Sing (movie 2016)

I missed quite a lot of movies in theatres lately and now that they’re slowly being released on Blu-Ray/DVD, I’m finally catching up. My latest additions are “Moana” and “Sing”.

sing011I had fun. It’s just very unfortunate for Sing that I watched Moana first. Do’t get me wrong, it’s a nice movie, it’s fun, has some pretty unique and enjoyable characters, but it’s not a “must see”. While Moana is not Disney’s greatest movie ever, it’s at least one of their better recent ones, that’s for sure. It’s not flawless and while the budget clearly shows (like, seriously, that’s got to be arguably the most beautiful animated movie I’ve ever seen), it has some shortcommings. This is criticism on a very high level, though. Still… I support Zootopia for winning the best animated movie Oscar, it really was the best animated movie of 2016.

Either way, back to sing: The plot is pretty thin. This wouldn’t really be much of a problem, if the characters were strong… which they aren’t. And here’s the problem I have with the movie: the characters don’t interact. You have this cast of awesome and interesting personalities and they’re just there for the sake of being there. All of them come with their own sets of problems, which all of them more or less solve by the end. They solve these problems by themselves, because they sing.

The singers in the show barely talk to each other outside of their respective groups. Even Buster Moon doesn’t really talk to them that much, he basically chooses them, chooses their songs and dresses, puts them into rehearsal rooms to practice and that’s it. The first and last time you see them interact is when they’re building the “outdoor theatre” together. Buster and Meena are the clostest, because Buster lets her work behind the scenes instead of sing, so he has to pay attention to her and teach her how stuff works.

I personally feel the main problem is, the movie tried to do too much at the same time. I personally cared the most about Johnny and his storyline, but that would’ve easily been enough to fill the entire movie and then there’s all the other characters, too. Frankly speaking, there’s simply not enough time to give each character the time they deserve for growth and developments to solve theie own problems in a satisfying way. Instead, I guess they focussed on Butster Moon and indended to have this story revolve around him, but his story is the least interesting. I mean, yeah, he loves his theatre and he doesn’t want to loose it, because of his dad, but when it comes to it it’s a money problem first and foremost. The other characters have emotional hurdles to take. Well, except Mike, Mike is an asshole and only cares about money and reputation.

Meena is very shy and needs to overcome her natural timid nature in order to follow her dream of being a musician. Ash needs to free herself of her boyfriend, who’s stopping and constricting her own artistic talent, but she catched him cheating on her and has to deal with a broken heart. Johnny… well, poor boy has a criminal as a father, who wants him to join the gang and doesn’t acknowledge Johnny’s interest in music. Rosita is the burned out mom of too many kids and not enough support from her husband who needs her personal life to kick off in order to be happy again.

All of this ^ sounds more interesting than the Koala with money problems. Here’s two l3vQZEUEKUvbvsFsAdifferent approaches: a) reduce the backstory of the singers, because their backstories don’t matter that much anyway, to properly build Buster Moon into a likable character with an actual emotionally connectable problem and that would most likely include giving more backstory to Buster and his father. Take your time to build emotions and don’t just throw stuff at out faces and expect us to care. Does anyone really cares about Buster? I don’t even think so, in the movie itself it was said all of Busters shows were flops, so it’s HIS fault he’s in this situation anyway and he expects these singers to get him out of it. Besides, he’s committing crime along the way, stealing electricity and water and illegally employ these squids.

b) reduce the backstory of everyone expect one of the singers and explore him or her properly and include the other caracters present into his or her healing process.

This movie tried to do everything at the same time and that’s just too much. It’s still fun, the music is great, but I never connected with the characters as much as I expected I would. Unfortunately, Meena seems to be the one from the artists who’s the “main” and for me she was the least interesting one, because she had the most trivial problem. Yes, being timid is not a piece of cake and getting over your fears is very hard and challenging and I’m not trying tot alk that down, but she had such a picture perfect life besides that. It’s like… girl, you have a way better life than any of your competitiors, why should I root for you over them? You will get your next chance, your family will catch you if you fall and help you come back. Rosita doesn’t have anyone like that, she will just fall deeper into depression. Johnny might end up in freaking prison as a criminal. Meena is basically the princess of the group.

