Sket Dance Episode 1 – and you thought it was about dancing?

Springseason has started, so I have started to watch new anime as well. One of the new Anime I wanted to watch is Sket Dance and despite its misleading title, it has nothing to do with dancing whatsoever – thank god, I checked the plot beforehand.

It’s a shounen-anime about a club in school that helps other students and the student council with problems or requests to improve schoollife. It pretty much has everything it needs to prevent itself from sucking. The only problem is, that there’s nothing more. The first episode felt like a shounen-anime right out of the textbok. The characters, the setting, the plot… everything has been done before and it’s not as if Sket Dance is doing a bad job, but there’s something missing that would make it interesting. There’s nothing new, it feels as if everything has been done a thousand times before.

The yankee-girl, the computer -freak, the energic but kind of stupid main character… right out of the textbook. Actually, the special ability the main character has, is something I’ve never seen before, but it’s so lame, I’m impressed it even counts as a special ability.Ā  It’s called a “concentration mode” when he puts on his googles. Well, yeah, pretty much all he’s doing is overthinking the facts and finding a solution. I really hope there’s more to him than this. ^^’

The interesting thing about this anime is actually, that I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but it’s just so incredibly underwhelming. I didn’t expect too much, but this is kinda lifeless. I guess I’m a bit disappointed. I will continue, because it’s not bad, but this won’t turn into the best anime of the season for sure.


this “Bambino” is a manga

Bambino translates to “baby” or “child” and is the title of a manga I’m reading. It’s already finished in Japan, but it’s not completely scanlated yet. I think it even has a sequel…

So what’s this manga about? Italian cooking! šŸ˜€ Makes no sense? It actually does, because our protagonist is a young man who likes to cook and got himself into an italian restaurant in Roppongi. On his first day there, he’s been taught he’s not as great as he thinks he is and everyone starts calling him “Bambi” or “Bambino” because of his lack of experience and skill. Well, he can cook, but still has a lot to learn an everything. And this leads to a slice-of life drama. Hello, seinenmanga.

Well, I wouldn’tĀ  really call this manga a truly great manga. I think it’s more… the usual stuff, the hard-working type of main character who has to go through all kinds of hardships in his daily life. Of course, this can turn into a true masterpiece, just like everything can, but in this case it doesn’t. It’s quite nice to follow, it’s not bad, but I don’t really feel anything “new”. Altough I’ve never read a manga about italian food before, it fails to catch me. I’ve read a ton of sportmanga and I’ve seen formula XY so often, but there are still manga that manage to get me, altought they don’t reinvent the wheel. I don’t really know why Bambino can’t excite me, it’s topic is so unual it should be easy. :/

Again: I’m not saying it’s a bad manga, because like I said before: I think it’s ok, the usual stuff you read when you have nothing to do and this makes me … kind of sad, because I think this manga could be much more interesting, so to speak. “Addicted to Curry” isn’t that great either, but it’s still a bit more interesting in my opinion: no matter if there’s a curry-challenge or if they’re trying to sell curry on the street, because the restaurant has to be repaired.

Well, so much about this. A short review (more like: my opinion about this manga in a few sentences) , I’m too tired to write more now… I can recommend this manga, if you have nothing else to do and just want to read something, probably try something new out, but not if you’re searching for an awesome manga. It’s the kind of “ok” manga, but not the masterpiece.

Hater or Otaku? K-ON and Kuragehime

Just recently K-ON!! won the Tokyo Anime Award 2011 as Best TV Anime. My reaction wasn’t really nice, I admit that, because I was pretty pissed. And so? I was called a hater. And an otakuĀ  Uhm… what?

Ok, let me explain. As for myself, I don’t consider myself a hater just because I was ranting a bit (I like Skip Beat and I rant all the time xD) and looking back I’m pretty amused by all the stuff they said about me. First of all, they said I didn’t see K-ON at all and just hate it because I want to hate it. As a matter of fact, I did see K-ON and while I don’t think it’s physically painful, I still think it’s not a good anime, because I didn’t enjoyed it. There were parts I liked, but most of the time, it bored the hell out of me. K-ON was the anime that taught me, I don’t like moe. To prevent being bored again, I did not watch K-ON!!. You remember? Because I don’t like moe.

So in conclusion, saying I don’t know anything about K-ON is simply wrong.

Second: They said I just can’t stand K-ON winning an award. Wrong, I was perfectly fine with K-ON winning this award last year. The reason I’m so pissed is: K-ON won it again this year with it’s second season. So it won 2 times in a row and this is completely unnecessary unless the anime we’re talking about is mindblowing epic in perfection and K-ON sure is not that awesome. Even the Academy Award has enough brain to not award a movie-series with “Best Picture” two years in a row.

Third: Apparently, I’m an irrational Otaku, because I have a Kuragehime-signature. Funny isn’t it? I don’t really see why this signature makes me an irrational Otaku. Just because I have this signature, doesn’t make me a Kuragehime-fangirl. While I have to admit, I really enjoyed Kuragehime and I think it’s a pretty good anime, it has its flaws as well and there were better anime 2010 than this one.

