The End of Bleach

It feels awesome being able to write that title.


I know I’m super late with my reaction to the final chapter of Bleach and I honestly didn’t even intend to write one, but since I’ve been ranting about Bleach much more than I ranted about any other manga I ever read, I guess here I am writing about Bleach 686.

First of all, the main reason I refused to write anything about it, is because after a short period of unimaginable rage I felt like the end to this manga doesn’t deserve this much time and energy. It’s bad enough Kubo had to end the manga within 6 chapters all of a sudden, but the last one was literally the worst.I jonwdon’t quite understand why Bleach was suddenly axed at all, it only had a few more months of life in it anyway and sales have been going downhill for ages, so why axe it after 15 years of serialization only a handfull of chapters away from the finish line? Personally, I think that’s a very strange decision.

I understand why it got axed, but I don’t get the time they chose to do it, because they either should’ve done it much earlier, or just let Kubo finish the final strech of his manga the way he intended to do it. Either way, it got axed and we’re left with an even shittier ending than I was already expecting.

Everyone who knows me and my shipping obsession knows I’m a die-hard IchiRuki-fan. I’m not even kidding, I read Bleach for the last years only caring about Ichigo and Rukia, because the rest was crap anyway. Okay, I admit the relationship between Nanao and Shunsui turned out to be pretty cool and after the first shock, after learning Shunsui is actually Nanaos uncle, I managed to like this idea. And yes, I’m still strictly against incest, but Nanao and Shunsui just absolutely belong to each other no matter what happens and I’m not going to let that piece of information ruin my ship for me.

So, yeah, the entire IchiHime-is-canon thing alone already ruined the last chapter for me. tumblr_nc3osue5t51qjnfano1_500I get why Kubo did it, so he could reinact the first chapter with the Ichigos and Rukias kids, so he has at least a somewhat rounded end, but that didn’t really work out. First of all: IchiHime has absolutely no chemistry. Yes, Orihime has been in love with Ichigo since forever, but Ichigo never showed any signs of romantic interest whatsoever. He never showed interest in Rukia either, but their meeting has be described as “fate”, Rukia is stopping Ichigos “rain”. Even though it’s not romantic, Ichigo and Rukia share a relationship on a much deeper level than Ichigo does with any of his friends.

Personally, I wouldn’t even have needed a canon pairing at the end. A shounen manga that doesn’t focus on romantic relationships at all simply doesn’t need to establish a clear canon pairing. I know Fullmetal Alchemist did it, but Fullmetal Alchemist is Fullmetal Alchemist and unlike Bleach, FMA is a fantastic manga. Since Bleach had to rush it’s last chapters, I would’ve liked it much better if Kubo actually tried spending the precious pages he still had left in solving at least the biggest issues and problems of the story. How about we start with… how did the fights end? What happend to the Soul King? How did they zydnynoqwxrestore Soul Society? etc pp

There were so many questions left unanswered, I don’t think answering the question of IchiHime or IchiRuki should’ve been top priority. Or reinacting the fatefull meeting of the first chapter, which could’ve been a nice way to end the manga, if we didn’t have this much other important stuff left hanging in the open, that desperately would’ve needed to be solved. The last chapter felt like its pages were completely wasted.

Yes, of course I’m damn pissed about IchiHime and I still think they don’t match at all and even though an IchiRuki outcome would’ve been more satisfying for me personally, the end would’ve still sucked, because of all the unanswered stuff. I’m honestly happy it’s over, but I’m a bit sad at the same time, because that’s not an end any manga deserves.

I have to accept this final chapter as canon, of course. As shitty as it is, but it’s honestly no use to rage over it. After my rage-preiod, I don’t feel that strongly about it anymore. Maybe it’s because Bleach had become so bad as further it went and I didn’t expect a good ending anyway, but I don’t expect it to become an eternal problem for me like Digimon 02 got to be. IchiHime will be a sore thumb in my shipping heart, but I don’t think it’ll be as bad as Sorato. I don’t think I will ever be as continuesly mad about any end as I was about Digimon 02 and the fact Taiora didn’t happen. I’m still shipping Taiora, even after 17 years, and I will continue to ship IchiRuki no matter what.

