Yankee-kun to Megane-chan 154 – Shinagawa is a smart boy

We’ve all known for quite the long time that Shinagawa has to be more than just a delinquent and it’s been established that he’s not as slow as Adachi when it comes to studying. And now we know his background: the top-student who used to have top marks, because he studied his brain out. Well, not that suprising, but it was played out well. I really like that Shinagawa still sticks to being his lazy self and does no go into super-intelligent-mode right away. Plus: it was pretty obvious from that start that he’s not dumb, so it’s not as if he’s a completely different character now that we know about his past. it’s just good to see him fail, I mean seriously: who thought he would actually be able to achieve a perfect score on the prep school test?

But this test still shows us what Shinagawa is able to do and that he probably did not have good marks in school because he studies with no end, instead he’s actually very smart to begin with. Now that he’s studied the entire night, he only got this one question right. Pretty lame? Well yeah, one might think so, but it has been pointed out that this was the one hardest question nobody was able to answer correctly and this proves just how smart Shinagawa is. I highly doubt he did that to mock with his late friend from middle school, he seemed so ashamed when his friends found out he’s in the same class as Adachi. He probably really wanted to go to the top class, but good thing he didn’t.

The only question is: why was the hardest question the only one he was able to solve? Like I said, I don’t think it was on purpose, so there’s only one option left that I can think of: The other questions were too easy, so he accidentally made mistakes. You now, like… he’s really smart and he actually understood all the hard stuff and in the end, he’s sitting before these easy questions and doesn’t do them right, only the insanly hard one is a challenge to him and makes him use his brain properly and he manages to solve it. Highly skilled students often have bad markes, because they’re bored and not interlectually challenged and this changes the moment you begin to challenge them. Something like this probably happend to Shinagawa here, the other questions were simply too easy for him, so he didn’t use his brain properly.

I’d like it if Shinagawa began to use his full potential now, but only if he’ll stick to himself while doing so. The rebellious yankee with a heart of gold is just too much of a loveable character to change him into the top-student he used to be. Being embarrased to admit he doesn’t want to leave his friends and only studying as much as he needs but, but still helps his friends whenever they need it (may it studying or his right first), but never without complaining first, this is what I really like about Shinagawa. He’s not perfect, so please don’t so this to him just because be begins to study again.


Bleach 466 – Ice Boy

Well, first of all: why did we have to watch Renji showing off in the last chapter, when we don’t even see the fight now? Kind of lame… so it really was just to show that Renji has gotten a lot stronger.

Next up: Hitsugaya… well, actually, this fight is really interesting, because Hitsugaya is attacking his opponents mind, instead of his body. From their outlook apperance, they look about the same age, but man… Hitsugaya sure is a lot more mature, calculating and intelligent. We don’t even get to see him using his powers at all, it’s like he’s totally overwhelming the cheeky brat who calles himself “god” and Ice Boy is doing it with just some mind tricks. I like it that they play the intelligent part of Hitsugaya, because he is supposed to be a genius and very smart. We don’t really need to see him using his powers, we already now he’s very strong and add the fact that they all got stronger since the fight with Aizen, I think it’s pretty save to say that he’s damn strong now. And you know what? I believe that, because he’s supposed to be(come) strong, unlike Renji who originally wasn’t able to catch up with the “strong guys”.

There has to be a reason why Hitsugaya decited to play mind tricks instead of just going Shikai or Bankai und wreck the entire place. From what we’ve seen so far, he should be able to defeat him very easy, so there has to be a reason. What I can think of is the possibility that he may be afraid the others are stuck in this weird artificial word, if he doesn’t get his opponent to destroy the fake-realitiy. Plus, he’s probably on the same wavelenght as Renji: no killing your opponent, or you’re a bad boy. It’s most likely easier to get him out of there (into Mayuris lab?) if he’s mentally broken other than half dead.

I’m positively surprised, because we’ve hardly ever seen such a battle in Bleach. They all just go and instantly try to kill each other with their swords and that’s ok, because there’s some good action involved (at least before the Hueco Mundo arc where one chapter had one strike and lot’s of useless talk) and of course, the action is what makes Bleach good, but it’s really nice to see a mental fight for once, a character being mentally broken. That’s incredibly heartless and very cruel. A broken bone just heals more or less good,  but a broken mind? Not that easy.