It doesn’t really help much her song in the show was my least favorite. It’s not the song itself, Stevie Woner’s original version is awesome, I just don’t like Meena’s cover and I was glad when it was over. The other characters did a much better job covering/presenting their songs, in my opinion. I mean, have you listend to the orinal version of “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing”? It’s Latin-ish with lot’s of piano inviting you to dance Chachacha (if I’m not entirely mistaken, you can dance a Chacha to this), it’s a feel good song. Meena’s version doesn’t do it any justice. I loved her sining Halleluja so much more, why couldn’t she have sung something like that? Or … at least some kind of ballad, instead of latin? I don’t think it was the right song for her.

sourceBy the way, I loved Gunther. He was so cool. He was flat as a board in terms of characterization, but he was the comic relief and he was doing a great job being just that. They tried to give all these characters background and problems and failed to explore them properly and it’s the one character with no background whatsoever and barely and charcter to him, that I love the most. The things he was supposed to do, he was doing  extreamly well and that was: being funny and helping Rosita to loosen up. That’s all, but he did his job and he did it good.

Enough rambling. It was okay. Visuals were good, not quite as amazing as Moana, but good. Thin plot, interesting characters that don’t interact and (for the most part) pretty good music. It’s mild entertainment, but not a must-see.


Too many interests

I have way too many interests… and still waste my time onthe internet doing nothing most of the time.  You know, like writing a blog noboidy is going to read anyway about my crazy interests nobody is going to find interesting, even if he stumbles into it.

So, as I just mentioned, I have a lot of interests and I often find myself very much into something for a short period of time, before I move on to another. I just can’t do everything at the same time, but unfortunately I tend to neglect something, if I’m currently into something else.

Hold your horses, I’m a responsible person (at least I hope so), I will always care for my guinea 817625d7a583fdd7195478de3d4194a21835ca6cpigs as best as I possibly can and if that includes feeding my big girl 7 times a day again, like I used to when she was growing up very ill, than I will do that. Our pets are part of our lifes, but we are our pet’s entire life. These are living creatures depending on our care, no matter what happens I will always provide the best possible care for them. I love them to death, I wanted to have them for at least 10 years before I finally got them and they are certainly not just a phase of mine, but treasured pets and part of my family.

I’m talking more about stull like… movies, games, anime and manga, stamp collections – this is all stuff that I like. I also have a full time job. And guinea pigs, including a very high maintance individual, that needs special care and a special diet. I also love doing postcrossing, something that I really really need to pick up again. I’m into photography, but I need to get my lazy ass outside more to actually take photos of… well… something. I love to go to the zoo and basically love everything connected to animal care. I have a huge book about the green tree python and one about the genetics of corn snakes, but even though owning a snake is something I can imagine, I will probably never actually own a snake.

I also have books about strawberry poison-dart frogs, dwarf hamsters and box turles – I’m not going to own any of those for sure. I’m interested in it, though. I have to admit I hate learning oophaga_pumilio_blaubeiner_hifor exams, but I do love learning about the stuff that I like. This is what I loved about the time I went to University: I was able to do what I really wanted to do for the most part. I was able to attend a lecture about the origins of the universe, starting with the big bang all the way until the development of the first cell on earth, as part of my studies. No, I did not study astrophysics, I studied biology for teachers. How does that make any sense? I don’t know, but I do know the universe is finite and still expanding to this day, thanks to that lecture.

Surprinsingly, I’m not into US TV shows at all and even though I’m a pretty nerdy girl, I don’t like US comics.

Best of 2016

Now that 2017 has arrived and is still in it’s baby shoes, I’d like to make quick list about my best manga, anime, game and movie of 2016. Last year I made this huge individual lists, but I’m not feeling well, so I’m going to keep it shorter. The same rules apply as last year:  on going franchises are allowed & also titles I’ve seen/read/played 2016 but premiered ealier are allowed as well.

