at the moment.

Which brings me to: minutes of Twilight Princess HD footage and I don’t give a damn.

13 seconds of Zelda U footage and I turned into a piece of happy jelly.

happy-jelloAs much as I’m oversatuated with remakes and rereleases, I’m dying to get my hands on Zelda U.The new footage didn’t even show anything new, we just saw a glimpse of Link on Epona. And yes, I know we don’t know the name of the horse yet, but it’s a red-brown-ish horse in a Zelda game ridden by Link, of course it’s Epona. It’s like questioning if the blonde princess with the pointy ears is called Zelda.

Either way, as underwhelming as TPHD was for me, seeing this beautiful game right after, made me want this so damn bad even more. Stop giving me all the remakes and spin-offs, just finish up this game. I don’t need TPHD, I don’t need Tri Force Heroes and I certainly don’t need the DS games on Virtual Console. I need Zelda U, that’s the only Zelda game I really want right now, because I know it’s going to be awesome. They still have it in them, A Link Between Worlds was fantastic, and what we’ve seen so far just looks so damn good.

Will I buy TPHD? Maybe. I’m not sure yet. I’ve never been a huge fan of TP, I like Wind Waker and Skyward Sword better, but it’s still a good game and maybe I can give it another chance. Next year is the franchises 30th anniversary after all, so I’m going to drown myself in Zelda anyway. My highlight, though, will be Zelda U. This game will overshine them all.

I just love Zelda.


Bleach Chapter 651 (Spoiler) – WHY? WHY?

If anything, the only reason I still read Bleach to be able to say “I finished it.” when it’s over. giphylIt was a very cool shounen, but really should’ve ended after Aizen was defeated. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet, but the ships are keeping me entertained. Well, somewhat, character chemistry has been lacking as of lately, imo.

Basically, I have three main ships in Bleach: Ichigo x Rukia, Hitsugaya x Hinamori, Shunsui x Nanao – and I won’t argue about any of those. I know what can happen when you bring up a pairing that involves Ichigo and either Rukia or Orihime or both. I’ve been there, I’ve taken part in the infamous Bleach shipping wars. And I’m on team IchiRuki.

As for HitsuHina, I usually age them. I mean, they’re what? They look like they’re 13 or something, make them 20 and I’m all in. I’ve never seen anything in MatsuHitsu and Matsumoto has Gin anyway. No, Aizen doesn’t count for Momo.

And the last one, ShunsuixNanao effectively got destroyed in chapter 651. Thank you 1376262901664Bleach, for destroying 1/3 of the joy I have left from reading you. When I found out Nanao is Shunsui’s niece, I felt so weird. They’ve always behaved like an old married couple since the start of the manga and now you’re telling me they’re 3rd grade relatives? No!

As much as I would simply like to refuse to believe it and ignore it’s existence, it came with a very awesome love confession by Nanao. I mean, for some reason, it’s just damn cool she knows about all of this and simply doesn’t give a fuck. She just doesn’t care. Her mother tried to save her from the curse? Doesn’t matter, she wants to fight with that sword anyway. She’s in love with her uncle? As if he cares.

I’m usually strictly against incest relationships and 3rd grade is very close. Even 309relationships between cousins are often not approved and they are 4rth grade relatives and legal in many countries even today, but thanks to Nanao not giving a damn, it kind of feels ok to continue to like it. Even though I know it’s wrong, I also know Tite Kubo has been making up the weirdest stuff in Bleach for plot convenience and this is just another one of those. I know I should dislike it, but I just love them so much. Shunsui and Nanao are awesome, I’ve always enjoyed seeing them every time they walked through a frame.

Adopting a Dog in Germany


our old girl in spring 2014

Ever since our old girl had to be humanely euthanized at the age of 16 in July of 2014, my father has been thinking about adopting another dog. As time went on, the thought became a serious wish and he started actively looking for dogs.

First off all, where can you buy/adopt a dog legally in Germany?

  1. you can buy a puppy from a breeder
  2. you can look into newspaper advertisements or the internet to get a dog from a private person who wants to / has to give the dog away
  3. you adopt a dog from the shelter
  4. you adopt a dog from one of the many animal rescue /helping organizations around

It’s actually forbidden by law to sell dogs on flea markets in Germany and if I remember correctly there’s exactly 1 pet store in the entire country, where you can buy puppies. Personally, I think the best way to go is to look for a dog in a shelter or adopt one from a trustworthy rescue organization (many may act out of good will, but it often lacks a professional execution).

