Bakuman 3rd Season

So, yay, Bakuman has gotten green lit for a third season next Fall. Now, I only need to catch up with Season 2… *cough* so I don’t end up accidentally not finishing it. Don’t look at me like that, it already happend once with Tegami Bachi Reverse. I still need to finish it. D:

But I’m really happy about Bakuman, because I’ve been reading the manga for a long time now and it’s still pretty good.¬† And when I say “a long time” I mean ever since the 9th oder 10th chapter was published and Bakuman was considered a secret gem with great potential. There have been times it was a bit… meh, but it never fails to come up with something amazing again, so I haven’t lost faith yet and I still enjoy it. I have to admit, I don’t read the japanese chapters anymore, because I decided I only want to read the german volumes since they started publishing this manga here (I usually read both, but in case of Bakuman… don’t know, it’s just the way it is). The latest volume here was volume 11 and oh my god was it great, one of the best so far, I can hardly wait until January when volume 12 comes out.

To make a long story short: is it good? Yes, both manga and anime, although personally I think the manga works out better. It’s normal the manga is better than the anime, but in this case there’s also the fact that a manga about writing manga somehow works better than an anime about writing manga, if you know what I mean.

Is it worth a thrid yeason? You can bet.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to watch a few Bakuman S2 episodes.


Chihayafuru episode 6

Chihayafuru has already managed to become my favorite of the season, but it’s getting better and better with every episode. While I thought the episodes in the past were a bit boring, it’s entertaining me a lot more now.

Also I think it’s funny that Taichi has always been in love with Chihaya, but never told her. Get a grip boy, but I can understand why you won’t tell her: she probably doesn’t even think about love at all, the only thing she truly loves is karuta and this is probably how far her understanding of love goes. And all this, although Taichi and Chihaya would make a great couple, if you ask me. No, not just from the outlook apperance (when those two extraordinary goodlooking persons stand next to each other, they pretty much overshine everything around them), but also judging from their character as well.

Arata might become a problem, though… since he was the one who taught Chihaya the joy of karuta and he’s the one she wants to play with the most, he has actually quite good chances, but I still think Taichi suits her better character-wise. Well, whatever, at least he’s back to playing karuta, as we’ve seen at the very end of the episode. I was very afraid this might turn into the quest to make Arata play karuta again, but the end of episode 5 was very heartwarming when he said he always wanted to be friends with Chihaya and Taichi, so it qas quite obvious he’ll start playing karuta on his own again, but very nicely done.

The new girl… I really like her. In comparison to Chihaya, she looks like a grey mouse and her entire apperance was very quite, but she turned out to have quite the strong will. It surprised me when she actually made Chihaya model for her parents’ shop and the first thing she did in the club, was making Chihaya and Taichi clean the room. Yeah, I really like her, I can say that and I can’t wait to see more from her. Now it’s just down to two more members and I’m very exited who that might be.

I’ve mentioned Chihayas good looks twice now, so I’d like to get this straight: I was laughing when I noticed that Chihaya, who doesn’t give a damn about what people think of her and who has a tomboy-ish personality, is actually prettier than her sister when she was her age, who was trying to become a professional model back then. Of course, the main character of a manga/anime is usually someone who looks good, but in this case they’re playing around with this, because Chihaya really doesn’t care and her outlook apperance doesn’t suit her character at all. I’d even call it a missfortune in her case, because it makes people believe that she’s the perfect girl and as soon as she goes into action or just opens her mouth she’s the weirdo and everyone tries to avoid her. She’s nice to look at, but nothing more. Good thing Chihaya doesn’t care about this, because this is pretty harsh.

Speaking about something harsh: I thought it was unbelievable when she was in elementary school and her partens wouldn’t even listen to her when she tried to tell them very proudly that she won the karuta tournament at her school. They were all over her sister, because of some modeling job and even allowed her to talk shit about Chihayas karuta-achievement, making little Chihaya very sad who actually managed to swallow her tears and laughed not too lang after this. What a girl, I felt truly sorry for her. ūüė¶

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season 2 Episode 2

Just… how can Onodera still deny his love for Takano, after he kissed him passionately in the car unable to do anything but cling to him? Well, at least I can underdstand Takano now, because Onodera is obviously so deeply in love with him, why would he stop? But giving the cake away was a shame, although I don’t really understand where the birthday present vanished to after they left the elevator. It’s magic!

Ok, what elese happend? Yokozawa – again. Seems like Takano feels entirely different about the whole thing with him than Yokozawa himself, because he looks like he damn well enjoyed his time with Takano and wants some more of him, so he tries to scare Onodera away. Too bad Takano wants Onodera, who also wants him, but refuses to say so. Nevertheless, I was really wondering why Takano and Onodera aren’t an item by now, because they should be.

