Yuri on Ice Finale (ep 12)

victor-is-loveAnd with this, the gaylicious ride that was Yuri on Ice, is officially over. And what a ride that was: fun, crazy, gay, beautiful, Victor-you-damn-perfect-human-being, medelas, rings – what 12 episodes those were.

Now that it’s over I’m a bit confliced. I was pretty sure Yuri was meant to win gold and retire at the peak of his career. He wanted to retire for a year now, repeated numerous times thoughout the episode and the GPF gold was the one declared goal. Neither happend, though.

My theory includes the ending has been sacrificed in favor of a second season. I’m relatively sure Yuri was supposed to win, retire and live happily ever after with Victor. Well, he’s still living with Victor, that one worked out, the rest…. not so so much. Having Yuri loose by 0.12 points is downright cruel. He got the world record, which is awesome, but not the gold medal, which is annoying. Also, Victor making a comeback at his age and wants to train Yuri at the same time is pretty much insane, so that’s another sore thumb in my chest.

I mean, Victor skating? I’m all in, but he’s pretty old for top level competitive sport and yuri-on-ice-finale-victor-crytraining someone else at the same time is more or less impossible, realistically speaking. This anime has been pretty much stuck with realistic competitions so far, or until the real life short program world record was beaten my 8 points at least (I’m still a bit sour over that, because I think that’s a bit too much). Well, I guess I just have to live with that and at least we’re having Yuri and Victor train together in Russia now – whatever that may turn into.

The one thing I asolutely loved to death about this episode was the pair skate. I was dreaming of a pas de deux since episode one and I was literally screaming of joy when they pulled it off! And it was so beautifully done, too. The contrast to Victor’s original performanc was stunning: not only were they wearing blue and red costumes, they also wore silver ornaments – after Yuri won silver at the GPF. When Victor won the world championships, he wore golden ornaments. The song was originally a solo, yuri-on-ice-finale-victor-and-yuribut now it was a duet. Furthermore, when Yuri starts off alone, everything is blue – cold and lonely-, but as soon as Victor enters, everything turns magenta – warm and happy- while they dance together. I would’ve loved to see them training for that, because they even included some lifts, but since they had barely enough time to show the character development properly, that’s really too much to ask.

Overall, it was a great anime. Very short and rushed, they barely had enough time to squeeze Yuri’s character development in between all the competitions, but still pretty good. I would’ve liked if it was 24 episodes and more detailed on the characters, but nobody could’ve imagined the show turned into such a huge hit and is now even getting a second season that was never planned.

My personal favorite part of this anime is not Victuuri, not the pair skate, not the kiss, none of those things. My favorite part of this anime is the society in this world, that accepts a homosexual relationship without any second thought. A world where everyone can love whoever they want is a truly wonderful world to live in and one I wish we could see in real life as well. I think Yuri on Ice set a bold statement by showing off a world like this where love is universal and all types of love are equally accepted. It’s not about men and women, it’s simply about love and nothing else and everyone just accepts this fact. This is wonderful and while many people have been arguing Yuri on Ice made history by including a homosexual pairiung into a non-BL sportsanime, I think what they really made history with is how normal this relationship was portrayed.

Overall, I guess I give this anime a very subjective 8/10. It could’ve been a 10/10 judging by yuri-on-ice-pair-skatehow much fun I had with episode 1-10, but episode 11 and 12 really went down into a direction I didn’t like in favor of a second season. Yuri on Ice was gayliciously awesome and even though I’ve been criticizing the decision to alter the ending in favor of a second season, I hate to admit I can’t wait to see said second season.


The Legend of Makorra – Episode 11 & 12 (Season Finale)

It’s canon.

