Favorite Pokemon

fav pokemon

It’s always fun making these templates. It’s so hard to decide and I had to put some Pokemon in different categories than I would have liked to. A Top10 list would probably look very different from this template. It was still a lot of fun, though, and it made me once again realize just how many good designs were introduced in Gen V and how few Pokemon were introduced in Gen VI. Still my favorite Gen either way. ­čśë

This is a mixture between Pokemon I simply like design-wise and those I actually like using. Therefore, there’re a lot of cute and adorable Pokemon on my template. And yes, I cheated about my favorite fairy type. I used the typing each Pokemon had when it was introduced in it’s original generation, but since the last row includes all Pokemon I used Gen VI standarts and chose Whimsicott – introduced as a pure grass type in Gen V, it gained the secondary fairy type in Gen VI.

And yes, due to lack of choice I had to choose Pokemon I don’t like in certain cases.

For a bigger picture, click here: http://abload.de/img/favpokemonf2ki9.png



Bleach Chapter 666

…Tite Kubo, you won’t let Urahara die. You. Won’t. Let. Urahara. Die. End of discussion.

On the other hand, I was shocked he killed off Byakuya, Grimjow and Hitsugaya. What do they have in common? They’re all alive. However, Ukitake is probably dead for good, but he was severely ill to begin with.

I think it’s really cool seeing some of the Arrancar back in action. Kubpo wasted so much time giving us backstory about them, it’s good to see them having some screentime after all. I mean, who’s not in foir some Grimmjow action? That guy’s just cool, but judging from his background, it was pretty obvious he would fight on the good side eventually. Either way it’s pretty nice and Urahara is just bein his awesome self as well. That’s why you can’t kill him off, Bleach would immediately loose half it’s fun. I mean, the one half that is still left.

Talking about fun… am I the only one who thinks Hitsugaya was massively out of character in this chapter? Maybe being a zombie grilled more of his brain cells than I expected, but that joke-szene with Byakuya was just painful to read.

Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Slowly but surely, we getting closer to the ESC 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of the participating songs have been selected and you will find them on youtube. Time to take a look and be happy about Australia returning.

I said it last year and I will say it again: I’m all in for having Australia as a regular participant. The kangaroos are super awesome people and very hyped. And they send actually good acts. The second year in a row. I’m impressed.

And you know what I’m even more imnpressed by? There’s actuially a good amount of songs I really like. There’s real solid pop, songs you can listen to without feeling ashamed. Wow, what happend? Is it Australia’s influence? I don’t really care, but I think it’s actual competion this year with a good amount of legimately strong songs and that makes it worth it for the music every once in a while. Cool.

My personal favorits are Armenia, Ireland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Russia and Australia. But worry not, we do have our annual weird acts as well and funny enough, Germany is one of them. I try to see the bright side: it can’t get worse than last year. XD


G (Yamada Hitotsuki)

Today I stumbled across a new car racing manga. Interesting, because I’m not really into racing in real life, but then again, I’m not into boxing either and have read 1100+ chapters of Hajime no Ippo. I’m done trying to figure out how my brain works, I just accept it in all it’s weird ways.

Either way, there’s just one chapter available in English so far, I guess a scanlation group has just picked it up or something. I haven’t even found it on MAL yet. Either way, the first chapter was a pretty standart introduction of the main characters, but the set up gives me some very strong Capeta vibes and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Capeta does many things very right. It takes a lot of time to build it’s characters from a very young age and even though Capeta himself is some sort of genius, he’s working extreamly hard and suffers through his circumstances in order to come closer to his goals. Like Mao in G, both are from a poor financial background and maybe I’m too early to judge, because it’s just been one chapter, but the first chapter of G was really rushed.

I’m not really that much into manga with these crazy geniuses and usually prefer stories with the hard working type (*cough* Ippo *cough*), which is one of the main reasons why I dislike Prince of Tennis and can’t get the Kuroko no Basket hype – it just drifts off too much into supernatural territory at one point. Capeta and Mao are both exceptionally talanted, but Mao’s natural gifts are surpassing those of a normal human being right off the bat in the first chapters.


Capeta with his F1 toy car

Also, in G, Mao is 5 years old and meets a Formula racer who acknowledges his talend and gives him a GoKart to train in, so he can become a Formula 1 driver one day. That’s cute, because a GoKart is the only thing you need in order to become a racer. Fast forward 8 years and you see Mao driving in a GoKart in the snow (great idea) receiving a letter from said Formula dirver to come to Tokyo if he wants to become a F1 driver.

This is what bugs me so much: the initial set up is so extreamly similar to Capeta (which


Mao with his F1 toy car

was still being published for 2 more years until 2013 when the first chapter of G was released in 2011) with a gifted car-crazy-boy with an F1-toy who likes watching cars pretending to drive one from humble surroundings entering the racing world, but we haven’t seen any struggle at all from Mao’s front so far, while Capeta had serious financial problems standing in his way.

Mao was basically sponsored off the spot and even though Capeta could have joined Autohouse, he would’ve just been no. 2 all the time, so it was probably better for him not to. Furthermore Capeta shows in great detal just how expensive racing sport really is and having one GoKart is really not enough. Mao’s father wasn’t even able to buy him a proper toy in 5 years, chapter 2 really needs to confirm how he was able to pay for his races, tires, fuel, spare parts and travel costs. Was he sponsored the entire time? If not, how was he able to pull it off? What happend in these 8 years?


Capeta watching cars

I don’t think it’s a good idea to start off a manga this similar to another one with the same topic. Going the same route with financial probelms and all is not a good idea either, so I can imagine them not going there on purpose. If so, don’t set up your story this way! Make it at least a bit more different. The first part of the chapter literally reads like Capeta and (un)fortunately Capeta did a great job with the surrounding problems occuring in the racing world when you’ve got no money.

Since chapter 1 ends with claiming “This is the beginning oif his stroy”, I guess it’s a save


Mao watching cars

bet we’re done with the introductions, unfortunately. We will probably get to know our main hero in his teens and we will probably see him getting sponsored right off the bat. I don’t like this, I want to see him work for his achievements.

Even if we move on so fast, G has some serious explaining to do what happend during the past 8 years and I give it to the manga, at the end of the first chapter it really does look like it will take a different path than Capeta, but I don’t appreciate the extreme similarities at the beginning – including the annoying blonde girl jumping around the main character (except, it’s now his sister, not his childhood friend).

I’m impressed they didn’t get sued for this. When talking about Capeta first, I said how much Capeta remembered me of Initial D. That’s a joke compared to Capeta ch1 vs G ch1.