Something about Fanfiction II

… or: me petpeeving again.

For part one, it’s here: Something about Fanfiction

Yes, I’m back into fanfiction thanks to the gloriously gay and amazingly sparkly Yuri on Ice and with that comes my general annoyance by certain things writers tend to do. Before we take a huge bite out of the cake of crap, I would like to point out something I recently discovered and that I just absolutely love: soulmark fanfictions.

Soulmark fanfictions revolve around the idea soulmates exist and every pair of soulmates has a matching pair of soulmarks to identify them as such. Sounds cheesy, cliche and hopelessly romantic? Hell yes. Do I enjoy it nonetheless? Fuck yeah. However, I have to add I enjoy it in Yuri on Ice in particular, that is because the relationship between Yuri and Victor is so natural I can totally picture them as being meant for each other.

Yuri on Ice in general walks a very fine line between beeing the cutest thing ever and the biggest cliche ever. Somehow, even though it has it all to be as sassy and cheesy and disgustingly unrealistic, it’s the exact opposite. Victor and Yuri are meant for each other and I believe it. Therefore, soulmark/ -mate fanfictions fit.

Now, let’s get to the bad stuff. Why do so many people think it’s a good idea to convey a character’s feelings by writing out their thoughts as if they were talking silently to themselves inside of their brains? Maybe I’m just incredibly abnormal, but I don’t really talk to myself in my brain. Well, maybe the occasional: “Damn, I’m supid” but that’s about it and even that often ends up vocalized. Chances are high, if you try to remember the last time you found yourself conciously telling “OMG, I didn’t just say that!” you’re not going to remember anything, because there’s nothing to remember. That’s simply not how our brain works.

The thing is, when we do something wrong, we know we did something wrong, but we usually don’t put it into words unless we’re going to say them. Again: unless I’m just incredibly abnormal for not conciously talking to myself inside of my brain. When someone tells you he’s in love with you, there’s no voice in your head that goes “OMG! Did he really just say he loves me?” That’s just not happening, even though you probably are overwhelmed and in disbelieve and this is exactly what’s going throught your brain, but you don’t put it into words. Look: this is your brain. You don’t need to tell your brain what your feelings are right now, your brain is the control center of your body it knows what you’re feeling without being told.

To make a long story short, talking to yourself in your head the way you would be talking to another person, is so unnatural, because this is you. You don’t need to tell yourself about what’s going on inside of yourself, because this is you and you already know all that without putting it into worlds. Therefore, every time I read something like that, it’s quite literally making my toenails roll up. If it doesn’t belong into your head, it doesn’t belong into the heads of your characters in your fanfiction. … if we’re talking about people in a state of mind that would be generally accepted as “normal”.

As for the reason why I think so many people do it, sometimes to the extent they’re giving thoughts their own quotation marks to differentiate them from outspoken conversations, I think it’s probably just the easy way out. It’s short and it’s very much on point and that’s the problem. In my first fanfiction-rant-thingy I was talking about the need of desciption. You’re not telling a story, if you’re just stating facts after facts. Unless you’re writing a stage play, you need to describe.

And yes, it’s perfectly fine to put your character’s thoughts into words, how else would you convey them to your readers? There’s just such a HUGE stylistic difference between writing: “Did he just say he loves me?” and “She stood before him in utter disbelieve, his words still ringing in her ears. Never did she imagine, even in her wildest dreams, the day would come when he would confess his love for her.” Are you noticing that difference? Isn’t it  cristal clear?

If you want to write a fanfiction, you need to be aware of the fact that you are telling another person (aka the reader) a story. There’s a connection between the author, the reader and the story. Imagine it as a triangle. It doesn’t matter what kind of narrative form you choose, if you’re going for a third-person narrator who stands above everything and knows everything about every character, or if you’re going for a first-person narrator who’s one of the characters of your story and only knows about himself. These are the two most common narratives you find in not just fanfiction, but also in novels.

You, as the author, give the narrator your voice to tell your reader the story you thought of. You can tell the reader about the feelings of your characters, that’s perfectly fine: “She knew she was wrong.” However letting the character tell to himself what he is feeling, as if he was talking to another person in direct speech inside of his head, that’s just wrong on so many levels.

Of course, like ever, there are situations where it’s okay to write like that. However, the rule of thumb is: whatever you do, is okay for your characters to do. Try to think when you talk to yourself in direct speech and if you do so in your brain or if you vocalize it. Chances are you vocalize it. In most cases, we’re writing stories about humans. You are human, you are the best example, try to write what you would do and if you notice this is something you never do, like talking to yourself in your head as if you were talking to another person, then just find another way to express whatever you were about to write. Instead of using direct speech, use indirect speech or descibe.