Way to go Ice Boy, this fight is pretty good, very onesided, but still very interesting and surprisingly cruel from Hitsugayas side.

Bleach 465 – I’ve got the power

In the previous chapter, we’ve seen Kenpachi kicking some major ass. Since we’re talking about Kenpachi, one of the most badass characters in the entire series (of not the most badass character), this is pretty much normal. He has always been overpowered and way too strong. What I also liked whas Rukia when she coudn’t take her hands off of the stuffed animals. xD Rukia, I just love you, you’re awesome. XD

As for this chapter… well, first of all I really liked Ikkaku. This guy has been crazy since the beginning and I like him for being as crazy as he is. I’m not even suprised he can relocate his shoulder with only his muscles, this is Ikkaku we’re talking about, he’s just insanly strong for his position. I’d love to see his Bankai again, if you ask me: he’s got the coolest Bankai in the series, it kicks ass. Such a shame he doesn’t like to use/show it… So yeah, Ikkaku was great and it didn’t even feel like he’s suddenly overpowered, probably because we didn’t really see any real figthing from his part. This could easily change next chapter and I sure hope it will not. And here’s the reason why: Renji is way too overpowered now.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Renji. He’s not exactly my favorite character, but I like him, but one part of him that I liked was the fact that he was not that strong, that he had to struggle to reach a level suitable to fight alongside the other guys. Do you still remember why it was so cool when Renji achieved Bankai? Because he was weak, because he faild and he worked hart to climb up and achieved his goal in becomming stronger, but even after this, it still wasn’t even nearly enough to beat Byakuya. Now I’m wondering just how insanly strong Buyakuya must have gotten when even Renji reached such a level now? And just where is Ichigo with his strength?

He hasn’t trained his Shinigami abilities for such a long time. Of course, back then he was able to kill Aizen, but only with his super-special technique that resulted in him loosing his powers. He was (by far) not able to beat Aizen with his normal strength and now even someone like Renji, who has never been one of the strongest, is supposed to have reached a level where he might be able to stand up again Aizen? The one and only Aizen, who was so goddamn strong back then that even Yamamoto was not able to do anything againt him. This is just… this is not right. Training 17 months to be able to fight Aizen and totally kicking ass suddenly… I mean: Renji is not a character who is supposed to be one of the strongest and this makes me nervours just how strong the guys are you are supposed to be. Compared to them, what in the world is Ichigo? Suddenly a small fry?

I can understand a sudden power-boost when it comes to characters like Hitsugaya, who is very young for Shinigami standarts and everyone expects him to become one of the most powerful Shinigami in the future. He’s supposed to become really strong and there’s actually a good reason to it, because he’s young and he’s a genius. Renji may not be the oldest either, but he’s the hard-working supporting type of character and not a genius like Hitsugaya and he’s also not a special case with unforseen talent like Ichigo, who’s somehow totally off the scale now and not in a good way as it seems, but I guess we still need to see some more fighting with him, before we can really judge, but I don’t think he will be able to match overpowered Shinigami who had trained for 17 months like crazy. I can’t even imagine a good excuse for suddenly making Ichigo as strong as the others.

And one last thing: Bleach has never really been about physical strength. The strength of a character was measured by his/her ability to fight with their Zanpaktou and this requires swordmanship as well as the ability to use Kido-techniques and the like. Raw physical strength has always been Kenpachis strongest point, of course it’s important for the others as well, but when it comes to raw power, you need Kenpachi. No other Shinigami was as strong as Kenpachi – physically and it was ok, because you don’t really need to be psysically as strong as Kenpachi to be a good fighter. Now… well, seeing that Renji is able to destroy this weid “building” by just knocking on it with one or two fingers without really adding too much strength into it, makes me feel like we’ve reached Dragonball-standarts and it was ok in Dragonball. Why? Because those guys were strong aliens that trained their bodies their entire lifes, so while it was still off the scale, at least it has been about physical strength from the very beginning to the end. It doesn’t work out in Bleach, because Bleach is about figthing with swords, not fists. Besides… thanks to Kubos drawing style, the characters all look skinny, but not really muscular, so it doesn’t even fit from the outlook apperance that Renji is supposed to have this much raw power now. You just can’t see where it comes from, because there’s nothing it might come from. Call me nit-picking, but at least Son Goku had some really impressive muscles he showed off all the time.