Best Game of 2016

As for best game, unfortunately there was no Zelda this year, so no Zelda for best game either. Spoiler alert: Zelda will be best game of 2017. I’m actually very tempted to go with Super Metroid, even though it’s very old, but it’s so damn good. Even after so many years, it’s still such an amazing game and I haven’t played it on SNES back in the days, I played it first on the Wii U. However, if a 22 years old game is better than recent games, that would be sad, even if Super Metroid is one of the best games ever made.

So, what else to choose? I played Yokai Watch, which was nice. Bravely Second was very good as well and I also liked Legend of Legacy and Pokken. Unfortunately there’s no game like Xenoblade Chronicles X that stood out among the rest as much as XCX did (I still love this game, it’s fucking amazing), but I was positively surprised by Kirby Planet Robobot. I already liked Triple Deluxe, but Planet Robobot was even better. Kirby is doing good lately!

sun-moon-box-artEventually, I guess I have to go with Pokemon Sun/Moon for my game of the year 2016. When I first started the game I couldn’t help but wonder just how far the franchise has come in the past 20 years and I’ve been a part of it the entire time. They dared to change up the formula and it payed off. Even though Gen VII doesn’t have the best Pokemon designs (in my opinion), they’re fine and I love the concept of regional forms of old pokemon.

Best Movie of 2016

This is a hard one. I think I watched a lot of great movies in 2016. I loved Creed, The Hateful Eight, Rogue One, The Martian, Zootopia, The Danish Girl, Deadpool…. the list goes on. However, when it comes down to it, I guess two movies stood out and even though the winner is very clear, I’d love to point out the runner up, because it surprised me that much. The runner up is Southpaw and it surprised me, because I thought it’s just a Rocky-clone, but it’s not. I didn’t like all the decisions made in the story, but it’s more about a broken man who tries to fix his relationship with his daughter after his wife’s death and tries very hard to get her back, than it’s about boxing. He just happens to be a boxer. Yes, there’s a training montage and yes, it’s awesome. Also, kudos to Jake Gyllenhaal, I think he did a great job.

Now, for my movie of the year, it’s easily Whiplash. Why didn’t I see this movie earlier? whiplashIt’s so intense, it caught me completely off guard. I heard it was good, but damn it was downright amazing. It climbed right into the league of best movies I ever watched. It’s clever, dramatic, cruel, intense, strong characters and an awesome soundtrack. If you haven’t watched it: go watch it.

Best Anime of 2016

For me, 2016 was a good year for anime. Lot’s of shows I enjoyed: Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 2, Haiyku Season 2+3, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, Soma Season 2, Battery, Bungou Stray Dogs, Noragami, 3 gatsu no Lion, Fune wo Amu, Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari.

I don’t think it comes as a surprise when I say, my personal anime of 2016 was, easily, Yuri!! On Ice. I just jumped into the fandom and was going along with the hype. It was gaylicious, it was fun, it was one hell of a ride and I don’t think I’ve been that much into an anime ever since Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This doesn’t mean, it’s as good as FMA:B, I don’t like some of the decisions in episode 11 and 12, but it’s just breathtaking yuri-on-ice-02-6how episode 10 suddenly made the entire anime look in an entirely different way. Awesome plot twist right there. Also, as cheesy as it sounds, Yuri!! On Ice really did make history: it boldly portrayed a homosexual relationship in a world without discrimination as something entirely normal and it was done so incredibly well. I’ve hardly ever seen heterosexual relationships done that good and Yuri!! On Ice simply takes it to an entirely different level. We need more romance like that, we need more couples like Victor and Yuri and we need more media open enough towards homosexuality to treat it completely normal. It should not be that big of a deal to have a same sex couple treated like that. I hope, someday, our world can be as understanding and open towards homosexual relationships and other kinds of sexuality as the world in YOI is.

