The Legend of Makorra – Episode 10

I’m a Makorrain, I mostly write about Makorra, but if I had to sum up episode 10, I’d do it with these two words: Lin BeiFong

Oh my God, she managed to out-epic herself. She’s stealing the show. She’s literally stealing the show. I’m just saying. You know, I absolutely jumped in my chair due to all the feels I had with the entire Makorra-jelly-Asami-stuff going on, but… when Meelo said: “This lady is my hero” he was damn freaking right, this woman really is a hero. And they even had to let her say the words! Whatever happens to me, don’t look back… this literally means that she’ll be in deep shit, but will sacrifice herself for thze wellbeing of her ex-boyfriends family. Just how awesome can one character become? Lin certainly is setting up new standarts here. Just for a notice, I bet she’ll kick ass even without bending and I can toitally picture Toph being all like “You dared to hurt my Baby-girl, now I’m going to hurt you.” if she knew. Well, as of now we don’t even know if Toph is still alive (actually, I think there’s a high possibility she’s dead), but I can totally picture her going into mama-bear-mode over her “little girl”.

I really pitied Lin, I mean, it must’ve been so awkward to protect Tenzins family, bue to their past relationhip, but she did it nontheless and you can tell me what you want to, but I’m convinced she still treasures him a lot. As much as I like Pema, I think Linzin would’ve made such an awesome pairing, it’s a shame they broke up. I’m sorry, Pema, beautiful new son you got there. Back to Lin, her mother is most likely dead, she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a husband (the only man capable of handling her is probably Tenzin and… we all know what happend), she had to step down from her position as Chief and leave her beloved work, that was probably pretty much her entire life and in the end she sacrified herself for Tenzin and his family. And she KNEW she was going to get her bending taken away from her and, hell, did she kick some serious ass before that happend.

Am I sad she lost her beidng? Surprisingly, no. I’m absolutely convinced that she’s strong enough to handle it and still be the awesome hero-lady she was while she had her bending. She’s mentally and physically a lot stronger than Tanho and won’t break from this experience. While I’m talking about breaking: I get the feeling that Asami is this >>| – |<< close to breaking up with Mako. She was so freaking jealous, it actually made her seem human for once. Like I said in my previous entries, she has every right to be pissed and when Mako declined having feelings for Korra, I wanted to punch him in the face, because… Mako, you know perfectly well that you’re in love with Korra and your actions were so obvious, lying will only make it worse. And Asami knows this, too. Please, somebody, rescue us from this painful relationship, it’s totally going downhill by now anyway. If you ask me, their relationship is already past the point of no return and my prediction for the finale: Asami will turn her back to NTA because of her jealously and in all honestly, I don’t like this scenario. I would’ve preferred a friendlier version without Asami turning evil.

On the other hand: Mama-Mako watched over Korra in her sleep holding her hand being all worried. My Makorra-feels! And Mako went to get some hot water for Korra, that was so unnecessary. I mean, aside the fact that Korra needs it for… what? Pema’s the pregant woman giving birth in this episode, not Korra. Well, maybe for healing? Besides, she’s the Avatar. Mako can firebend and heat up the water and Korra could do it herself just as well. Nice escape by Pema though, I wouldn’t have wanted to stay in the same room as Asami and Mako in this situation as well. Nasty situation, but… Mako held her hand when she was asleep, I don’t care.

The parked car by Korra was amazing btw, just as amazing as Mako comforting Korra after they fleed from Airtemple island. Yes, we have the same situation again: Girls looses everything and this time, Mako doesn’t have to be reminded to comfort her, no, he actually gets it himself this time. Yay, I’m so proud of Mako. It would’ve been better if he actually sorted out his problems with his (soon to be ex-) girlfriend, before holding Korra in his arms right before Asamis eyes., Yes, that was pretty dump and so we hurt Asami yet again. Ouch. Actually, I’m feeling bad for Asami right now, but I’m happy for Korra, I mean, she must’ve noticed something, including Makos sweet behaviour towards her and the fight he’s having with Asami, As much as it’s Makos fault for not saying anything to Asami, Korra is part of this love-triangle as well and she could initiate a solution, but I doubt Korra is sensitive enough for friendly results. Still, she could at least do something that leads to Mako and Asami sorting this mess out. She was the one who kissed Mako back then, she was the one who confessed her love for him and made him all confused, so it’s partly her fault as well.

I’m not trying to blame anyone, because they’re just teenagers in love and have no clue how to handle this mess properly and they have to rescue Republic City, too. It’s probably just way too much for all of them. I’ve vome to a point where I just wait for Makorra to finally happen, because thanks to the mess between Asami and Mako that has build up in ep 10, there’s no way this relationship can survive. But… I don’t want Mako to ditch Asami and just go into lovely-dovely mode with Korra. I doubt he will, though. He may be a jerkbender, but he’s not that cold. At least I hope so.

All in all, the episode was awesome and next up is the grand finale and I absolutely can’t wait for it. Prepare for Makorra, prepare for some more bending taken away from important persons, prepare for epic firenation warships ripping wholes into Amon (seriously… Iroh! IROH!) and some more love-triangle-drama with Asami, Mako and Korra.


30 Days Shipping Challenge – Day 13

Day 13: What is your favorite movie pairing?

Baby and Johnny ftw! Yes, yes, I love Dirty Dancing (the “sequel” was shit), it’s kind of a guilty pleasure, but at least it’s a classic.