193733-capeta-capetaracing3010 years ago, when I read about the Capeta anime, I really wanted to read the manga, but it wasn’t released in Germany and I was still pretty new to reading online, so I kind of forgot about it.

Until yesterday. I found some scanlations, but they’re very incomplete, unfortunately. I read through 6 volumes and now there’s 3 volumes missing. Volume 11 to 20 are all there, but the rest is missing as well. The manga has 32 volumes, after all.

There seems to be a team working on scanlations, so I’m putting my hopes on them. Meanwhile, I decided to watch the anime, it’s at least a bit longer than the 6 volumes I’ve already read. That’s something!

Capeta gives off a very strong Initial D – vibe, but as far as I know that’s entirely intentional. Unlike many other sports anime/manga, this one is certainly on the more realistic side, even though the main character is a classic genious. It’s super nice to see him taking his first steps in a go-kart and the manga follows him all the way to Formula 3. Would’Capetave been cool to see him in F1, though. However, knowing him, I’m sure he made it into the highest class either way. 😉

So far, the anime is allright. It uses CGI to animate the cars in races the same way Initial D did and that’s fine by me. The anime is 10 years old so that certainly shows, but Initial D First Stage is 17 years old and I was fine with that one, too. No complains here.

What really drives me crazy is that girl Monami. She was okay-ish in the manga, but is a complete nightmare in the anime. Her voice actress is driving me nuts. She sounds like she’s constantly screaming in that crazy high pitched voice of hers, it’s making my ears hurt. It really does! I had to lower the tone a lot to endure her voice at least somewhat. I hardly ever complain about japanese voice actors, maybe I think one is not that fitting (Lelouch from Code Geass foir example), but I’m usually totally fine with whatever they present me with. Monami is horrible though and needs to shut up  – too  bad she’s the type of character that never does.


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