I hope I was able to convey what I was trying to say about this and why I think this is one of the big no-goes so many people are guilty of doing.


The Gender Problem

It’s in the middle of the night, I’m eating chocolate and I’ve been watching too many videos about sexuality and gender on youtube. Actual informative and good videos. The comments were not. Either way, why would I do that? Eating chocolat in the middle of the night is super unhealthy and makes you fat! Actually, it’s not. First myth of the day bunked. Yay. Chocolate makes you happy and as long as you don’t stuff your face with it, the few extra calories left in a piece are nothing to worry about. And don’t get me started on the “eating after 6pm makes you fat” nonsense. Try teaching your body daylight saving time. Have fun! To make a long story short, it’s all about how much you eat of a certain type of food and your body seriously doesn’t care when.

Now back to the gender problem. First and foremost, I have studied Biology and Paedagogy and some Psychology as part of my teacher’s degree that I used to aim for. I’d say, I know a bit of everything, but I’m no expert in one specific topic and it’s been a while so I can’t name all the studies made by various people anymore out of memory. However, I don’t even want to hold a lecture about gender roles or feminism. I basically just want to say how fed up I’m with these uneducated opinions. In the internet, everyone has an opinion on everything and needs to slap it into your face, no matter how idiotic.

I think this entire blown up conflict of opinion has one very probelmatic key point: no man has ever been a women and no women has ever been a man. I’m leaving out transgender etc on purpose to not make this exorbitant complicated, these people have to deal with problems much greater than anything we do.

Either way, when I read discussions about gender roles, stereotypes and equality for women, it’s usually men vs women and that’s because neither men nor women have a good understanding what living the life of the other is like. Men suffer from social pressure just as much women, just a different kind. It’s important to try and properly look at the other side of the fence before claiming the gras on that side better than the gras on your side, because often it’s not. I can only speak from a woman’s perspective and I really don’t think I know what it’s like to be a man, but I know what it’s like to be a woman, an educated woman, and some opinions really hurt. My own step-father thinks I’m incapable of anything realated to electronics and modern technology and I often need to reming him I’m very well aware of the functionality of a TV remote. And how I can manage my TV-programms with it. Or that I don’t need help with my computer. You get the point.

I try not to claim someone guilty, I try to understand where these opinions come from and I think many misconceptions come simpy from being uninformed about social roles and the effect society has on yourself. Let’s make this simple: most people think they’re individual and that’s true, everyone’s different, but we are not who we are, because we are born with it. Sure, our genetics play a huge role in what makes us who we are, but I’m under the impression the roles of society, norms and just general surroundings are often heavly underrated. This might have something to do with the fact we humans like to believe we are special. You wouldn’t believe how many of my classmates in my biology advanced curse refused to believe their entire existence is literally nothing but a gigantic fluke. You think winning the lottery makes you lucky? Dude, the fact that you’re even alive was much more of a gamble. A lot of things in evolution happen because of accidents and the fact you are alive is a very fortunate accident. This is hard to digest for many people, because it means there’s no special reason you as that specific person exist.

What in the world does this have to do with feminism and gender? Simple: just has people have a problem digesting their own existence as an accident, people have a problem accepting their identity is heavly influenced by the society they grew up in. Japanese are not different than Dutch, because they’re of japanese heritage. They look different, because of their genetical heritage, but they behave different, because japanese society is very different from dutch society. We are what we are, because of who wanted us to be who we are. If you’re raised to be a musical genius, you will become a very good musician and be praised as a genius. Even without any special talent. On the other hand, if the true genius never receives the proper care and influence, he’ll never even know what he might be capable of. If the musical talaned one is brought up to be a genius, he’ll be the next Mozart. Other than our genes, the influences of society and the people around us, heavly influences what we are.

One argument that usually hurts me the most is men claiming, women want stereotypes to exist. They support and even enforce them, by actively searching for a certain type of man they find attractive. This line of thought is too superficial to even argue with. The question is: WHY do women choose the tall, muscular type of men? On the oder hand, did these guys ever ask themselves why most men like the well-proportionized curvy type of women? The answer to both questions is simple and can be answered from both a biological and a social point of view. Biological: From a evolutionary point of view we as living beings are nothing but fancy packages to ensure your genes make it into the next generation. Women and man of certain types fullfill the criteria to promise healthy offsprings and this makes them attractive to us. Social: Every society has it’s own beauty standarts. Society tells us what we have to like and this goes as far as telling us what body criteria have to be fullfilled to be considered “beautiful” or “desirable”.

