Shokugeki no Soma 148


Soma chapter 148

Unsurprisingly, Soma won the Shokugeki the


Soma chapter 1

simplest way possible: make food so delicious, the judges can’t withstand their desire to try it. Well, that was to be expected and Soma stayed true to his good old cocky self.


However, I have to admit, those past 148 chapters really did wonders to Soma. Sure, he’s often portayed very funny, but on the rare occausions he does get serioues, he shows just how much he’s grown up (and how much the drawing style of the manga-ka has improved).

Still: declaring live on TV he will kick some serious ass whenever someone is in search for a fight, evne if it’s the Elite 10, is just damn cool. Too bad Erinas reaction wasn’t shown, I would’ve loved to see that. She’s still super tsun when it comes to Soma, even though she perfectly well knows he makes delicious food.  Yeah, I’m shipping SomaxErina. 😛


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