Favorite Pokemon

fav pokemon

It’s always fun making these templates. It’s so hard to decide and I had to put some Pokemon in different categories than I would have liked to. A Top10 list would probably look very different from this template. It was still a lot of fun, though, and it made me once again realize just how many good designs were introduced in Gen V and how few Pokemon were introduced in Gen VI. Still my favorite Gen either way. 😉

This is a mixture between Pokemon I simply like design-wise and those I actually like using. Therefore, there’re a lot of cute and adorable Pokemon on my template. And yes, I cheated about my favorite fairy type. I used the typing each Pokemon had when it was introduced in it’s original generation, but since the last row includes all Pokemon I used Gen VI standarts and chose Whimsicott – introduced as a pure grass type in Gen V, it gained the secondary fairy type in Gen VI.

And yes, due to lack of choice I had to choose Pokemon I don’t like in certain cases.

For a bigger picture, click here: http://abload.de/img/favpokemonf2ki9.png



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