Best Manga of 2016

This is easily the hardest choice. First of all, I completely forgot what I read this year. I mean, besides the usual suspects. Some manga I’d like to point out are Vinland Saga, Skip Beat, Our Relationship is…, Piano no Mori, Until Death Do Us Part, Chihayafuru, Arte, Shounen Oujo, Do Da Dancin’, Kounodori, Nijiiro Days, Vagabond and Shinobi Quartet. Once again, I’d like to point out two manga more. The first one is 10 Dance. I’m a sucker for sportsmanga and ballroom dancing is so amazing. Maybe it’s because I learned it before and actually do know how to dance (not competitively, but at least I don’t make a fool out of myself at weddings), but I love manga about ballroom dancing and the two I enjoy the most are 10 Dance and Ballroom e Youkoso (after more than a year on hiatus, it’ll finally be back in just a few days and we’ll also get an anime, awesomesauce).

The story of 10 dance is rather simple, but I can’t help but love seeing the two Shinyas dacing together. It looks so good, the dancing itself is just awesome and it doesn’t hurt they boys are damn sexy and their personalities are so different it’s fun seeing them working their shit out together. I’m super thrilled the manga is published ihn my country 181140lnow, too.

As for manga of 2016 I’m going with a manga I’ve just recently discovered, but I absolutely fell in love with it and hope it’ll continue doing well. After just 8 chapters there’s not that much story yet and I’m guessing it’ll stay on the lighter side, but it’s a cute romance and I really need that right now: Otonari Complex. It’s cute, it’s light, it’s well done. Nothing of the huge big title like Whiplash in my movie section, but a manga that made an impression and I think it could become something like Lovely Complex, but that’s yet to see.

Digimon Tri Kokuhaku

tumblr_nnxtm1qtsl1qjy21oo1_500Like basically every other kid from the late 90s/early 2000s, I’m absolutely in love with Digimon Tri. After seeing Saikai I already wrote that this anime pushes all the right buttons and two movies later, it still does. It has the right amount of 90s/early 2000s vibe to it, but still modern enough to not feel “old”.

I think the main reason why Digimon Tri is as good as it is, is because the anime knows it’s audience damn well and the audience is the same audience from 17 years ago. It’s not meant for teens or adults and it’s not meant for just any kids, it’s meant for the kids from that time who’re now adults. Of course this anime is very well watchable for kids as well, but let’s be honest: to understand what’s going on generally speaking, you need to know Digimon in some way or the other. To understand the more specific character relations and plot developments, you need to have seen Digimon Adventure and Digimon 02. Digimon Tri explains absolutely nothing and this is a very strong indication who this anime is meant for.

After 3 movies we’ve now reached the halfway point. It’s progressing real slow, because tumblr_ny4u76golr1r72ht7o1_500we have to wait for months between every new movie/batch of new episodes, but the wait is so much worth it. The moment I hear the intro, I’m sold, I forget my impatience and just enjoy the ride. I have to admit, the second movie Ketsui was lacking the wow factor a litte bit, because it had a lot of build up going on. It was still very good, though.

Saikai benefits from the massive waves of nostalgia after seeing these characters and Digimon again after so many years. The second movie doesn’t really have that so much. Kokuhaku on the other hand has it again, because that’s when the Digidestined go to the Digiworld again. So far, the humans have stayed in the human world, but now they’re all back into the Digiworld! That’s so exciting! And the way they did it, too! They didn’t care about the possibility of not coming back home, because they’ve already gome through this when they were in elementary school. I just loved it when, I think it was Joe, said by waiting they’re just going to turn into adults. That really hit my inner child, it’s like telling the audience that even though it’s been so long and we’ve all gotten older, it’s okay to be a child again and do what you love.

I have to admit the return to the Digiworld, even if it’s just the rebooted one and apparently not the same from the past, because we see noticable differences, was my absolute highlight of the third movie. I felt like my 13 years old self again, being glued to the TV. That was a straight nostalgia jab into my face and I love this anime for doing that. I honestly think Kokuhaku was the best movie so far. We saw how much the Digimon love their humans, how much they all evolved, we finally got a better glimpse of our actual opponents, the entire reboot idea was simple but effective and Tentomons megaevolution was so cool! Besides, Takeru and Patamon … right into the feels.

giphy2Talking about feels! You can’t talk about Digimon withou shipping wars. We finally got a hint of Takari, which was cool. We all know Takari was that one pairing, that absolutely needed to happen ever since we saw these two adorable kids in Digimon Adventure. Besides, their brothers are Yamato and Taichi, who used to fight so much, the alpha-males of the group so to speak, and now they’re totally best friends, but I would just love to see Taichi getting jelous over Takeru for steeling his baby sister away. We haven’t seen anything from Takeru that specific, but he was very occupied with Patamon in Kokuhaku, so he’s excused. I hope it’ll come.

