Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Season 2 Episode 1 – and it continues…

Well, that ^ was my first impression. Lovely, isn’t it?

Now I have to explain myself, because beforehand I said I most likely won’t watch it. Yeah, but this was before I knew there’s hardly anything to watch for me this season. I’ve never seen any Fate-stuff and I’m kind of stuck in the middle of Shana II, so I can’t/don’t want to watch Fate/Zero and Shana III and this pretty much kills off the two most hyped animes this season (probably this year).  The only thing left for me to do, is hope for the best and watch Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Season 2.

You know, I liked the main story… aside the fact that Takano forced himself on Onodera and sexually assaulted him, but all in all I think it was pretty decent. It was ok, nothing groundbreaking, but ok. The problem I had with the first season, were the side stories and the annoying part is that the sidestories themselves weren’t even this bad (although they don’t exist in the manga),  it’s just that 12 episodes ware too short for 4 Storylines. Only half of the episodes covered the main storyline, resulting in a complete mess and jumping back and fourth  between multiple setting isn’t exactly the best thing either. So for the second season I was hoping they will stop with the sidestories, but my hopes were crushed during the first 2 minutes when the Opening was playing.

As for the first episode itself, it didn’t really start off as good as season 1 did, mainly because the content didn’t make any sense. No, I’m not complaining that Takano pretty much raped Onodera when he was drunk, I’m not even questioning this anymore, you don’t need a brain for the yaoi-part (oh the irony, because this is exactly what I don’t like in yaoi). What I’m talking about is the fact that Onodera got a promotion or something and pretty much does the job Takano did before.

No, no, no, NO Who in his or her right mind, would let a complete amateur and newbie do this important job? Especially, if there was a very capable person doing it  before, who pretty much rescued the Magazine with this epic epicness of epic in editing and managing a Manga-Magazine. It’s way too much for Onodera, he’s struggling so much and the fun part is that we don’t even get an explanaition for this mess, Onodera only makes a guess and it’s most likely wrong anyway. So what was this for? To be able to throw a party with two people, get Onodera drunk and rush through all the drunk-blabber-cliché stuff to end the episode on a fuck?

Isn’t this great?


LOVEY DOVEY – first thoughts?

I’ve seen Lovey Dovey and decited to take a look. The only problem: after I read the description,  I really didn’t want to read the manga anymore, so in the end I decided against it. I can quote the part that made me stop being interested in this manga, because this is what you call stalking:

For 10 years Saika has done everything she can to get close to her love Keishi. She followed him to the same high school, joined the same committees, and even changed her outward personality to become the right match for Keishi.