Well… I would like to be more enthusiastic about the season finale and especially over Makorra, but I don’t think things were handled so well. The past 3 or so episodes were beyond awesome and while the finale was good, it was “only” good and left me a bit disappointed. General Iroh was one of the highlights, I thought he was pretty badass, not as badass as Lin though, she’s in her own league. I do disapprove of the fact, that he didn’t say “honor” even once. That would’ve killed me. XD

So, what do I begin with? Let’s talk about Amon. I was pretty sure he had to be somehow related to Yakone, or maybe even was Yakone, but it turned out he was his son and I’m not even the slightest bit surprised. Tarrlok was his brother, ok, not that much of a surprise either and we get some background information. Thanks to that, Amon now is even less unlikable and his motives are actually very noble, he’s just too extreme in the way he tries to reach his goal. I guess they wanted to turn him into a tragic villain, especially with his death, I mean: he knew that Tarrlok was going to blow up the ship and I’m pretty sure he wanted it, because he knew that what he had done, was wrong. The “If I have to die, I want to die by my brother’s hand.”- style. All in all, I don’t think he worked that well as a villain. Of course, he was more complicated than Firelord Ozai and not just the pure evil that Ozai was, but the main probelm is, that what he wanted to achieve, equalitiy between everyone, is actually very noble and something they all should try to reach. This makes the good guys seem like the bad ones and Amon didin’t even kill anyone, he “just” took their bending.

About the ability to take bending away: this would have needed a lot more explanation. How can he use bloodbending to cut off the bender from his element? Bloodbending is nothing else than bending the blood that flows through the body, so it’s entirely physical. Bending depends on chi, energy that flows through the body, so how in the world can Amon take someones bending away by controlling the person’s blood? I’m sorry, but this makes no freaking sense.

One part that diappointed me a lot, was when Korra got her bending taken away. This should have been a huge deal and portayed as one, but it just… happend and was over. Just as unspectacular as her bending was taken away from her, it was given back to her. Hello Aang, nice to see you and spoil the fun for season 2 where she could have had to relearn how to bend her elements, but who cares? It was much too fast. Amon: “Btw, your bending is gone now.” and then 10 minutes later. Aang: “Btw, your bending is back now.” Really? It had to be done this way? Seriously? I mean, it was nice to see that Korra finally unlocked her Airbending, because that was the only way she was able to rescue Mako’s bending and this this was all nice, but still… it should have been a big moment, but it wasn’t and the way Korra got her bending back also wasn’t. The Avatar state falls into this cathegory as well.

The Avtaar state was something the entire fandom was really looking forward to, because the friendly Aang repeatedly went nuts when he entered it. Korra already being insanly strong the way she is, everyone expected her to explode and this also should have been a huge szene, actually, it should have gotten it’s own episode. Instead, she gets her bending back, goes into the avatar state, uses the elements once, goes back to normal. That was it? That was what all of us were dying to see the entire time? Mastering the avatar state was so hard for Aang and Korra just… did it? I’m sorry, but this could’ve been handled a lot better as well, but I guess then main problem here was that there were not enough episodes so they had to somehow squeeze it into the finale and didn’t have the time to fully explore the avatar state for Korra. It used to be a big part of the previous Avatar-series, so it’s a bit disappointing it’s so unimportant now.

Makorra, yeah, it’s endgame, great. Excuse me for not being overly exited, but the only really cool moment was the conversation that was already shown in one of the promos and I’ve fangirled more than enough over it. Other than that, Mako was being all worried and “I won’t leave your side.”, he was pretty much acting like her boyfriend the entire time already, so when he told Korra that he loves her it was only natural, but it happend so quietly. He tried to cheer her up by telling her that he indeed loves her and she runs away, because he has too much other stuff to deal with right now. If you ask me, the way Korra reacted was totally understandable. Mako might’ve only meant to cheer her up, but it wasn’t really the right time for this kind of conversation. Then after she got her bending back, she’s immediately all good again, runs into Mako’s arms, they kiss and Makorra is endgame. I’m sorry, but… what? We had so much drama over the love-triangle and it ended so fast and quietly, we’ve only barely had something that indicated the end of the relationship between Asami and Mako. I only realised later that the “I will always care for you”- szene was supposed to be the break-up. No drama, nothing, just quietly sailing into the harbor. I thought that was very underwhelming.