On the other ship that totally should set sail, there has not really been going on that much. I do feel the love triangle between Taichi x Sora x Yamato is being hinted on and slighty teased every now and then, but it’s very low key. The shipping wars have been huge in this fandom and I think it would be cool, if they acknowledged it a bit by teasing it slightly more. Not too much, they don’t have to go the Avatar road, I mean they were just cruel to their fanbase. Admittedly, they were nice enough to clear it all up at the end and even though a good portion of fans was still unsatisfied with ALTA, everyone’s pretty cool with Korra. How often do you have a lesbian endgame ship? I’m totally shipping Makorra and I still think that end was cool.

Either way, Digimon Tri is the ultimae chance to right what’s wrong. It’s the chance to free me from my ultimate shipping nemesis Sorato and finally make Taiora canon. Please, Digimon Tri, MAKE IT HAPPEN!



The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

No, I haven’t seen this movie, so no spoilers. I just watched a 5 minute trailer right now and really needed to get something off my chest:

Can’t we just have Henry Cavill be James Bond from now on?

I admit I’ve never been a fan of Daniel Craigs 007 and would love to see him stop starring in Bond-movies the sooner the better and now that Henry Cavill basically played Bond in The Man from UNCLE… GIVE HIM THE PART!

And no, the fact that Henry Cavill is easily the most attractive male human being in Hollywood right now, has absolutely nothing to do with this. Nope.

My Problem with “Dawn of the Dragon Racers”

I love the How to Train Your Dragon Movie and TV-franchise.

HTTYD2 and DotDR spoilers!

tumblr_static_yesLike everyone, the first movie hit me as a huge surprise. I didn’t expect it to be that good. And after the gorgeous movie, came a really well made TV series, that strechted out over 3 season so far, the 4rth one in the making. And I’ve also seen the specials, too. The one thing I haven’t touched, are the books. However, I’ve heared the Movie/TV-franchise doesn’t really follow it either way, so I don’t feel like I’m missing a huge part of the picture, because it’s more like there’re two differenet pictures to begin with.

Obviously, I’ve seen the “Dawn of the Dragon Racers” short, that was released alongside the HTTYD2 DVD/BluRay release. It was nice to know how they came to invent Dragon Racing with the rules we’ve seen in the movie, but there was one detail that really bugged me. A very major detail. Simply speaking, the skill of the riders didn’t match up, especially Hiccup. I thought it was a bit strange everyone seemed to be very balanced out, even though they all have the strong and weak points. Of course, it’s all about what you make with them, but here’s my thought:

Fishlegs is smart, but very slow. The twins are… the twins, basically as dumb as bread and hardly ever follow any rules correctly. Snotlout has a very capable dragon, but a weird relationship with ihm, he’s too focussed on himself to properly work for a team most of the time and not the lighest bulb in the kitchen either. So much about those. Then there’s Astrid, I’d say of average intelligence, very fired up, has a good sense of battle, a very capable fighter and rider with a considerable fast and spiky dragon. Lastly, you have Hiccup, who’s smart, training them all, riding the fastest dragon of them all, has been riding his dragon for the longest and has the best relationship to him.giphy

Personally… I think Hiccup should be way above the other riders and easily win the Dragon Races, which is probably because he seemed to have no desire to participate in any of the shown races in the movie. He would rather go exploring or help his townspeople rebuilding houses. The only time he participated in a race, it seemed to be of the sole reason to mess with Astrid, because she would have gotten the black sheep and won the race by herself, if Hiccup didn’t snatch the sheep away from her and put it into her basket letting her win. In other words, the one time he joined, he totally owned the rest of them and easily could have won, if he didn’t let Astrid win on purpose.