What I’m trying to say is, in order to properly communicate with eath other as men and women, we need a proper understanding what differences come from a genetical background and what differences come from a social background. For example, men are build to be physically stronger than women and women are build to have children. These are things we can’t change, we have to live with them and deal with them. Gender equality doesn’t mean men giving birth, it means treating men and women with the same respect and to get rid of genderstereotypes enforced by society. We are our society, in order to achieve gender equality we need to get rid of century old customs and that’s very hard for every side. In developed western countries, women have a much better standpoint compared to other countries and regions and this has many reasons.

What men often don’t see, from my experience,  is that even though it’s better compared to somewhere else, we’re still living in a world heavly dominated by men and male ideas. Take Germany for example, you all know Angela Merkel. As cancellor of Germany she’s officially the 5th most powerful person in the world and the single most powerful woman in the world. You’d think in a country ruled by a woman for 10 years, gender equality is no big deal? Think again. The difference in salary between men and women in Germany was 23% in 2013. This means, a man and a woman both work with the same qualifications in the same job, but the man gets 23% more money for the same work the woman does. These 23% are actually one of the highest percentages in Europe. That’s sad. This is just one example that shows we still need to do so much more to achieve true equality between men and women, because there are a lot of thing both genders can do just as good.

We’re all stuck in social roles and amongst other things, they determ who we are. Men have to suffer a lot social pressure as well, but I think we’re far from opressing men. If anything, classic male gender roles are what is opressing men. Some feminists take the entire debate to the extreme, but we need those loud voices, because these people keep us talking and hopefully one day we have a better understanding of each other and are truly equal within out biological limitations. That’s how I see it and that’s why I want to slap guys left and right when I hear them whining about being opressed by women or claim only women keep generstereotypes alive. That’s just as wrong as wanting to have more advantages as a woman only because of my gender.  I want to slap extreme feminists just as hard, that much you can believe.

Feel “Free!” to watch this anime, guy?

d357bd5802baab5bdb2239e8f52a01ce1366984951_fullEver since the announcement that the infamous “Swimming Anime”-TV spot would be adapted into an anime TV-series called “Free!”, anime fans have literally gone nuts. In case you’re thinking about crazy fangirls right now, no, I’m not even talking about those, I’m talking about the much larger part of the anime fanbase: the guys. It may sound incredibly ironic to any female anime fan, when guys begin to complain about too much fanservice, because an anime appears that’s not shounen-ai/yaoi and is clearly nothing else but eyecandy and fanservice directed towards women, when the exact same thing happens for guys on a regular basis with at least a handfull of new shows every 3 month.

Guys have a problem. I mean, really, not just because of this one anime called “Free!”, it’s just that you can see their problem here, too. What’s the problem you might ask? Well, it’s simply their manliness. I really don’t know why, but lately it seems I’ve been seeing more and more people on the internet desperately trying to be manly and not to be seen as girly or gay. Just how many times have I read: “Man, I love the stuff you do, no homo.” in the comment section of youtube videos the past few month? It’s still beyond my understanding why being gay neccessarily equals with not being manly. Some of the most well-known stereotypes of gay people are some of the manliest pictures I’ve ever seen.

Guys, especially teenage guys, seem to have this big problem that they want to be a man and even nerds seem to feel the same way, if they feel the need to bash on an anime that is not even intended for them, just because it’s finally some bland fanservice female fans have been waiting for since forever. Generally speaking: in the minds of those guys, it’s perfectly alright to sexualize women and reduce them to walking fansivice, but it’s “gay” and the “downfall of anime”, if the same is being done with men.

Now, I know this is a matter of society and the way guys are bought up, that they want to be manly and all and we all know that and that’s why we tolerate your stupid 3-sized-too-big caps and your 5-sizes-to-big trousers and your Ey-yo-Man-Bro stuff you’re doing, because you think it looks cool and manly, when it’s actually nothing else but a laughting matter for people beyond 20 years of age. Girls aren’t any better. Hot Pants don’t look good on a 13-year-old who tries to look like a 20-year-old, even though she has no curves and has the face of a child with somce make-up splashed into it. It’s just that guys make more noise, especially, when they’re the majority of a group – anime-fans in this case. We femals fans have (more or less) qietly accepted that most anime-fans are guys and therefore more anime are being produced with the intention to please guys. Even in anime and manga without the infamous “Ecchi”-label, there are fanserice characters or characters with fanservice elements running around like the most natural thing ever, because it really is normal. Fullmetal Alchemist: Lust | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Yoko | One Piece: the entire female cast with very few exceptions – you get the idea. We just accept it, or don’t read/watch it. Of course, you always have people with no life who have to complain, the problem is, when those people are suddenly the majority the fandom, because the world is going to end thanks to an anime called “Free!”.

