Blue Sky Complex

141127lBlue Sky Complex is a BL I recently discovered and so far it has been pretty good. Even though I love me a nice BL manga every once in a while, I have to admit, there’s a lot of fanservice in the huge pool of stories to choose from. A lot of stories are simply entirely made out of clichés from start to finish and it’s always the same conflicts to overcome.

Of course I understand it’s still not as accepted to have a homosexual relationship than having a heterosexual relationship and there’s a lot of problems that comes with it. Even though, I personally think we should not have to worry about these types of things anymore and therefore I like manga, that don’t ride on the same conflicts over and over again mixed with a nice bag full of over-dramatized cliché. I completely detest manga about rape, like Junjou Romantica. I once wrote an entry in this blog why I hate this manga, contrary to most fans of the BL genre, so I’m not going to repeat myself, but to sum it up: the main love interest is a psychopath and their entire relationship is build upon forced seuxual activities and rape. And yes, this is one of the most popular BL manga out there with several anime adaptations. If anything, that’s just sad.

What I like about Blue Sky Complex is, the love interest and main character, even though hetero at first, doesn’t care that his partner is male. When asked, if he is okay with a male partner, he simply answered it’s not about gender but about the person.  I can’t even start to descibe how awesome that statement is and how many people could learn from that.


Of course the delinquent who’s gay from the start and falls in love with the main character (the glasses guy in the picture on the right), has trouble with the fact that he’s in love with a hetero and he seeks advice from a fellow gay man, but it’s not overly dramatic, it’s more like a normal teenager seeking advice. We’re all insecure when we’re in love, especially when it’s our first love.

Blue Sky Complex simply tells a story about two teenagers in love, in that aspect, it’s similar to Seven Days, another manga I highly recommend.


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