A few thoughts

Okay, first of all: Where’s Yuri on Ice season 2? WHERE IS IT? I need my gaylicious babies.

tenorApparently, everything was planned from the start and nothing was changed in favor for a possible second season. I’m not entirely sold on that, but whatever. From what I heared a second season will be made, if the DVD/BluRay sales are good. Judging by the huge waves the TV broadcast made, I’m hoping sales will be good enough. Since Yuri now lives and trains with Victor in Russia, this is the perfect opportunity to get more background on Victor, who’s still more of a walking mystery than anything. Also: more Victor skating, please? God, this man is just too delicious for his own good.


Akagami no Shirayukihime. I mean, I love this manga. Contrary to what I initially believed, I absolutely love it. It’s one of the sweetest romance stories I’ve read in a while and quickly advanced to become one of my favorite romance manga. If Yuri and Victor are a pair of sexy gay deliciousness, Shirayuki and Zen are a cute bubble of innocence. I love seeing them together, even though I think it’s quite ironic Shirayuki flees from her home country to escape from a prince who wants to marry her and ends up in another country in tumblr_nuom06w3vx1qfjlbzo2_500the arms of another prince who wants to marry her.

Either way, the latest chapters are great and all, but I really miss my cutsey dose of Shirayuki/Zen love. I get it: Zen is trying his best to be able to stay with Shirayuki permanently together in the castle where his mother is currently “ruling”, taking over her place. This needs time and preparation. Yeah, but… I remember getting impatient when we haven’t seen Ed in Fullmetal Alchemist for half a year after he was massively injured and the story focussed on something else, before he gloriously reappeared (seriously, that was freaking amazing, but that’s FMA for you), but if I’m not mistaken we’re getting close to 1 & 1/2 years since Shirayuki was sent on her mission away from Zen. They met somewhere in between and currently the focus is more on the aids and as much as I adore Mitsuhide and Kiki and their own little love story, but I really really really miss Shirayuki and Zen being lovely dovely.


Shokugeki no Soma took a very sudden turn in events and now it looks like it’ll be over relatively soon. Judging by the popularity of the manga, I’m a bit surprised by that and I’m not liking the decision of this new Shokugeki. I mean, that’s just bending the rules to have some plot convenience. I know that happens a lot in shounen, especially in long running a2bac6b4ce94598a5870839c7355ca76sounen, but it still kind of bothers me. It’s like saying: by the way, the ultimate weapon against all of our problems have been there the entire time, if someone would’ve just been nice enough to bring it up, which strangely never happend. Yeah. Stange, isn’t it?

Saibas backstory was pretty cool, though. Why do I seem to like the backstories of father figures in shounen so much? Isshin had a damn awesome backstory in Bleach as well. On the other hand: Isshin as well as Saiba are some pretty cool dads. I don’t think Saiba has been a very good father, though. He’s cool, but not a good father. He loves Soma, sure, and it’s not like he did everything wrong, but some of his decisions regarding Somas upbringing are very questionable.


Ballroom e Youkoso is back to a regular release and it’s as great as always. I don’t even know what else to say. It’s back, that’s awesome! And the two chapters released since it’s comeback have been awesome. Not much dancing, but more character and the right dose cdmkwwcuuaejszeof humor sprinkled in here and there. I love Akiras and Chii-chans relationship, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of it, even after this competition is over. Furthermore we got a glance at the possibility how easy it is to loose for Chii-chan and Tatara. Rememeber: they promised to break up, if they don’t win and winning will be a miracle, if they don’t get it together soon. Thank you Hyoudou for ripping Tataras shoulder apart, so instead of being too stiff he’s too loose now. … great…


Akagami no Shirayukihime (Manga spoiler chapter 68)

I have a new obsession. Yay. And… SPOILERS for the Manga

giphy4I wanted to try reading Akagami no Shirayukihime for a very long time and I finally did (thanks to the anime), but I’m usually not much of a fan of these historic love stories. This one is awesome, though. The main pairings are pretty obvious: ZenxShirayuki and KikixMitsuhide. I didn’t expect KikixMitsuhide to be that obvious, since it’s just a side-pairing, but since Kiki already said she wants to propose to Mitsuhide when the time calls for it… I take it.

Talking about proposals. This is where this manga took a turn to the… worse, I guess. For a while the story was going into the direction of facing the proposal-problem. What I mean is, Shirayuki doesn’t possess the social status to marry a Prince and Izana is very aware of that. This is the reason he wanted to send her away at first and when he couldn’t get rid of her, he tried to force Zen into meeting with other more suitable marrige partners. He did warm up eventually and doesn’t really seem to mind her that much now that he knows her better.

This might be cliché, but who cares? It’s cute. Here’s what I don’t like: Suddenly Shirayuki is being sent away to study, after she just very recently moved into the castle. Basically, all the proposal-build up has suddenly vanished, because marriage is off the table for at least 2 years. On the other hand, the plot twist to send her away was so sudden, especially since she’s only started living inside the castle recently, I’m positive this was not planned that way and was initiated on very short terms due to reasons unkown, but possibly has something to do with the publication. You know, the manga is successful and is being made longer or rating have gone up/down/whatever. Stuff like this. This is me guessing.

Either way, the current arc feels too abrubt and we’re skipping a lot of time right now, it doesn’t really seem to very well thought out, too. From reading, it feels like Shirayuki has been living in the castle for what? A few weeks maybe? Well, it’s been nearly a year and after she went to study with Ryuu it’s already been half a year as well. We do know now, that Zen wants to move away from the capitol and support his brother from a different place, most likely Wilant Castle, where Shirayuki intends to go next.

Great, we have them together again soon! You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this, the current 2-year-apart-arc is not very climatic, it doesn’t really build much up, it’s just there. The good news is, at Wilant Castle we have Zen’s Mom who will hopefully breath a bit fresh air into the entire thing. Would be funny to have his mom loving the idea of a marrige and his brother hating it. Even though Izana doesn’t really “hate” Shirayuki anymore, with him out of the picture Zen certainly has more room to act – if his mom let’s him, that is.

You know what I’d really like to see? There’s an old german movie trilogy about the austrian empress Sissi and I don’t know exactly how historically correct this was done, but I know empress Franz was supposed to marry Sissi’s sister, but instead fell in love with Sissi and married her against the wishes of his mother. In the movie, he basically used the ball/birthday party to simply present Sissi as his fiancé in front of all these royal people and overruled his mother’s influence this way.

I can totally see Zen pulling something like this off, maybe getting the idea thanks to the incident with Prince Raji who assumed Zen wanted to marry Shirayuki in front of Izana and everyone was dead shocked, even though it was wrong at that time and Zen corrected it. That would be fun! 😀 However, it’s probably not in Zen’s interest to get on his brother’s bad side, considering their relationship, I guess Zen won’t do anything without Izana’s approval. I can see Zen proposing and then later seriously talking to his brother without him knowing about the proposal, though.

There’s quite a few options they can take now. Personally a scenario where Shirayuki honestly doesn’t want to marry Zen, because it would limit her study time and her time she can spent on her job in general. A proposal will mean she will have to decide which is more important to her: the job of her dreams or the man of her dreams. This has to happen, even more so after she willingly left his side for 2 years and then decided it would be fine to move away for him for an infinite amount of time. Her work is very important for her, but as the wife of the second Prince of the country, she will has to be more careful what she does, where she goes and she will have to show herself at representative meetings and stuff.  I think they will end up married, but I want to see this conflict. It’s begging to be done.

I hope we get the rest of the 2 years done and get back to where we left off.