I hate hypes, because hypes bring crazy fangirls and fanboys. Don’t misunderstand me, they’re everywhere nonetheless, but a hype brings many of them together and that’s when it’s getting annoying. The only thing that is more annoing, are people who’re constantly complaining, especially when they come in clusters. Many, many people just seem to feel the absolute need to tell the world that they hate a certain thing, even though they could very easily avoid it. Why add “no homo” behind every single sentence, that might eventually sound you like something, just to prevent people from thinking you’re gay? Why complain in the comment section of every single article about the recently born Royal Baby Prince George about how unncessecary the article is, when you can just not read it.

I admit, I sometimes really don’t know why I’m watching or reading certain stuff, maybe just because I want to get over with it, but usually I do it, because I want to give it a chance and end up disappointed. Maybe many people who’ve watched “Free!” are feeling the same, even though it’s beyond my understanding why you could not get the right idea about this anime based on very single picture, or video, or advertisement or sypnosis that’s been on the internet since the announcement.  It’s just… the complaining has been done to death, it’s enough at one point. Even the Twilight-bashing is boring by now and those books are seriously bad, I mean really bad, they’re a shame for literature in general, but even so, at some point, all the comlaining is too much and for a short anime such as “Free!” the point where there have been too many complains has been reached before the anime even started and it won’t stop.

Guys won’t turn gay by watching this anime, this anime is not homosexual to begin with and it’s made for females, so if you can’t stand to watch overly dramatic undressing shots and man in speedos for about 80% of the screentime without whining about it every 2 days, can’t you just

I’m deeply sorry that my, more or less, reasonable post has to end with a silly gif, but I’m so annoyed about all those semi-manly-oh-so-cool guys who can do nothing but hackle after a pair of D-Cup boobs and complain about that one anime that has been produced for us to have our fun watching half naked guys. Is it really so hard to watch your moe-blob-crap while ignoring our fanservice-anime, just because you’re the majority of fans? Apparently, it is. Now, feel good, because you made me write a rage post about your stupidity.

The Legend of Makorra – Episode 6 through the eyes of the Shippers

Recently I’ve been addicted to the Makorra-tag on tumblr and I’f liek to talk about the 3 big shipping-moments in episode. Or at least what some of the makorra-shippers seem to see as the 3 big shipping-moments of the episode. You see, episode 6 is nowhere near as much of a shipping-episode as episode 5 was, so it takes some creativity to see real ship-tease there. From what I’ve read, there are 3 scenes the shipping-community focusses on:

  1. Mako protects Korra in the ring, they both fall, but Korra rescues Mako and throws him back into the ring
  2. Mako says “Take care!” when Korra goes after Amon
  3. Mako hugging Korra first, aber she’s back from her little fun trip after Amon and tells her he’s gald that she’s safe.

So… fist of all, the second point is pretty much rediculous. I mean, yeah, it shows he cares about her, but it’s not as if we didn’t know before. They’re teammates, friends and he told her last episode that he likes her, so of course he cares for her. I don’t really see why anyone would need to go crazy over this. This doesn’t even have to be meant in a romantic way, he could have also just said it from friend to friend. I’m all in for Makorra, but this goes a bit too far. I know that Korra has been shipped with pretty much every male (or female…) she looked at, but just because it’s Mako who tells her to take her, doesn’t mean it has to be taken as ship-tease.

About the hug, ok, this… I can somewhat understand, but it’s also something that doesn’t have to be taken as an indication for Mako’s love. He could’ve just run a bit faster than Bolin? Gotten back up faster than Bolin? Bolin hugged Mako and Korra as well… oh wait, I’m pretty sure the Borra-shippers are going crazy over this szene as well… Ok, my point is: hugging might be physical contact, but it’s completely common between friends and doesn’t have to show the persons in question as (potential) lovers. And of course Mako is glad that she’s safe, they’re friends. Isn’t he allowed to be worried about her as a friend? Well, duh, of course not, because he told her that he likes her. Ehm… sure, yeah, whatever you say.

The rescue during the match is something completely different, because his attempt to save Korra was downright stupid. He’s an amazing pro-bender and should have known that the best solution would’ve been to sit back and let Korra get kicked off of the platform and safely survive the round. Instead, Mako jumped between Korra and the attacks, got both of them knocked down, what would have resulted into their loss, if Korra wasn’t strong as a bear. And Korra? Yeah, lifting herself up and surviving the round on her own would’ve been the best choice and much easier than lifting Mako up, but come on, she’s head over heels for Mako, I’m not even going to talk about this. So, to sum it up, both Mako and Korra acted absolutely stupid and I have no other explanation to their dumb behavior in the ring (Mako tries to protect the Avatar… THE AVATAR!) than romantic feelings that got in their way of thinking like a professional. This was, from my point of view, the only real ship-tease in this episode.

