Favorite Pokemon

fav pokemon

It’s always fun making these templates. It’s so hard to decide and I had to put some Pokemon in different categories than I would have liked to. A Top10 list would probably look very different from this template. It was still a lot of fun, though, and it made me once again realize just how many good designs were introduced in Gen V and how few Pokemon were introduced in Gen VI. Still my favorite Gen either way. 😉

This is a mixture between Pokemon I simply like design-wise and those I actually like using. Therefore, there’re a lot of cute and adorable Pokemon on my template. And yes, I cheated about my favorite fairy type. I used the typing each Pokemon had when it was introduced in it’s original generation, but since the last row includes all Pokemon I used Gen VI standarts and chose Whimsicott – introduced as a pure grass type in Gen V, it gained the secondary fairy type in Gen VI.

And yes, due to lack of choice I had to choose Pokemon I don’t like in certain cases.

For a bigger picture, click here: http://abload.de/img/favpokemonf2ki9.png



My Top 10 most Annoying Characters in Anime/Manga

We all have them and we all hate them, those annoyances es we’d wish never existed in our favorite animes. And yet, we’ll never get rid of them completely. In some rare cases, we have to pleasure of seeing them die, but… that’s about it. So, here are some of my most hated characters. It was hard putting them in order and I might have forgotten a few, but I’m pretty satisfied with this list. Please keep in mind I left out characters who’re just downright insane.

And of course: SPOILER warning!

10. Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon)

giphyUsagi is easily the most annoying one from the Sailor Scouts and the most useless one as well. The reason she’s so low on the list, is because she has a really good heart, cares very deeply for her friends and even though she’s afraid a lot, she often overcomes it and risks her own life to save her friends, family and the world. Her downside is, she’s very loud, she’s constantly crying and she’s basically useless in battle. I know she usually kills the monsters and brainwashes the evil enemies to become good again, but that’s basically all she does: the other sailor scouts are doing the fighteing for her and at the very end, she gives the finishing blow. I didn’t even remember her that bad, but Sailor Moon Crystal reminded me of a little something I forgot over the time: no matter how good of a person Usagi is, she’s pretty damn annoying most of the time.

9. Mr. Satan (Dragonball Z)

Mr._Satan_spaventatoAdmittedly, he might be a bad father, but loves his daughter and for a human he’s honestly strong, but in the Dragonball Universe that pretty much means he’s not even worth looking at. Either way, points for befriending Buu, but big no-no for lying to the entire world about defeating Cell. Sure, the Z warriors wanted to stay icognito, but Mr. Satan blew this way out of proportion and even after everything was over, he used his friendship with Buu for his own benefit to win the Tournament over and over in order to ensure his crazy wealth he “earned” thanks to his lifelong lie.

8. Nohara Shinnosuke (Crayon Shin-Chan)

2o4rxgorhix52i4op749bd665a2212e-shin-chanUnpopular opinion, but I never liked Crayon Shin-Chan. The reason is rather simple, I don’t think Shin-chan is funny as a character and as this is a comedy and most of the comedic elements come from him there’s not much I can do. I only see Shin-chan as the most perverted, cheeky, big-mouthed little brat in anime history. And yes, I blame this entirely on his mother, even though she’s usually very strict with him, but something clearly must’ve went wrong down the line, or her son wouldn’t have turned out like this while still attending Kindergarden.

7. Hirasawa Yui (K-On!)

Hirasawa-Yui-3-kawaii-anime-35006432-731-1000K-On! was the anime that taught me: I hate moe. Well, a little bit is alright, but this anime was way too much for me to digest and while all the main characters were filled with moe from top to bottom, Yui was the worst. The other characters at least had one trait each besides moe we could identify them with: one was smart, the other a tomboy and while the third one was an airhead she was crazy rich and therefore paid for stuff when it was convenient to the plot, otherwise we wasted time seeing the girls trying to make money. Either way, Yui had nothing. She had all the bad traits from the others and that’s it. And you know what? She even learned to play the guitar in record time. Why does she deserve this musical talent? Because it’s convenient to the plot, I know, but learning how to use an instrument properly when you have no musical backround whatsoever, is not that easy.

6. Haramura Nodoka (Saki)

jsaki01Genious sweet princess with imaginary probems, what more does she need? Oh, I know, a hot fanservice body with the matching clothes. What else does she need? She’s lesbian. That sounds like a great character. Not. I’m honest with you, I wouldn’t even care so much about her and her stupid penguin that constantly pushes her boobs up and that she needs to carry around all of the time because reasons, if she wasn’t the one Saki went gay for. I mean, isn’t she already cliché enough? She’s literally the perfect fanservice character and maybe it was my utter disbelief they’d actually made her lesbian on top of that, but that entire lesbian szenario with Saki came out of nowhere for me. Sure, she blushed and stuff, but this is anime and these are anime-girls, they stick to and blush at each other all the time and usually behave like a couple light-version anyway. I don’t have anything against homosexual characters in general, hey I love me some nice BL and GL every once in a while, but Nodoka is just too perfect and too fanservice-ish at the same time.

5. Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)

SasukespoilOh look, another unpopular opinion. I’m going to get killed after this post, I already see is comming. Now look, my main problem with this character is, he has no reason why he turned out the way he did and he’s the favorite character from the Manga-ka which really shows. A lot. To the point where the entire Manga could be named “Sasuke” instead of “Naruto”, because everything in the entire story happens because Sasuke makes his life much harder on himself and the people around him than he needs to. Why do I have absolutely no sympathy for him? Easy, because Naruto actually has it even worse, but instead of going emo and I-hate-everyone, he’s trying to become recognized and find friends. Compare him to Naruto, who goes from “object of hatred in town” to “honorable hero”. Naruto is completely on his own and has barely anyone who even likes him somewhat, he has no friends, is bullied, doesn’t even seem to have greater potential as a ninja and has a deadly beast sealed in his belly, that will probably kill him someday. And even though he was a brat as a child, he still didn’t even do half the crap Sasuke did. And this is what’s annoying me so much, compared to others who have it worse than him, he’s got no right to go all bad-guy like he did. At some points in the manga I felt like he just enjoyed feeling sorry for himself. And why’s he so popular anyway? Did any of you see or read the part where he killed his brother? Try to comprehend his reasoning. This was the reason I was very close to excluding him from this list, because I thought he was too insane, but since he ended up rather normal eventually, I took him in.

