Anime of the Year

With 2015 comming to a close, it’s time to name by personal favorites of 2015! I guess…

I didn’t really had much time this year, so I would’ve liked to watch/read/play some more stuff, but I have to work with what I have.


Ore Monogatari

Let’s start with Anime of the Year. I think I had a pretty good anime year, or at least say I’ve had worse. There was Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (continuing from Fall ’14, but who cares), which I really enjoyed. I actually still need to complete it, but since I read the manga, I know what’s comming and I know I will cry my eyes out.

Then there was Haikyuu season 2. I love the manga and the anime did not disappoint so far. Well, they weren’t able to convey some of the epic scenes as well as the manga did, but sill pretty good. Season 2 has been better than season 1, but I guess that’s also because Karasuno finally starts to work better and better and becomes a stronger team, therefore achieving more.

Ore Monogatari was a nice new take on a romantic comedy with a male lead, but without ecchi or harem whatsoever. It’s… like a normal shoujo, but with a very shounen-ish male lead.

Owari no Seraph season 1 + 2, pretty good. The visuals were the best part of it though, but the story get’s much more interesting starting season 2. It’s certainly worth a watch.

Ushio to Tora was a cool old-school anime, I just enjoyed the heck out of it. Sure, I was riding on nostalgia here, but I really needed a good old action shounen and Ushio to Tora delivered!



Charlotte was okay, but the ending was… weird. I didn’t need that scientific explanation and stuff, I was fine just accepting a world with superpowers in it.

Also, a special nod towards Digimon Adventire Tri: Saikai. It was made for me, I swear. While it wasn’t perfect, it did a lot of things very right and I take off my hat for that. Can’t wait for the second movie, keep it going strong, it was awesome.

My three runner-ups for best anime of the year are: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Shokugeki no Soma and OnePunchMan. These three anime are very different and all exceeded in their own right, so it’s very hard to choose. Shirayuki-hime is certainly one of the better romance-anime since Ouran High School Host Club. Soma hits my sweet spot with it’s crazy cooking theme and great execution and OnepunchMan ist just pure fun, but had a bit of a rough start.

In the end, even though I rated OPM higher, I guess my anime of the year is Shokugeki no Soma. Everyone was hyping OPM and even though it managed to live up to the hype, Soma was a bigger surprise for me and it really hits all the right spots. It’s the spiritual successor of Yakitate Japan, without drifting off in sheer nonsense so far. It’s just unfortunate they’re stretching out the autumn selections that much. Well, whatever.


Shokugeki no Soma


Crazy Easter Goodness

So, while I’m chewing on my awesome huge Lindt chocolate bunny, besides being totally afraid I might break a tooth on the frozen bunny, I thought I might tell the world about an Easter tradition my family runs and I’ve actually never seen anyone do this besides my family, so it’s not exactly a local thing where I live, I guess. Most people I talk to are just grossed out.

I’m talking about “Soleier” and according to Wikipedia, this is supposed to be a traditional dish in Berlin? The only problem is, my mother’s side of my family has it’s roots in Poland and my grandmother who makes our Soleier has never been to Berlin, she has the recipe from her mother and she was polish, so … maybe it’s a thing in Poland as well?

Now, what’s a Solei? It’s weird deliciousness. Like I said, most people I talk with are usually grossed out, but I’ve been eating this stuff my entire life, so I’m usually really looking forward to it every year when my grandmother makes them. I seriously need to ask her to write down the recipe she uses, but she doesn’t want to, because she doesn’t measure anything, she just… makes them.

Soleier are especially prepared eggs. You need hard boiled eggs, and I mean really hard boiled eggs, boil them until you’re 100% sure they’re totally hard boild. Then you break the shell, but don’t peal it, only break it, and put them into a very salty mixture with different ingredients. My grandmother uses onion and caraway. Let them sit and after about a week or so, they’re ready to eat!

Sounds delicious, right? No, no, the fun part starts now. That’s how my family does it: you peel the egg, cut it in half and take the york out. Use the white part of the egg as a cup. Put some salt and pepper in there, as much mustard in it as you want and fill in about 2/3 Oil and 1/3 vinegar. Place the York back on top of it and in the mouth it goes.

Of course you can do this with normal eggs as well, but the pickled eggs taste so much better. Oh, and prepare for a total mess handling the oil and vinegar. I recomment using a plate, or you will turn your kitchen into a smelly oily place of hell, but it’s worth it. I love it. Feel free to adjust the egg to your tastings. Want some hot sauce in it? Or Ketchup? Don’t like Mustard? No problem.