Dengeki Daisy 42

Dengeki Daisy is another manga that’s being loved by a lot of people, but not by me. I think it’s overrated, the humor is not funny, the romance is not really romantic and the main characters are idiots. There are a lot better shoujo-mangas out there, so why did this one become so popular? Well, on another note, I don’t understand how Junjou Romantica was able to become so popular, so… I guess there are things you just don’t understand. (a few days ago, I’ve read Konuun no Rihatsushi, a short but quite enjoyable yaoi)

Back to Dengeki Daisy. They’ve been releasing quite a lot scanlations for some time now, so I’ve been able to read a lot without longer pauses in between the chapters and there are certain things bugging me. First of all: Jack o’ Frost has not been a real threat until now. They’ve been talking about the danger of this thing all the fucking time and that they even need to go and hide now and even Teru has to do that, just because she knows it exists, but there has not been anything dangerous happening because of Jack o’ Frost until now. It may be a greater threat, if they’d actually show something happening or a dangerous person who’s after our “group”, but no, nothing. Nothing at all. Not even the guy who looks like Terus brother was really dangerous in the end and he was pretty much the only threat there was.

The next thing is: too much talking, not enough action and I’m not talking about the stuff you see in an action-movie. I’m just talking about the characters doing something. They just sit around and talk. You know? I thought Kurosakis past was annoyingly boring, it has been told in too much details, it could’ve been told pretty much on very few pages, but they had to make such a bitg deal out of it, when in the end, it wasn’t so bad at all. They’re making a bigger deal out of it, than it actually is and they’re treating Teru the same way. Why would she hate Kurosaki now, when she’s just heared he did NOT kill her brother?

And for the last major thing that kinda pisses me off: Kurosaki running away had no purpose at all. He’s back, nothing really happend while he was gone and now we’re back to where we were before. Just great, I hate unnecessary drama and this was unnecessary drama. Kurosaki intended to tell Teru his feelings as well as his past, so we would have had this happening even if he just stayed and what else happend during the time when he was gone for several chapters? Right, nothing. The fact that Teru learned about Kurosakis past from the others is actually quite a bad move, because I think it would’ve been much more emotional if Kurosaki have told her hinself and he would have had to face his past in front of Teru what coul’ve helped him grow as a character. Well… and he has not been away for long enough to make the reunion work out well.

I’m at a point, when I see a new Dengeki Daisy chapter being released on my scanlation sites, this thought runs through my mind: “Not again…” And this is not exactly a good sign. I only read half of the dialoges, because I’m bored by reading the same shit over and over again: “We’re having a secret meeting” <- you’ve been having secret meeting due to the same reason all the time! The side-story with Jack o’ Frost just annoys the shit out me, can’t you at least focus on Teru and Kurosakis relationship without drama you’ve forced into it to create unnecessary “exitement”/”drama”? I guess not…

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% – Episode 8

What the fuck am I watching?

No, I mean seriously, this anime just overtook itself in stupidity. As long as it’s the funny kind of stupid you can laugh at it, it’s all good, but episode 8 was painful. The part with the bishounen all wanting Haruka as their partner was to be expected, so no surprises here. It’s dumb and stupid, but this is the way this anime works, so I wasn’t surprised at all.

What was really painfully stupid was the “dream”-part that (sadly) wasn’t even a dream, because Haruka found a flower in her hand. While it was pretty obvious there’s more to the stupid black cat with the stupid name than just being a stupid black cat with a stupid name, I actually totally forgot about it. It appeared in the fist two or three episodes and was gone after that, so I hoped they’ll just forget about it, but no, they did not. Now the cat is a prince from another country far far away, who’s also a Bishounen and knows Haruka from another life. Just… wow, how many clichés can you squeeze into one person. Let alone most of these clichés are from Disney movies, what makes me wonder just who in the world is supposed to enjoy this episode?

New Kenshin OVA

According to Comic Natalie, the new anime of Rurouni Kenshin is a two-episode OVA. The first episode will be shown at theaters in December. The title is “Shin Kyoto Hen (New Kyoto Chapter)” and it’ll be a large-scale remake of the battle against Shishio from Misao‘s point of view.

source: MyAnimeList


Just one thing:


I mean: who the fuck cares about this? I want a remake for gods sake, give Kenshin the treatment he deserves. -__-