Nintendo World Championships

logo-championshipsAfter 25 years, the Nintendo World Championships will be revived at E3 2015… sounds awesome right? Excpet, it isn’t. At least not for me, because I live in Germany. That’s in Central Europe and that’s apparently in outer space or something, because I can’t participate.

Here’s the thing: You can only quality at 8 locations in the US and I’m not planning on flying across the globe for that, I don’t have that much money. I know this might be very nitpicky, but if you make this an US-exclusive event… you know, you probably don’t want to call it “world championships”, because that includes the world.

When I first heared about it, I expected something like prelimitaries in all the regions where Nintendo products are sold, but instead it’s just the US. Great. I get that this event is held at E3 and that it’s probably sponsored my NoA exclusively, but I still feel kind of cheated out of this.

We live in 2015, where everyone can talk to other people across the globe whenever he likes. We’re more connected than we’ve ever been, thanks to the internet we have access to every place in the world with an internet connection. I’m not even saying Nintendo should’ve held the prelimitaries as online tournaments, I’m just saying we live in a day and age, where saying “the world” actually means the entire world and not just the US.

Dear Nintendo, would you please hold actual World Championships next time? Preferably not in 25 years.