Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen

With the end oft the second season drawing near, I have to admit, this anime is pretty good. The first season was good, the second was even better. Mind you, I usually dislike most vampire stories.

On the pairing front, the first season gave a small BL vibe with Mika and Yuu, but there wasn’t really much to it. Later on during the first season and through most of the second season I thought Yuu x Shinoa was going to be a thing.

That is, until the bite happend. After years of fighting it, Mika finally has to drink human blood in order to survive. To be fair, he probably would’ve died without drinking a single drop of blood, if Yuu hadn’t talked Mika into it. What a bittersweet way to become a vampire: with the blood of the one person you want to protect the most.

Besides, the way he bit him, now this was some great BL. I swear, I was shipping Yuu x Shinoa and that single szene totally made me jump ship to Yuu x Mika. I want to see them together so bad.


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