I guess Bleach is over now and I feel like it doesn’t deserve to be raged over for months and years to come.



Bleach 670

Okay, we all know Bleach was at it’s best before Aizen turned into a butterfly. The Rukia Rescue Arc was awesome, but after that it went downhill. Too many characters, too many backstories (of characters about to die… really?), fights dragging on for much too long, questionable plot choices…

Let’s say the best part of Bleach ever since the Rukia Rescue Arc ended was Isshin’s backstory. It was short, on point, interesting and informative. It was great and I’m even overlooking that Ichigo got revealed to be a human/quincy/hollw/shinigami-hybrid. He was fine being a substitude shinigami, was that necessary? Whatever, Isshin’s backstory was still great.

tumblr_mn73tbsfF21sqknc4o1_500Now, however, this manga has reached new levels of ridiculous. Especially in more recent chapters, Bleach has taken many turns for the worst – even more than before. Sure, Ukitake was a character who could be killed off, because he was dying of tuberculosis anyway, but I dare you didn’t kill off Urahara Tite Kubo.

I admit I’m shipping IchixRuki so I’m biased as hell, but even if you don’t, they have an amazing dynamic going on between them and I’m really missing that. It was old fashioned and overdone, but the friend-cycle Ichigo was in worked great and the manga had a good balance between action, character development and frienship moments. Even when Ichigo want and rescued Rukia, there was still more to it. Now, for a while, it’s been nothing but fights and sidecharacters.

When was the last chapter Ichigo had some screentime? It’s been a while. I want to see thefuckmore of the core characters, I want to see the story progressing… and finally finishing. After giving Kenpachi a Bankai and Hitsugaya puberty, I’m so far done with this, I’m reading it for the laughs and this is sad, because Bleach used to be good.

Case in point, let’s have fun instead of just crying over how stupid this manga has turned out to be. Everyone thought Hitsugaya’s Bankai would disappear when the last petal melts, because it was said he had an unfinished Bankai due to his young age achieving it. Fun side note: Yachiro is much younger and is the one in charge of controlling Kenpachi’s Berserk-Bankai. How exactly does that work? Another fun side note: am I remembering things wrong, or didn’t Hitsugaya’s Bankai actually fall apart before when the petals all melted?

If even that’s true, it’s easily explained, so not a big deal. I would really like to know, if Matsumoto and Hinamori know about his adult-state-Bankai-mode. That’s comedic gold on a silver plate right there. I need to see their reaction. I mean, he quite literally just turned into the hottest guy in the entire cast. So much for forcing his head between your breasts, Matsomoto. You sure, you wanted to do that all the time?

Bleach Chapter 666

…Tite Kubo, you won’t let Urahara die. You. Won’t. Let. Urahara. Die. End of discussion.

On the other hand, I was shocked he killed off Byakuya, Grimjow and Hitsugaya. What do they have in common? They’re all alive. However, Ukitake is probably dead for good, but he was severely ill to begin with.

I think it’s really cool seeing some of the Arrancar back in action. Kubpo wasted so much time giving us backstory about them, it’s good to see them having some screentime after all. I mean, who’s not in foir some Grimmjow action? That guy’s just cool, but judging from his background, it was pretty obvious he would fight on the good side eventually. Either way it’s pretty nice and Urahara is just bein his awesome self as well. That’s why you can’t kill him off, Bleach would immediately loose half it’s fun. I mean, the one half that is still left.

Talking about fun… am I the only one who thinks Hitsugaya was massively out of character in this chapter? Maybe being a zombie grilled more of his brain cells than I expected, but that joke-szene with Byakuya was just painful to read.

Bleach Chapter 651 (Spoiler) – WHY? WHY?

If anything, the only reason I still read Bleach to be able to say “I finished it.” when it’s over. giphylIt was a very cool shounen, but really should’ve ended after Aizen was defeated. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet, but the ships are keeping me entertained. Well, somewhat, character chemistry has been lacking as of lately, imo.

Basically, I have three main ships in Bleach: Ichigo x Rukia, Hitsugaya x Hinamori, Shunsui x Nanao – and I won’t argue about any of those. I know what can happen when you bring up a pairing that involves Ichigo and either Rukia or Orihime or both. I’ve been there, I’ve taken part in the infamous Bleach shipping wars. And I’m on team IchiRuki.