It just really bugged me Hiccup seemed to be of the same skill, when he’s clearly the most advanced of them all on the fastest and best to maneuver dragon, which gives him a huge advantage – this is a race after all. And it’s not like he looked like he was holding back in the short. It’s great to see the others advancing as well, but I just felt they took a bit too much from Hiccup in order to make this entire thing more fair/exciting/equal, especially after seeing the movie, where he was pointed out very clearly as the most capable of the dragon riders.

And I’m already totally overlooking they made Meatlog as fast as the other dragons in the short at the start of the first race held by Stoick.

All in all, it was a nice short, but I see it more as information rather than entertainment, because the level of skill of the dragon riders just really doesn’t match up. I’mk sorry, I kind of enjoyed it, but that’s all there is to it for me.


Recently watched movies (spoilers!)

Recently I’ve been on a movie hunt so to speak and I’ve been watching all sorts of movies, most of them grabbed from rummage tables for 5€ a piece. At some point, every movie will end up on a rummage table for the price of an apple and an egg. I also buy new movies once in a while, but I like to get a good deal and sometimes the movies aren’t even that old. I recently found “The King’s Speech” (still have to watch that one) on a rummage table, this one’s only 4 years old and won 4 oscars, incuding best picture. 5€, that’s USD6,60 by the way. Awesome deal.

impressiveDVDs have been around for quite a while, I expected them to die out much sooner after the BluRay arrived, but they’re still around and every new movie get’s a DVD release as well. However, DVDs are less expensive than BluRays and drop in price real fast.

I love collections, I’ve got to admit that, and in Germany we don’t have online libraries as good as netflix, so I prefer to have my games and books and movies in ohysical form. DVD don’t look as good as BluRays, but they’re cheaper and it’s good enough for me.

So, about the movies I’ve recently bought and watched…

Miss-Congeniality-miss-congeniality-35161286-500-225Ok, it wasn’t Miss Conveniality, I love that movie, but I just wanted to add a Sandra Bullock gif. This fall of her’s is legendary after all. Either way, I think my choices have been great so far and I liked all the movie I’ve watched. Some more than other’s, but that’s normal, after all.

Before, I’d like to add that it was purely unintentional I bought 2 Robin Willams movies the day before he commited suicide. R.i.P. Robin, you will never be forgotten… 😦

flight_ver3So the first movie is “Fight” with Denzel Washington who plays a pilot. A very dunken pilot who rescued 96 people’s lives with a crazy maneuver when his defect plane crashed.

I first expected the movie to spent more time on the actual flight an crash, but it was mostly about the pilot, his alcohol and drug addiction and how this lifestyle basically ruined his life. Celebrated a hero for saving this many people’s lives, he was on the edge of going into prison for years if they actually found out that he was drunk during the flight, so they try to cover it up while the pilot himself is struggeling with his addiction.

The movie was pretty good, I wanted to see it since I first saw advertisement. It turned out to be different from what I imagined, but I liked it, so that’s great. There was one really cool scene, when the pilot was in his hotel room where all alcohol had been removed to keep him from drinking before the trial, but he noticed the door to the neighboring room was open and that room had a whole freezer full with acoholic drinks. So you see him in front of that freezer, opening it, looking over the alcohol, pulling one bottle out and then he places it on top of the freezer and leaves, seeminly able to resist, just to show him taking it either way in slow motion. He just couldn’t stop on his own.

brokeback_mountain_xlgThe next one is “Brokeback Mountain” with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. I actually never saw it when it just got released. I remember that time very well, I was in middle school and every girl in my class went to see this movie, because of the gay cowboys and they all though it was soooo cute and all.

After having watched it, it’s pretty apparent they didn’t understand the movie at all, becasue it’s anything but cute. I’m not disgusted by gay people, I’m fine whereever you swing, but this movie was simply not portraying a cute little romance. Their love for eath other was hurting them and destroying the normal lives they had tried to build, because it was not accepted to be gay in the 60s.

It’s a movie about inner turmoil, hiding yourself and fighting for your love. It was not cute. Even their love scenes were not cute and certainly not romantic either. They were forceful and passionate. Just becasue two guys have surprise butt-s*x, doesn’t make a movie “cute”.