It was pretty cool to see Bumi at the end, though. I love Tenzins comment that he has to entertain his brother now, I’m sure we’ll see more of him in season 2, or at least I hope so. Hiroshi Sato is now officially the worst dad ever and pretty likely to be the villain in season 2, because even though many fans believe Amon is not dead… be fucking blew up with a ship. He’s gone and we need a new villain. The szene when Lin got her bending back and lifted the stones up was so much cooler than any of the Makorra-szenes in episode 11 and 12 together (I can’t believe I just wrote that). She’s just instant badassery. And Bolin finally had some more lines! Naga still outshined him though… xD She was the true hero, I’m telling you, I absolutely loved her. Like, when Lin lifted the stones, she began waving her tail, I totally loved that. And she was pretty badass as well when she got the others out of prison for example. Bolin and Naga do make a really  good team, we should’ve seen some more of them from the start.

Sakamichi no Apollon – Episode 4 & Korra episode 11 spoilers

So, I’ve been trying to catch up with my anime lately and this made me remember just how great Sakamichi no Apollon is. The pacing, the music, the love… Love Dodecahedron. Seriously, this is not a triangle anymore and I’ve just reached episode 4, while10 episodes aired so far. I can see no end to this, but… f*ck it, it’s awesome. We have Sentarou and Ritsuko, who’re childhoodfriends. They meet the new kid in class, Kaoru, who just moved into town and fell in love with Ritsuko, who’s in love with Sentarou, who falls in love with sophomore Yurika, who falls in love with Junichi, who happens to be Sentarous idol and seems to love Yurika back. And you though Korra was a mess? Oh, how I love these things.

I’m really rooting for Kaoru, but he did some pretty dumb moves, like… you know… kissing Ri-chan out of nowhere, while he’s perfectly aware of the fact that she’s still in love with Sentarou. For some time it actually looked like Sentarou had some good chances to get Yurika, until she saw Junichi playing. If the both of them get together and Sentarou has no chance anymore, this also reduces Kaorus chances, but I highly doubt its so easy. I’m really interested in the story and the characters, plus the music is awesome. Everyone has his problems and although they come from different surroundings, their problems are surprisingly alike at times.

My biggest problem? I can see a major dramatic ending and I hate bad endings. Call me a clichée-loving-chick, but I just like it better when the characters are happy at the end, although I perfectly understand and appreciate the necessarity for a dramatic and tragic end. It sometimes has to be tragic to work. Forced drama is the worst, but here and there it has to be tragic to work out and I get the feeling this anime will have such a tragic end that will make you cry rivers of tears, but will burn itself into your memory as the finale of a truly great anime. I hope I’m wrong and Sakamichi no Apollon will end on a happy note, but just as great.


On to Makorra. New spoiler-clip. It killed me. Right into the feels. See for yourself
So amazing! Mako and his adorable smile while he’s talking about Korra and… and… and… “I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”

These 37 seconds! Why are there only 37 seconds of this! But with this, Makorra is so going to be endgame. Noticed the way they looked at each other? Literally jumping at each other with their eyes? This is the perfect situation for a following kiss. I’m just saying, because the amazing way they absolutely dreamingly look at each other’y eyes smiling like love-stuck idiots. “Can you feel the love tonight.” Hell yes, I can, get those two a room. Now. The sexual tension is killing me and damn you Mako for telling Korra that you can’t imagine a life without her now. In the ears of a shipper this equals “We’re meant for each other and I will love you forever and ever.”, how can you do this to me? I’m in heaven right now and my faith in Korra has not only been restored, but reached new dimensions.

Ok, honestly, I don’t think there will be a kiss, but this promo is so explict Makorra, it jumps right into our faces, so… Bryke, stop the shiptease already and give me my Makorra, we all know they’ll end up with each other, because they’re meant for each other and all that crap, I seriously ship them too hard.