As for HitsuHina, I usually age them. I mean, they’re what? They look like they’re 13 or something, make them 20 and I’m all in. I’ve never seen anything in MatsuHitsu and Matsumoto has Gin anyway. No, Aizen doesn’t count for Momo.

And the last one, ShunsuixNanao effectively got destroyed in chapter 651. Thank you 1376262901664Bleach, for destroying 1/3 of the joy I have left from reading you. When I found out Nanao is Shunsui’s niece, I felt so weird. They’ve always behaved like an old married couple since the start of the manga and now you’re telling me they’re 3rd grade relatives? No!

As much as I would simply like to refuse to believe it and ignore it’s existence, it came with a very awesome love confession by Nanao. I mean, for some reason, it’s just damn cool she knows about all of this and simply doesn’t give a fuck. She just doesn’t care. Her mother tried to save her from the curse? Doesn’t matter, she wants to fight with that sword anyway. She’s in love with her uncle? As if he cares.

I’m usually strictly against incest relationships and 3rd grade is very close. Even 309relationships between cousins are often not approved and they are 4rth grade relatives and legal in many countries even today, but thanks to Nanao not giving a damn, it kind of feels ok to continue to like it. Even though I know it’s wrong, I also know Tite Kubo has been making up the weirdest stuff in Bleach for plot convenience and this is just another one of those. I know I should dislike it, but I just love them so much. Shunsui and Nanao are awesome, I’ve always enjoyed seeing them every time they walked through a frame.

Bleach 624

giphy3Aizen? Pff. Quincy working together with Shinigami? Pff.

Grimmjow is back! I called it. I never believed he’d stay dead, I always said he will be back. I’m also pretty convinced Hitsugaya will be back… somewhat alive. More or less. Whatever.

But Grimmjow is back, he’s one of the coolest characters in Bleach and he’s pouting like a baby. I haven’t been so excited for Isshin_Kurosaki_reveals_himself_to_Aizen_(&_Ichigo)_001Bleach since… well… good question actually. I think since Isshin and Masaki’s backstory. Isshin is still boss. Come to think of it, we need some more Isshin action, but I guess I’m pretty happy Kubo at least remembered some other older characters, such as Kon. At one point I’ve actually believed he’d forgotten about him. I miss the old days, when Bleach was nothing more than a good shounen with a simple story. Now it’s… a mess.

Either way, today we celebrate Grimmjow! ­čśÇ

Bleach Chapter 500 – Something special? Nnope.

So, Bleach has finally reached 500 chapters. 500 chapters that feel way more than it actually is, because half of it is streached out to the maximum. Interesting thought by the way, I mean, would Bleach have turned out better, if the same story would have been told in 250 chapters? I’m convinced it could have been done and it would have been better.

Chapter 500 is nothing special whatsoever, I guess they really are just ending it now and Bleach doesn’t even get the special treatment anymore it used to get. Naturally, as an IchixRuki shipper, I like the colorpage of chapter 499. Ichigo and Rukia in the foreground messing around and the rest barely visible somewhere in the background? Me gusta, but chapter 500 didn’t even get one. xD I Guess the manga finally get’s it rolling with everyone going crazy and all, but I really dislike the fact that some of the most popular Captains got their Bankai stolen. Oh yeah and of course the little Ice Prince is among them, who has been said to have an incomplete Bankai. *cough* I smell room for character deve… oh wait, this is Bleach, it doesn’t matter.

And of course Ichigo is the super special one whose Bankai cannot be stolen. *snore*┬á Oh, I’m sorry, did I miss anything? No? Ah, just the usual. All right, I’ll be going back to… oh wait, a mysterious character is pointing his sword at Urahara.m Oh no, who could that be? Actually, a lot of people think it might be Isshin, but he would never point his sword at Urahara. Or would he? They’re all going crazy over there in Sould Society, he could be affected by that as well. Then there the theory about Grommjow and as much as I freaking love this idea, I think it’s save to say that Grimmjow is dead and won’t return. Adult Nel would be pretty cool as well, she can kick some serious ass, but not as cool as Grimmjow though.

So, that was chapter 500. Surprisingly (or not?) underwhelming for such a number.