I like Kuragehime. Does this make me an Otaku? No. I dislike K-ON. Does this make me a hater? No.

Think about it: they call me an Otaku, because I have a Kuragehime-signature and they think I’m a crazy Kuragehime-fangirl who likes to bash popular anime like K-ON. On the other hand, they don’t consider themselves Otakus, but they bash everyone who dares to say something negative about their beloved K-ON. So… why exactly am I a worse person than those fans again…?

On a side note: I admit the way I was ranting was pretty harsh, because I called K-ON a shitty anime (well, from my point of few it’s shitty, because the only thing it succeeds in, was making me fall asleep), but I have enought reasons to do so. On the other hand, I’m prefectly fine if other people think different and like this stuff. What I can’t understand are people who asume weird things about me based on the single fact that I don’t like their beloved anime and call me a hater.

Skip Beat Chapter 171 or… wait what, something happend? Spoilertastic!

Well yeah Skip Beat. *cough* I think I mentioned somewhere I’ve read manga where pretty much nothing happens. Skip Beat is such a manga. I don’t think it’s bad, it’s just incredible boring to wait for new chapters, because nothing really happens in one chapter. If you read everything in a row, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be that bad, but to wait 2 weeks for every chapter… that’s … bleh.

What about chapter 171? Well, actually I wanted to write something about chapter 170, but it seems like I was too slow and chapter 171 is better to talk about anyway. While I was reading 170, I thought: “Woah, finally! She’s falling in love with Ren!” It’s actually pretty interesting many fans thought she was realizing she’s in love with Ren, while she’s not – she’s only falling in love with him at this point. Yes, this manga needed 170 chapters for it’s main character to make it’s female protagonist fall in love with the male lead. Considering it was pretty much doomed to happen since chapter 1… that was pretty slow. At least Ren has fallen in love with her much earlier and realized it ealier, too. Thanks Ren.

So, back to Kyoko, let me explain why she doesn’t just realize she’s in love with him: In the second box, that has never been mentioned until now (thanks Yakamura Yoshiki, great storytelling here…) btw, is her locked up love. Meaning: the more locks are removed, the closer she comes to open up her heart for the feeling of love again, or in other words, the closer she comes to fall in love. And this means, she’s not in love yet. The box needs to be opened for her to fall in love and Ren is pretty close to opening it, the last lock has already been unlocked, but not removed yet, so from my point of view, she’s not in love with Ren yet. She only noticed she’s really close to falling in love, because she likes him a lot and he managed to gain a very special place in her heart.

Now to chapter 171… yeah… so he alread did managed to open up the second box once, but she just closed it up again, because she was afraid to fall in love. Again: great storytelling here. Thanks Yakamura Yoshiki for not telling us anything back then. I hate stuff like this, it seems to come out of nowhere and really gives the impression that the manga-ka just had the idea like… last night and squeezed it into the story while trying to make it seem it belonged there all the time. Arg. -_- Well, whatever, so what’s happening now?

I’m actually impressed. She doesn’t seem to deny the fact that she’s falling in love with Ren. Looking back at chapter 170 and the beginning of chapter 171 I would’ve bet we’ll have to go throught the denial-phase before she completely falls in love with Ren and realizes it, only to try to push it off of her again after the realization. No, we’re skipping the denial- and realization-phase and move on to “push it away” right away! The manga is moving foward faster than I expected here. Nevertheless, I think this phase can be streched from Earth to Venus and back, so I don’t expect anything romantic to happen anytime soon. Probably next year or so. If we’re fast.

I mean: she’s trying to hate Ren, doesn’t she? At least this is what it looks to me and violent phase it over, too…? Probably. While realization is a step foward (I’m so proud Kyoko), the method she wants to use now is a huge step backwards. Thinking back to Sho, this is exactly what she did with him: she started to hate him in order to be able to lock away her love for him. Well, to me it looks like she wants to repeat the same thing with Ren and this could turn into something very tiresome for us readers. *facepalm* Really, Ren, she doesn’t deserve you. I can already see the poor guy suffering again because of Kyoko. I actually feel seriously sorry for him, because he fell in love with Kyoko. If she really wants to turn her feeling of love into hatred… well, let’s just say this is evil, heartless and cruel and Ren will have to go through a lot of pain again and we will see him act overly careful again. Damn it. >.<

As for the rest of the chapter… the transformation into a beauty was to be expected. No surprises here, really. Kyoko shows her beautiful side and everyone it totally in awe, altough her natural look actually suits her much better and the hairstyle makes her look like some sort of second rate diva. She’s naturally so beautiful, why did you have to destory this to show us a “mature” Kyoko? Her Natsu-character is really awesome and beautiful without looking totally ugly. Spare me, just give me back the natural beauty Kyoko has. D:

Just a note while we’re at it: It’s quite impressive after so many chapters our dear manga-ka still has no clue about human anatomy. Good Lord, get a doll to help you or something, but the drawings are still ugly from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, it was much worse in the early chapters, but I can’t believe the anatomy is still messed up after so many years of drawing this manga.