Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% – Episode 8

What the fuck am I watching?

No, I mean seriously, this anime just overtook itself in stupidity. As long as it’s the funny kind of stupid you can laugh at it, it’s all good, but episode 8 was painful. The part with the bishounen all wanting Haruka as their partner was to be expected, so no surprises here. It’s dumb and stupid, but this is the way this anime works, so I wasn’t surprised at all.

What was really painfully stupid was the “dream”-part that (sadly) wasn’t even a dream, because Haruka found a flower in her hand. While it was pretty obvious there’s more to the stupid black cat with the stupid name than just being a stupid black cat with a stupid name, I actually totally forgot about it. It appeared in the fist two or three episodes and was gone after that, so I hoped they’ll just forget about it, but no, they did not. Now the cat is a prince from another country far far away, who’s also a Bishounen and knows Haruka from another life. Just… wow, how many clichés can you squeeze into one person. Let alone most of these clichés are from Disney movies, what makes me wonder just who in the world is supposed to enjoy this episode?


Skip Beat chapter 178

Oh my God, did you see Kyokos blush? Ren in Danger-mode is scary as hell, but I think the smile was real and was not meant to scare Kyoko, although it did. The fact that she blushed (so cute) makes me want to believe she noticed the true intention of this smile and appreciates it. If this is true, we’re seriously making progress with those two, but I’m still shocked Kyoko knows that she’s falling in love with Ren… man that chapter really got me good.

What made me want to bang my head on my table was when she translated Rens curse with the cheese and later she tought to herself that she was only able to do so, because of Rens former hatred towards her. Oh man, he never really hated her and pretty much has been in love with her for the longest part of this manga, so I really hope someday he will tell her, but before that comes other stuff needs to be told – from Ren to Kyoko and from Kyoko to Ren. It’s painful to see taht those two are in love but don’t express their feelings. It would be so easy to move on to be a couple, but the shit about their pasts seems to be too shitty… who the fuck cares? I want to see them together, not another 100 chapters of shiptease.

New Kenshin OVA

According to Comic Natalie, the new anime of Rurouni Kenshin is a two-episode OVA. The first episode will be shown at theaters in December. The title is “Shin Kyoto Hen (New Kyoto Chapter)” and it’ll be a large-scale remake of the battle against Shishio from Misao‘s point of view.

source: MyAnimeList


Just one thing:


I mean: who the fuck cares about this? I want a remake for gods sake, give Kenshin the treatment he deserves. -__-

Ao no Exorcist 18 – Filler for the… fail

So, a new Ao no Exorcist-Episode and of course it was a filler. I was very sceptical when the Anime began, because there are not this many chapters and I don’t think they plan to begin the current arc, because it’s not finished in the manga and they don’t really have enough episodes left. I’m pretty convinced the rest of the anime will be fillers.

Aside the beach-episode they exorcist-fillers weren’t that bad, so they’re probably going to end this anime on a solid note, but of course the original material is better (most of the time) and I’m very curious how they’re going to let this anime end. Will they try to wrap it up in the last episodes? Or will they just let it end with no real end at all, everything open and ready for a second season? The problem is, that Konekomarus feelings towards Rin are also a problem in the manga, but they solve it later and in the anime, this problem has already been solved now. In fact, the manga handles the problem with Rins friends much better, because it takes more time, until you really see what they think of Rin and why they’re acting different now.

Well yeah, so much about this. Let’s enjoy the filler-time *cough*, because the preview already showed episode 19 will be a filler as well, just as I expected.

REAL volume 10 – the wait will end


When I was looking through amazon.co.uk I decided to check, if they have any news about REAL volume 10, because amazon.de (german version) doesn’t have anything and what did I see there? In just 3 more months the wait will finally be over. After one long year this outstanding gem of a manga will finally continue (in English).

Why am I buying an english manga? Well, I would buy german versions, but this manga will never be published in Germany. Sportsmanga don’t seem to sell well, not even Slam Dunk managed to survive here, so I highly doubt they will publish a wheelchair basketball-drama. Too bad… this is easly the best manga I’ve read so far, it’s amazingly well done. This manga deserves to be much more popular than it currently is.

You think you’ve read amazing mangas? Read this one.

Bleach chapter 459 (Death and Strawberry 2) – Rukia made my day

The title of this chapter made me jump around my desk in joy, because it’s a modificated version of the very first chapter “Death and Strawberry” which was referring to Ichigo and Rukias first meeting. Throughout the entire manga, when there was a reunion with Ichigo and Rukia, the title always referred to this two character, like the chapter “Deathberry returns” and I think it’s awesome we have the modificated title of the first chapter. This could mean some sort of new beginning and I really hope the current villains will be defeated soon, so we can move on to something more epic.

This chapter was for me, for the first time in ages, a truly great chapter. The title already made me so happy and when Rukia was standing behind Ichigo, I was like: “Fuck yeah, Bleach is back.” Bleach is not Bleach without Rukia and the Orihime-fans can go and try convince themselves that Orihime is the new heroine, but this will never be the case. No character will be able to take Rukias place in this story, she’s just too important, the manga doesn’t work without Rukia, Ichigo doesn’t really work without Rukia. I like Ichigo the best when Rukia is around, because their relationship always amazeses me. I’m not saying they’re in love, but their level of understanding and standing on the same wavelength is simply amazing. Those two character work out really well when they’re interacting with each other.

And now I really hope Rukia didn’t give Ichigo her powers again, because I want to see some Deathberry asskicking. It has been way too long since we saw Ichigo and Rukia fighting side by side… what a minute. They fought for the same goal several times, but did they ever fought side by side as equal fighting partners? I honestly can’t remember such a case. nevertheless I would love to see that.

By the way, it’s nice Rukia is the vice-captain of the 13th squad now, we all saw what she is able to do and thather power is way above the seat she was having back then. I bet she’s an awesome vice-captain. And her hairstyle… well, it makes her look kind of cute, but I don’t really see a reason for her to change her hairstyle. For the readers to see that time has passed? It’s been 2 years or so and she’s a shinigami. She told us at the beginning she’s around 10 times older than Ichigo, so 2 years should be nothing for her. Like I said, I don’t really see a reason for her to change her hairstyle, but… whatever, it makes her look cute.