Junjou Romantica – the disaster continues in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Bevore Sekaiichi Hatsukoi aired, I’ve watched Junjou Romantica, becasue pretty much everyone who likes Shounen-Ai seems to like Junjou Romantica, so I was willing to give it a try. Seriously… it was so bad, I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start with the style of art. This is something I can usually just ignore, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to finish all Initial D Seasons and this anime is damn cool. It’s always weird, when every character looks the same, because the exact same face is being used over and over again – only the hair differs. It actually gets kind of funny, when someone says: “He’s your brother? But you don’t look alike at all!” Yeah sure, aside the fact that every male human being looks like a clone. XD
Well, don’t take me too seriously on this one: like I said, I can live with it.

Now, the next problem is something that seems to be completely common in Yaoi and Shounen-ai, but manages to piss me off every time I see it. You know, rape isn’t exactly the best foundation for a romantic relationship. It usually comes with serious mental and physical damage for the victim… and guess what? Of course, the relationship of the main couple is based on rape. Why always rape? It’s a bad thing for heavens sake, it’s against the law for a reason, get that in your head. It’s not “cute” or “hot” it’s an act of violence and disrespect, it’s the worst. I can’t stand relationships based on rape, because it’s just… wrong!

The last huge point that pisses me off, are the side stories and this is when Sekaiichi Hatsukoi comes into play. You see, the sidestories kind of work out in Junjou Romantica, but only because Junjou Romantica Season 1 completely lacks any kind of story. The sidestories have a deeper story than the mainstory has. And yes, this is negative, because the main story in Junjou Romantica is boring as hell. It’s Season 2 when finally something interesting happens, but it’s 100% cliché so it’s actually more disappointing than interesting. Yes, this is negative, too. Although the sidestories are what makes the anime somewhat watchable, because you don’t bore yourself to death with thze main story, it’s still disturbing. Every time the anime changes to a sidestory, it completely destroys the “flow”. You can’t do this, this is annoying. I was torn apart between being happy for seeing something different and being pissed off, because the “flow” is being destroyed again.
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi has easily more story in one episode than Junjou Romantica in it’s complete first season. The story is actually kind of interesting and makes me want to see more. (Well… I’ll overlook the attemted rape-parts for now…for now!) The story has a beginning and a clear goal, I want to see how it reached it’s goal. It’s not such a “show the audience how character 1 and 2 are living together”-crap like we had in Junjou Romantica, it’s actually a real story with some kind of sidequest for Ritsu: The way to become a good Shoujomanga editor. So we have the romantic-storyline and the work-storyline.
Now, why in the name of… who knows… would you want to stop the story and randomly throw a completely pointless sidestory with different charcters into the anime? WHY? It’s only doing harm to the main story, because it actually has a real story for once. Why do you want to destroy this? It’s not as if the sidestories help the main story or anything, no. If the goddamn manga-ka wants to write more than one story, she should just write them one after another, but NOT at the same time in the same manga, this doesn’t work out well and pisses me off like hell.

Sorry, I’ll correct my mistakes later… I need to calm down.


ranting about JesuOtaku (thatguywiththeglasses)

I bet a lot of people know thatguywiththeglasses. On his website, various people review various things and one reviewer is Jesu Otaku.

My god, I can’t stand this woman. Sorry, this is just a rant about her newest video, because I think it’s completely pointless. I’m fine with Top 10 lists, I really am. Actually, I love Top 10 lists, but where’s the point in making a “Top 10 Cowboy Bebop Episodes” list, when the Anime has 26 episodes? 3 more and you have half of the anime in your list. Why not make a ranking from best to worst including all episodes?

Top 3? Yeah, fine. Top 5? Ok, good. Top 10? POINTLESS, because the anime is too short to begin with. Can you shout out even louder that you’re a freaking annoying fangirl? No? Guess so.

In case you’re wondering: No, I’m not watching her videos, I just saw the preview on the front page, but I did watch some of her videos in the past and every single one of them sucked. I have enough of her. Really. The only reviewer who’s doing a somewhat good job in case of Manga/Anime, is Y Ruler of Time. Check him out, he’s quite good.

Ao no Exorcist 3 – the coolest anime this season

While I think AnoHana is probably the best anime this season so far, Ao no Exorcist is easily the coolest one. It started off great, it’s a lot of fun to watch, there’s great action, it makes you want to see the next episode immediately and when the time calls for it, the characters turn badass to the core. ❤ So cool!

I mean, really, in episode 3 when Yukio and Rin had their little “argument” while fighting these Goblins, that was so cool. I really like Yukios guns, but Rins swort-attackt blew me away, that was awesome.

What I don’t like is the German-reference. Damn headmaster… Mephisto? Faust? Someone likes Goethe, huh? And of course, he had to count in German, too… Eins, zwei, drei – my ass. What’s so faszinating about the german language? English is probably the only language you hear more often. I really don’t understand, I always thought people from other countries don’t like German, because it sounds rough and hard.  Well, whatever, seems like people from Japan like it. (for whatever reasons)

To make a long story short, even with the German-stuff, episode 3 was still as awesome as the other two episodes and I’ll make sure to check the manga out, as soon as the anime is finished. I don’t want to spoil myself, so I don’t want to read it while the anime still aires.