4. Akihito Usami (Junjou Romantica)

bdbbd85159fa4b2a4b2ec94db0f3f84fSince I’m that good at having unpopular opinions, here’s another one: I don’t like Junjou Romantica, due to many reasons, but Usami is one of them. This guy. This guy. How to describe him? He’s a raptist with anger issues, I think that pretty much covers it. I don’t even care he’s 10 years older than Misaki, one of my favorite couples is Maya x Masumi from Glass Mask, he’s 11 years older than her and meets her first when she’s only 13. Either way, I mentioned before I love me some good BL, sadly rape is a common theme in BL that I really hate, because it’s something that should never be treated lightly and often is in the shounen-ai community, as seen in this particular case. It’s not romantic and Usami treats Misaki really bad. No me likey.

3. Nogizaka Haruka (Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu)

Nogizaka_Haruka_no_Himitsu_-_Nogizaka_Karuka_2I’m impressed she only made 3rd place. Honestly! I went into this anime expecting a light comedy about a nerdy guy falling in love with a nerdy girl. What happend was me being confronted with something like Nodoka minus the lesbian part and seeing how she ended up even higher on this list, she’s a lost case. She’s once again the typical picture perfect little rich princess and because her life is so damn great, she has to think of problems even though there are none. Oh no, she’s an Otaku, that needs to be kept a secret at all cost and I really mean all cost. Oh no, she falls in love with a guy, let’s throw every possible stone in their way we can think of. Honestly, the guy is really annoying too, because he’s way too perfect on his own, but I guess her “Yuuto! Yuuto! Yuuto!” was driving me even more crazy than the man himself. And it’s one of those anime where they never kiss, be it her shyness or her crazy maids or her sister or the weather… the entire anime is so damn annoying and Haruka is the worst part of it.

2. Itagaki Manabu (Hajime no Ippo)

personagem_931This was a surprise to me, because I didn’t even had him on my radar at first, but there’s a very particular reason, why he didn’t just end up on this list, but even that high. I would love to like him, but the manga-ka slowly made him more and more annoying to the point where probably his last fan threw the towel during his latest fight that was shown in detail. He started as a nice guy and I really liked him. He had a few annoying traits, but that only helped rounding his character and wasn’t bad at all. Then… his genius kicked him. The moment everyone noticed he was a boxing genius it went downhill with him and he ended up as the entire opposite of Ippo. This means: Ippo is an average guy who works insanely hard and earns every single one of his wins thanks to countless of hours of training. When Itagaki fights, suddenly a switch is flipped and he’s unstoppable. To top it all of, he turns into a real bastard as well, cocky to Mars and back way too full of himself looking down on his opponents and tries to beat Ippo by defeating his past opponents faster than Ippo. You, as a reader, come to a point where you wish Itagaki to face off against Sendo and get his little bony butt nicely handed to him wrapped in a pink rippon with kisses. You have no idea how much I wanted to see Itagaki getting destroyed in the ring to the point where he would never dare to pick up boxing gloves ever again. He doesn’t deserve his wins one bit, especially since he’s doing so easily what Ippo took so much work to achieve, what he deserves is a beating that will teach him some manners and force some sense back into him. The sad part is, he started out as a really likable, even fun, character and that’s what annoys me the most.

Dishonorable Mention: Haruka Nanami (Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%)

haruIt’s a reverse Harem setting, it’s bound to be bad. I found this one particuar bad, though and Nanami is beyond me. Too naive, light hearted, clueless and the entire damn anime makes no sense from start to finish. I guess Nanami stands for every typical main character (male or female) in a bad harem szenario. I’m saying bad, because the mother of all harem manga, Love Hina, actually pulled it off really good, but that was because it was a great slice of life comedy with interesting characters, too. Most harems are not, they’re just cardboard cutouts from one another with crazy bland mains that are supposed to be “us” aka the viewer, so we can dream to be in their shoes and be wooed by beautiful men and women. About Nanami in particuar, the way she talked annoyed the heck out of me on top of her sole being. This half-wisper that’s supposed to show how much of a cute girl she is, when in reality she’s not, because her eyes are more disturbing than half the horror anime I’ve seen.

1. Kikyou (Inu Yasha)

Kikyou-the-girls-of-inuyasha-7074575-509-663She was already dead, so I didn’t feel too bad about wanting to see her die, but she was so annoying I literally wanted to see her die. You knew Kagome x Inu Yasha was going to be endgame and yet Kikyou did her best to mess with them over and over and over… and OVER AGAIN. I think the most annoying part of her was she just wouldn’t go away, she wouldn’t die no matter what, she would come back and throw the relationship between Kagome and Inu Yasha completely out of proportions again. And again. And again. Rinse and repeat. Her sole purpose was to mess with Inu Yasha and Kagome. She was the nicest, most beautiful and strong Miko while alive (and this is something that already annoys me to begin with) and after she came back from the dead, she’s an utter nightmare you can’t get rid off. She’s actually a tragic character that suffers a very unfortunate fate, but she ends up ruining the relationship between Kagome and Inu Yasha so much, you literally wish for her to please die and even then it still takes a few hundred chapters until it’s finally done.