Digimon Tri Kokuhaku

tumblr_nnxtm1qtsl1qjy21oo1_500Like basically every other kid from the late 90s/early 2000s, I’m absolutely in love with Digimon Tri. After seeing Saikai I already wrote that this anime pushes all the right buttons and two movies later, it still does. It has the right amount of 90s/early 2000s vibe to it, but still modern enough to not feel “old”.

I think the main reason why Digimon Tri is as good as it is, is because the anime knows it’s audience damn well and the audience is the same audience from 17 years ago. It’s not meant for teens or adults and it’s not meant for just any kids, it’s meant for the kids from that time who’re now adults. Of course this anime is very well watchable for kids as well, but let’s be honest: to understand what’s going on generally speaking, you need to know Digimon in some way or the other. To understand the more specific character relations and plot developments, you need to have seen Digimon Adventure and Digimon 02. Digimon Tri explains absolutely nothing and this is a very strong indication who this anime is meant for.

After 3 movies we’ve now reached the halfway point. It’s progressing real slow, because tumblr_ny4u76golr1r72ht7o1_500we have to wait for months between every new movie/batch of new episodes, but the wait is so much worth it. The moment I hear the intro, I’m sold, I forget my impatience and just enjoy the ride. I have to admit, the second movie Ketsui was lacking the wow factor a litte bit, because it had a lot of build up going on. It was still very good, though.

Saikai benefits from the massive waves of nostalgia after seeing these characters and Digimon again after so many years. The second movie doesn’t really have that so much. Kokuhaku on the other hand has it again, because that’s when the Digidestined go to the Digiworld again. So far, the humans have stayed in the human world, but now they’re all back into the Digiworld! That’s so exciting! And the way they did it, too! They didn’t care about the possibility of not coming back home, because they’ve already gome through this when they were in elementary school. I just loved it when, I think it was Joe, said by waiting they’re just going to turn into adults. That really hit my inner child, it’s like telling the audience that even though it’s been so long and we’ve all gotten older, it’s okay to be a child again and do what you love.

I have to admit the return to the Digiworld, even if it’s just the rebooted one and apparently not the same from the past, because we see noticable differences, was my absolute highlight of the third movie. I felt like my 13 years old self again, being glued to the TV. That was a straight nostalgia jab into my face and I love this anime for doing that. I honestly think Kokuhaku was the best movie so far. We saw how much the Digimon love their humans, how much they all evolved, we finally got a better glimpse of our actual opponents, the entire reboot idea was simple but effective and Tentomons megaevolution was so cool! Besides, Takeru and Patamon … right into the feels.

giphy2Talking about feels! You can’t talk about Digimon withou shipping wars. We finally got a hint of Takari, which was cool. We all know Takari was that one pairing, that absolutely needed to happen ever since we saw these two adorable kids in Digimon Adventure. Besides, their brothers are Yamato and Taichi, who used to fight so much, the alpha-males of the group so to speak, and now they’re totally best friends, but I would just love to see Taichi getting jelous over Takeru for steeling his baby sister away. We haven’t seen anything from Takeru that specific, but he was very occupied with Patamon in Kokuhaku, so he’s excused. I hope it’ll come.

On the other ship that totally should set sail, there has not really been going on that much. I do feel the love triangle between Taichi x Sora x Yamato is being hinted on and slighty teased every now and then, but it’s very low key. The shipping wars have been huge in this fandom and I think it would be cool, if they acknowledged it a bit by teasing it slightly more. Not too much, they don’t have to go the Avatar road, I mean they were just cruel to their fanbase. Admittedly, they were nice enough to clear it all up at the end and even though a good portion of fans was still unsatisfied with ALTA, everyone’s pretty cool with Korra. How often do you have a lesbian endgame ship? I’m totally shipping Makorra and I still think that end was cool.

Either way, Digimon Tri is the ultimae chance to right what’s wrong. It’s the chance to free me from my ultimate shipping nemesis Sorato and finally make Taiora canon. Please, Digimon Tri, MAKE IT HAPPEN!




50 Pairings Meme

Well, I kinda took the 50 character meme and turned it into the 50 Pairing meme. =P

Finding 50 pairings was easy, I actually had to leave some out. Some of these pairings are canon, not all though and Bleach is the only fandom in there with two entries. And yes, there are Boys Love-pairings in there, but no Girls Love-pairings, althought some of them may seem like it. 😉

First row (from left to right): Takeru x Kayano (The Devil Does Exist), Maya x Masumi (Glass Mask), Ed x Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist), Ichigo x Rukia (Bleach), Soul x Maka (Soul Eater), Maria x Shin (Akuma to Love Song), Seryou x Yuzuru (Seven Days)

Second row (l.t.r.): Ai x Leo (Himitsu no Ai-chan), Otani x Risa (Lovely Complex), Yukina x Shigure (Watashi ni XX shinasai), Sawako x Shota (Kimi ni Todoke), Shichika x Togame (Katanagatari), Haruhi x Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club), Maya x Mitsuomi (Tenjou Tenge), Vash x Meryl (Trigun Maximum), Kyoko x Ren (Skip Beat)

Thrid row (l.t.r.): Ikki x Kururu (Air Gear), Kou x Aoba (Cross Game), Hokuto x Chiwa (Hapi Mari), Misaki x Takumi (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), Hitsugaya x Hinamori (Bleach), Yin x Lele (The One), Kenshin x Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin),  Takara x Kiyomine (Komatta Toki no wa Hoshi ni Kike), Kira x Rei (Mars)

Forth row (l.t.r.): Kai x Sae (Piano no Mori), InuYasha x Kagome (InuYasha), Shizuku x Miyabi (Kami no Shizuku), Rin x Shiemi (Ao no Exorcist), Ran x Shinichi (Detective Conan), Makoto x Ito (W Juliet), Kei x Hikari (Special A), Shaolan x Sakura (Tsubasa Cronicles/Card Captor Sakura), Tsukimi x Kuranosuke (Kuragehime)

Fifth row (l.t.r.): Ayato x Yugo (Magnolia), Miyazawa x Arima (Kare Kano), Kiriya x Karino (Kare First Love), Kyouhei x Kaya (Midnight Secretary),  Nana x Ren (Nana), Sunako x Kyohei (Perfect Girl Evolution), Ranma x Akane (Ranma 1/2), Fumino x Kazuma (Faster than a Kiss), Mookyul x Ewon (Totally Captivated)

Sixth row (.l.t.r.): Arikawa x Misaki (Only The Flower Knows), Usagi x Mamoru (Sailor Moon), George x Yukari (Paradise Kiss), Simon x Nia (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan), Dee x Ryo (Fake), Hei x Kirihara (Farker than Black), Riyuuji x Taiga (Toradora!)