Oh wait, the story is over once they get together, we can’t do this yet, we have to stretch it out. Well, don’t get me wrong, it’s normal there’s a lot stretching in manga and anime, it just annoys me when the characters obviously whould have moved on to the next stage, because Takano and Onodera sould be together by now, it’s just Onodera being a bitch what’s stopping them. Not Yokozawa, no, Onodera is the main hindrance.

Oh yeah and next week sidestory…

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Season 2 Episode 1 – and it continues…

Well, that ^ was my first impression. Lovely, isn’t it?

Now I have to explain myself, because beforehand I said I most likely won’t watch it. Yeah, but this was before I knew there’s hardly anything to watch for me this season. I’ve never seen any Fate-stuff and I’m kind of stuck in the middle of Shana II, so I can’t/don’t want to watch Fate/Zero and Shana III and this pretty much kills off the two most hyped animes this season (probably this year).¬† The only thing left for me to do, is hope for the best and watch Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Season 2.

You know, I liked the main story… aside the fact that Takano forced himself on Onodera and sexually assaulted him, but all in all I think it was pretty decent. It was ok, nothing groundbreaking, but ok. The problem I had with the first season, were the side stories and the annoying part is that the sidestories themselves weren’t even this bad (although they don’t exist in the manga),¬† it’s just that 12 episodes ware too short for 4 Storylines. Only half of the episodes covered the main storyline, resulting in a complete mess and jumping back and fourth¬† between multiple setting isn’t exactly the best thing either. So for the second season I was hoping they will stop with the sidestories, but my hopes were crushed during the first 2 minutes when the Opening was playing.

As for the first episode itself, it didn’t really start off as good as season 1 did, mainly because the content didn’t make any sense. No, I’m not complaining that Takano pretty much raped Onodera when he was drunk, I’m not even questioning this anymore, you don’t need a brain for the yaoi-part (oh the irony, because this is exactly what I don’t like in yaoi). What I’m talking about is the fact that Onodera got a promotion or something and pretty much does the job Takano did before.

No, no, no, NO Who in his or her right mind, would let a complete amateur and newbie do this important job? Especially, if there was a very capable person doing it¬† before, who pretty much rescued the Magazine with this epic epicness of epic in editing and managing a Manga-Magazine. It’s way too much for Onodera, he’s struggling so much and the fun part is that we don’t even get an explanaition for this mess, Onodera only makes a guess and it’s most likely wrong anyway. So what was this for? To be able to throw a party with two people, get Onodera drunk and rush through all the drunk-blabber-clich√© stuff to end the episode on a fuck?

Isn’t this great?

Bakuman Season 2 Episode 1 – Ashirogi Muto are back

Finally! Bakuman is back.

Since I read the Manga, they can’t really surprise me, but hey, this is Bakuman, I’m going to watch it no matter what. And it was nice seeing Mashiro and Akito back in color. And Hattori, did I ever mention I’m totally in love with Hattori? He’s an awesome character, I just like how much he cares for Ashirogi Muto. It’s like he’s the one who was blessed to meet them first and the one who helped them the most on their way. Of course, he did several things Ashirogi Muto didn’t like and they found ways around it, but in the end he had a great influence on them in a very positive way.

And now he’s gone. Left Ashirogi Muto in the hands of the young, inexperienced and overly energetic Miura who’s more like a tornado than an editor. Just great, but it moved me how much Hattori would have liked to stay as their editor. On the other hand, the reaction Ashirogi Muto had when they were told about the editor-change, was pretty rude. Miura most likely understood that they liked Hattori and he even knew beforehand that Hattori would have liked to stay by their side as their editor, but still… running out of the apartment to say your goodbye to your old editor is pretty rude when the new one is sitting right there.

Well, Ashirogi Muto always had their own mind and like I said: Miura knew beforehand that this won’t be easy for the young Manga-ka. They’re very young, they’re emotional, it’s ok I guess.

The other highlight of this episode was Eiji getting drunk on juice. That was just plain awesome. Hiramua is also a freak, sure, but Eiji is still something else, I can’t help but really like him. he completely lacks any common sense, behaves more like a child, but can be pretty serious here and there, too. The most important part is, of course, his extraordinary talent when it comes to manga and I’m not just talking about his ability to draw them, but also about his sense about manga in general. Having read all the manga from the entire Team Fukuda, he knew who was going to be published in Jump with a series, just because he has a great understanding about the potential of a good manga. This is pretty much why he’s been a fan of Ashirogi Muto all the time: he noticed their manga was good, but he also noticed that there’s a lot more potential in those two and that they can create something great in the future.

So, yeah, the stage is cleared now, this episode was more like a reintroduction and the changes that had to be made and starting next episode, we’re going to dig right into Mashiros and Akitos daily life as professional Manga-ka… while they still attend High School.