Hapi Mari 27 – beware of the ex?

Shitara-san… let’s congratulate this manga to its very own bitch. I’m not quite sure how much she knows and how much she just makes up. It’s true that she investigated Chiwa, but it seems she doesn’t know that Chiwa and Hokuto actually love each other for real, even if Hokutos behavior does not show it outside of their apartment. It kind of confuses me that she seems to know so much, but not that those two are in love, they even told so some persons and part of Hokutos Family as well as Chiwas fathers know that fact. How hard can it be to find something like this out, when she already stuck her nose into other relationships Chiwa has.

Well, she’s obviously trying to destroy this marrige and the fact that she talks about Hokuto without a honorific shows that she must be close to Hokuto. She even goes and pays his father a visit or goes to parties with him, staying by his side as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. What we don’t know is the answer to the question: what exactly is Shitara to Hokuto? As for her, it’s pretty obvious she’s in love with him and plays the understanding, know-it-all perfect women. Seeing that he’s married must’ve been a great shock for her, but the fact that this marriage is supposed to be a fake gives her opportunities and now she goes and tries to destory everything so that she can have the man. Hokuto on the other hand… we know he’s been a player before he married Chiwa and Shitara is an important business partner, so he would probably try to be nice to her to keep the business rolling, if not try to have an affair with her in his non-married days, but he was never really serious. So even if there was something between those two, I think it’s safe to say he has not been serious – as it seems he’s now (with Chiwa) serious for the first time. Shitara on the other hand is very serious and might have missunderstood his friendliness or the relationship they had before and is now boiling with jealousy, because a women like Chiwa who obviously does not suit Hokuto (in terms of money and appreance) has snatched him away with a fake marriage.

Shitara really went too far this chapter. First of all, there was the lecture and it was very disrespectful, she went much too far. Chiwa doesn’t even know Hokuto this long, there is no way she can already understand such a complex person with such a complex background when he hardly talks about stuff like this at all and it was obvious she was feeling very, very bad while Shitara was lecturing her, but she still kept going and going with the sheer intent to not only break the marrige, but also break Chiwa as a person.

Then she went and investigated Chiwa, giving the report to Hokuto in person, so that he knows this was her doing, he should be thankful to her when he finds out about all the stuff that’s written in there, but seriously, what bad stuff could be written in there at all? Past relationships are the past, of course she was in love with other persons before, he had his affairs, too. Either there’s a whole bunch of lies written down there (or at least the facts are a lot dramatized, so that Hokuto will missunderstand), or everything about her past with this guy and her past is something Hokuto can’t get angry about, because his own past with women is not exactly innocent either. He’s been mistreating her a lot, Chiwa really had a hart time with him from the very beginning and still has although they’re in love, he really has no right to scold her, especially since we (as the audience) know that Chiwa has not done anything wrong.

Skip Beat 180

Let me give you an appropriate summary of this chapter: there was whole lot of nothing.

Great…  I can’t even talk about this chapter, because of the lack of … something happening. I’m at a loss of words.

Dengeki Daisy 42

Dengeki Daisy is another manga that’s being loved by a lot of people, but not by me. I think it’s overrated, the humor is not funny, the romance is not really romantic and the main characters are idiots. There are a lot better shoujo-mangas out there, so why did this one become so popular? Well, on another note, I don’t understand how Junjou Romantica was able to become so popular, so… I guess there are things you just don’t understand. (a few days ago, I’ve read Konuun no Rihatsushi, a short but quite enjoyable yaoi)

Back to Dengeki Daisy. They’ve been releasing quite a lot scanlations for some time now, so I’ve been able to read a lot without longer pauses in between the chapters and there are certain things bugging me. First of all: Jack o’ Frost has not been a real threat until now. They’ve been talking about the danger of this thing all the fucking time and that they even need to go and hide now and even Teru has to do that, just because she knows it exists, but there has not been anything dangerous happening because of Jack o’ Frost until now. It may be a greater threat, if they’d actually show something happening or a dangerous person who’s after our “group”, but no, nothing. Nothing at all. Not even the guy who looks like Terus brother was really dangerous in the end and he was pretty much the only threat there was.