I also understand why some people would rather have a puppy from a breeder, because that way you can check on the parents of your dog and the environment it’s been growing up in and basically you can be sure the dog has never really experienced anything bad and you get the characteristics you’re looking for in the specific breed you want to have. It’s the safest way to get a healthy normal dog, if you want to go to the trouble of finding a good greeder and spending a lot of money for a purebreed puppy.

sleepy girl

sleepy girl

I reason I prefer “second hand dogs”, is mainly because I respect the choice to buy a puppy from a breeder, but I want to give the older dogs sitting in shelters and foster homes a chance as well. They may come with a problem here and there and it takes them longer to get used to their new home and both of you need time to get to know eath other well, but it’ll work out eventually with rigth amount of patience and love.

So, my father read an advertisement on the internet and called the women who copuldn’t keep her 10-year-old Beagle anymore, but he was too late. After turning down 20 people who weren’t goof enough, she gave the dog to a shelter a week ago. My dad went to said  shelter and there was the Beagle.

You see, it’s not that easy to adopt a dog from a shelter. They usually have you come several times to go for a walk with the dog, so you two get to know each other. They will also have talks with you about your experience with dogs and what kind of environment you can provide them and if they feel you’re unfitting, no dog for you. They usually try very hard to find good people, but that’s not easy, especially for older dogs.

Most people look for young and healthy dogs, that leaves the old ones and those with medical issues harder to find a new home for. When my father went for a walk with said Beagle, two women spoke up to him. The first one complained that dog would be too old for her liking, but the second one was very happy for that old dog to have someone interested in taking him. Faith in humanity crushed and instantly rebuild, I guess.

The usual procedure is, after you’ve decided you want to have the dog and the shelter staff agrees with you, you get the dog on probation, so to speak. Usually it’s a few weeks and after that time, you call the shelter and tell them how’s it going. In an ideal situation, you tell them all is fine and you keep the dog. If not, you bring the dog back. Many shelters have you pay the adoption fee after this probation period, in case you keep the dog. The shelter my father wants to adopt said Beagle from, even brings the dog to your home, to see the future environment by themselves. I think that’s awesome.

It may sound troublesome to get a dog from a shelter, but I think it’s good everyone tries their hardest to find good owners for the dogs.

Ookiku Furikabutte (Spoiler)

After I was told a bazillion times I should watch Ookiku Furikabutte, if I like sports anime, I finally did. There. Happy everyone? I finished Season 1&2 + both specials. There’s just one question left unanswered:

When’s season 3 comming?

tumblr_nkd1uaA1mZ1slopz6o1_500Yes, I enjoyed it. The characters are all very likable and it’s one of those stories that try to be on the realistic side. Between Slam Dunk and Kuroko no Basket, it’s the Slam Dunk. It tries hard to be as realistic as can be without being boring or only interesting for baseball fans, but it still has a heavy focus on the matches. Especially the second season.

I admit, I have not yet read the manga. I will as soon as my next exam is over, but so far I can only talk about the anime and if there’s something that I didn’t like as much, it’s probably the pacing. The first season with it’s 25 episodes was very slow. A lot of time was spent on the games, but there was also a fair amount of time spent on training, SoL and tumblr_ntwywoDYpK1u6xtrco1_540building frienships. In comparison season 2 felt very rushed, everything was shorter. They squeezed 4 games (3 of which were actually shown) in just 13 episode. The lenght of the actual games shown was fine, I actually liked the somewhat shorter games in S2 better than the very lenghty ones from S1, I just missed a bit more stuff happening between the games in S2, but that was simply not possible in 13 episodes, I guess?

Then again, I don’t know if this was done, because there really was no time, or because it’s faithful to the source material. A 13 episode sports anime is kind of weird to begin with, if you ask me. You can’t get much done. Initial D S2 pulled it off really good, but that’s the only one I can think of. I really want to read the manga and see if it’s done any different over there and I really want to know, if Abe can hold himself back until the fall tournament. I’d like to see Tajima catching more – that means more Tajima screentime overall and more Tajima is always good.

I have a sweet spot for Tajima. He’s very talented, but he’s still working hard and a great team player. He has a fun personality and acts as Mihashis older brother/interpreter. He seems to be easy going, but he’s able to fully concentrate when he’s out on the field and cheers up his teammates. (Who didn’t smile when he complained that his brain was tumblr_nkljqhwpUJ1say8hro2_400hurting after catching against Bijou?) Sounds like an awesome player, right? Well, unfortunately, he has a tragic side to him as well, because he might be extreamly talanted, but due to his small build he’ll always fall short. I guess this really makes you feel sympathy for him and adds to the overall appeal: on first glance, he might appear perfect, but he has a major flaw and no matter what he does, he can’t willingly do anything against it.

To sum it up: Was it worth it? Certainly. However, I have to admit there are other sports anime I enjoyed more, but this one’s really good, too. Highly recommended for anyone who’s into the realistic type of sports anime.