Either way, I think the movie is very well done and I was really sad they ended up being seperated and couldn’t work out a way to be together, because maybe they could’ve been happier together. It’s been 9 years since this movie has been made, but even now such stories are anything but normal.

Did it deserve all the praise it got? Maybe. Some of it certainly came from it being about two gay men, but it was still a very good movie and therefore it deserves my humble praise.

wolf_of_wall_street_ver3Next movie is “The Wolf of Wallstreet” with Leonardo DiCaprio. This one was actually not from a rummage table, but was still just 10€ and I really wanted to see it, so… here it is.

I didn’t know it was so long, it runs 3 hours, but it’s one crazy 3-hour-ride with DiCaprio in his best kind of role: the arrogant a*shole. He really has these characters down. 😀 It was fun to watch, especially seeing his character konstantly high and the movie has no real “serves him right” kind of end, because he’s buying his time in prison to be a good one and later does business again. Not at the Wallstreet, but he does business and he’s successful at it.

For a drunken arrogant and selfish drug-addict, I think that’s a very nice way to end the movie. Well, for the character. As for me, I expected him to get more punished, sure he lost a nice part of his money and his wife and it served him right, but for all what he’s done, it didn’t seem fitting and I liked that about this movie.

DiCaprio’s character wasn’t “evil”, he just learned how to screw over people from his mentor at the wallstreet and the fame and money ruined his character. He probably also learned from his mistakes, but not in a way that satisfies the viewer and I thought that was pretty cool.

It’s probably one of DiCaprio’s best movie and I’m glad I gave it a chance.

MPW-54992“Dead Poets Society” with Robin Williams has to be the movie I liked the most out of all the movies that were forced down my throat in school. You know, I hated these “aducational” movie you had to watch in school and couldn’t enjoy, because you had to analize it to death.

This movie, I actually truly enjoyed and even liked to dissect and I still enjoy it to this say. When they first called their teacher “O Captain, My Captain”, or when they actually had fun in school and learned how to think by themselved, to be free. And Neils happiness when he got the role in A Midsummer Nights Dream! I loved it!

Of course the tragic suicide followed by the iconic scene when all the members of the Dead Poets Society” stood up onto their tables, is probably by favorite moment in the movie and shows that the teacher succeeded in teaching his pupils more than just literature.

tumblr_m74otfq3gy1rwiov0o1_500I actually didn’t realize befiore that Neil was played by Robert Sean Leonard. In other words: Dr. James Wilson. The one from House M.D. I love that T-series and never noticed, but I haven’t seen Dead Poets Society in a while, so I hope I’m excused.

The last movie I’m going to talk about is the one I liked the most. In ace you haven’t noticed, I wrote about the movies from “bad” to “good”, or in this case from “good” to “even better”, because I thought they were all pretty good, with “Flight” being the weakest.

good-will-hunting-movie-poster-1997-1020265472The one I enjoyed the most was “Good Will Hunting” with Robin Williams and Matt Damon. I was under the impression that i never saw this movie before, but after watching it I remeber having seen at least the beginning, when Will solved the problems in the hallway and his encounter with the students in a bar, but I haven’t seen the entire movie in one go. Judging by the fact that I couldn’t remember even the parts I had seen, I’d say it has been a while anyway.

Seen it before or not, this is a movie one should have seen, it’s so good! No wonder Robin Williams won his Oscar for best supporting actor for this movie, it’s well deserved.

I actually don’t really know what to talk about anymore, other than praising it for being so good, the character interactions with a main character who’s very bad at interacting properly with people. I mean, he drove not one but a whole bunch of psychologists away. He suffered, actually he and his therapist both suffered in different ways and I think both were helped adequately. I loved it when Wills friend came to his house at the very and and Will was not there – exactly what he was hopeing for. Yeah, it was called for, when he mentioned he wanted to come to Wills house and find it empty, so it had to happen, but it was still cool.

RomyGif02<- I actually watched this as well, but…. guilty pleasure at it’s best. Don’t judge me. =P For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Romy Schneider starring in her most famous role as Empress Elisabeth of Austria in the “Sissi”-trilogy from the 50s.

These dresses are so beautiful… ❤