The next thing is: too much talking, not enough action and I’m not talking about the stuff you see in an action-movie. I’m just talking about the characters doing something. They just sit around and talk. You know? I thought Kurosakis past was annoyingly boring, it has been told in too much details, it could’ve been told pretty much on very few pages, but they had to make such a bitg deal out of it, when in the end, it wasn’t so bad at all. They’re making a bigger deal out of it, than it actually is and they’re treating Teru the same way. Why would she hate Kurosaki now, when she’s just heared he did NOT kill her brother?

And for the last major thing that kinda pisses me off: Kurosaki running away had no purpose at all. He’s back, nothing really happend while he was gone and now we’re back to where we were before. Just great, I hate unnecessary drama and this was unnecessary drama. Kurosaki intended to tell Teru his feelings as well as his past, so we would have had this happening even if he just stayed and what else happend during the time when he was gone for several chapters? Right, nothing. The fact that Teru learned about Kurosakis past from the others is actually quite a bad move, because I think it would’ve been much more emotional if Kurosaki have told her hinself and he would have had to face his past in front of Teru what coul’ve helped him grow as a character. Well… and he has not been away for long enough to make the reunion work out well.

I’m at a point, when I see a new Dengeki Daisy chapter being released on my scanlation sites, this thought runs through my mind: “Not again…” And this is not exactly a good sign. I only read half of the dialoges, because I’m bored by reading the same shit over and over again: “We’re having a secret meeting” <- you’ve been having secret meeting due to the same reason all the time! The side-story with Jack o’ Frost just annoys the shit out me, can’t you at least focus on Teru and Kurosakis relationship without drama you’ve forced into it to create unnecessary “exitement”/”drama”? I guess not…

Rereading a great Shoujo-Manga – Lovely Complex at your service

So, this time I’ll be talking a bit about Lovely Complex, because I’ve read this manga like… 3 times and it never fails to entertain me. When it comes to funny romances, this is one of the best shoujo mangas you can find.  As for me, I’d say it shares the first place with Ouran High School Host Club, but there is a huge difference between these manga. While they’re both excelent romantic comedies, Ouran High School Host Club is a parody (actually, it makes fun of pretty much all shoujo-mangas) and it’s good, it works fine, it’s really funny and the more you know about typical shoujo-mangas and shoujo clichés, the funnier it gets. Lovely Complex on the other is “just” a normal comedy, it’s funny because of it’s characters, bot because it makes fun of something.

Aside the fact that Lovely Complex is a manga that actually can call itself funny, while many so called “comedies” do not, what makes this manga so great in comparison to other shoujo-mangas is the romance part. You know, I’m so sick of flat love, the kind of thing when the wallflower (who’s actually even prettier than all the other girls, even without a heavy makeover that will just transform her into an average bitch with no personality) falls in love with the coolest guy in school, because she never talked to him, she doesn’t even really know anything about him, she just likes him because she thinks he’s cool, because he happens to look cool. I don’t like this, in my opinion, this is not the best foundation for a relationship.

In Lovely Complex it’s actually about loving the other person for who he/she is. When it comes to the protagonists Risa and Ootani, there is no flat or onedimensional love, no “love at first sight”, nothing of this sort. They start out being friends and even fall in love with other people and after that doesn’t work it, Risa slowly falls in love with Ootani, but there’s still a long way to go, because Ootani doesn’t even see Risa as a potential lover, just as his friend. So, they have to overcome the friendship they have and accept the other persons personality as well as his/her apperance and this is where it get’s complicated, because both of them have a serious complex about their height. Risa, being very tall, would like to date someone who’s taller than her and Ootani, being very small, wants to date someone smaller than him, but falling in love with eath other means they’re forced to accept the height-problem as well.

And this is why the end of this manga is so well done. It’s not about kissing, or having sex or overcomming jealousy… of course there are problems with jealousy in their relationship, but that’s not the point, they overcome all this stuff pretty good. In the end, it’s about accepting your partner and yourself. They’ve always been very cautious when there were on dates and were afraid they might not be seen as a couple because of their height and in the end – they are. And this is more important than kissing or stuff like that. It’s about who you are and accepting that.

And this is what makes this shoujo-manga better than others.