Feel “Free!” to watch this anime, guy?

d357bd5802baab5bdb2239e8f52a01ce1366984951_fullEver since the announcement that the infamous “Swimming Anime”-TV spot would be adapted into an anime TV-series called “Free!”, anime fans have literally gone nuts. In case you’re thinking about crazy fangirls right now, no, I’m not even talking about those, I’m talking about the much larger part of the anime fanbase: the guys. It may sound incredibly ironic to any female anime fan, when guys begin to complain about too much fanservice, because an anime appears that’s not shounen-ai/yaoi and is clearly nothing else but eyecandy and fanservice directed towards women, when the exact same thing happens for guys on a regular basis with at least a handfull of new shows every 3 month.

Guys have a problem. I mean, really, not just because of this one anime called “Free!”, it’s just that you can see their problem here, too. What’s the problem you might ask? Well, it’s simply their manliness. I really don’t know why, but lately it seems I’ve been seeing more and more people on the internet desperately trying to be manly and not to be seen as girly or gay. Just how many times have I read: “Man, I love the stuff you do, no homo.” in the comment section of youtube videos the past few month? It’s still beyond my understanding why being gay neccessarily equals with not being manly. Some of the most well-known stereotypes of gay people are some of the manliest pictures I’ve ever seen.

Guys, especially teenage guys, seem to have this big problem that they want to be a man and even nerds seem to feel the same way, if they feel the need to bash on an anime that is not even intended for them, just because it’s finally some bland fanservice female fans have been waiting for since forever. Generally speaking: in the minds of those guys, it’s perfectly alright to sexualize women and reduce them to walking fansivice, but it’s “gay” and the “downfall of anime”, if the same is being done with men.

Now, I know this is a matter of society and the way guys are bought up, that they want to be manly and all and we all know that and that’s why we tolerate your stupid 3-sized-too-big caps and your 5-sizes-to-big trousers and your Ey-yo-Man-Bro stuff you’re doing, because you think it looks cool and manly, when it’s actually nothing else but a laughting matter for people beyond 20 years of age. Girls aren’t any better. Hot Pants don’t look good on a 13-year-old who tries to look like a 20-year-old, even though she has no curves and has the face of a child with somce make-up splashed into it. It’s just that guys make more noise, especially, when they’re the majority of a group – anime-fans in this case. We femals fans have (more or less) qietly accepted that most anime-fans are guys and therefore more anime are being produced with the intention to please guys. Even in anime and manga without the infamous “Ecchi”-label, there are fanserice characters or characters with fanservice elements running around like the most natural thing ever, because it really is normal. Fullmetal Alchemist: Lust | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Yoko | One Piece: the entire female cast with very few exceptions – you get the idea. We just accept it, or don’t read/watch it. Of course, you always have people with no life who have to complain, the problem is, when those people are suddenly the majority the fandom, because the world is going to end thanks to an anime called “Free!”.

I hate hypes, because hypes bring crazy fangirls and fanboys. Don’t misunderstand me, they’re everywhere nonetheless, but a hype brings many of them together and that’s when it’s getting annoying. The only thing that is more annoing, are people who’re constantly complaining, especially when they come in clusters. Many, many people just seem to feel the absolute need to tell the world that they hate a certain thing, even though they could very easily avoid it. Why add “no homo” behind every single sentence, that might eventually sound you like something, just to prevent people from thinking you’re gay? Why complain in the comment section of every single article about the recently born Royal Baby Prince George about how unncessecary the article is, when you can just not read it.

I admit, I sometimes really don’t know why I’m watching or reading certain stuff, maybe just because I want to get over with it, but usually I do it, because I want to give it a chance and end up disappointed. Maybe many people who’ve watched “Free!” are feeling the same, even though it’s beyond my understanding why you could not get the right idea about this anime based on very single picture, or video, or advertisement or sypnosis that’s been on the internet since the announcement.  It’s just… the complaining has been done to death, it’s enough at one point. Even the Twilight-bashing is boring by now and those books are seriously bad, I mean really bad, they’re a shame for literature in general, but even so, at some point, all the comlaining is too much and for a short anime such as “Free!” the point where there have been too many complains has been reached before the anime even started and it won’t stop.

Guys won’t turn gay by watching this anime, this anime is not homosexual to begin with and it’s made for females, so if you can’t stand to watch overly dramatic undressing shots and man in speedos for about 80% of the screentime without whining about it every 2 days, can’t you just

I’m deeply sorry that my, more or less, reasonable post has to end with a silly gif, but I’m so annoyed about all those semi-manly-oh-so-cool guys who can do nothing but hackle after a pair of D-Cup boobs and complain about that one anime that has been produced for us to have our fun watching half naked guys. Is it really so hard to watch your moe-blob-crap while ignoring our fanservice-anime, just because you’re the majority of fans? Apparently, it is. Now, feel good, because you made me write a rage post about your stupidity.