Bleach Chapter 651 (Spoiler) – WHY? WHY?

If anything, the only reason I still read Bleach to be able to say “I finished it.” when it’s over. giphylIt was a very cool shounen, but really should’ve ended after Aizen was defeated. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet, but the ships are keeping me entertained. Well, somewhat, character chemistry has been lacking as of lately, imo.

Basically, I have three main ships in Bleach: Ichigo x Rukia, Hitsugaya x Hinamori, Shunsui x Nanao – and I won’t argue about any of those. I know what can happen when you bring up a pairing that involves Ichigo and either Rukia or Orihime or both. I’ve been there, I’ve taken part in the infamous Bleach shipping wars. And I’m on team IchiRuki.

As for HitsuHina, I usually age them. I mean, they’re what? They look like they’re 13 or something, make them 20 and I’m all in. I’ve never seen anything in MatsuHitsu and Matsumoto has Gin anyway. No, Aizen doesn’t count for Momo.

And the last one, ShunsuixNanao effectively got destroyed in chapter 651. Thank you 1376262901664Bleach, for destroying 1/3 of the joy I have left from reading you. When I found out Nanao is Shunsui’s niece, I felt so weird. They’ve always behaved like an old married couple since the start of the manga and now you’re telling me they’re 3rd grade relatives? No!

As much as I would simply like to refuse to believe it and ignore it’s existence, it came with a very awesome love confession by Nanao. I mean, for some reason, it’s just damn cool she knows about all of this and simply doesn’t give a fuck. She just doesn’t care. Her mother tried to save her from the curse? Doesn’t matter, she wants to fight with that sword anyway. She’s in love with her uncle? As if he cares.

I’m usually strictly against incest relationships and 3rd grade is very close. Even 309relationships between cousins are often not approved and they are 4rth grade relatives and legal in many countries even today, but thanks to Nanao not giving a damn, it kind of feels ok to continue to like it. Even though I know it’s wrong, I also know Tite Kubo has been making up the weirdest stuff in Bleach for plot convenience and this is just another one of those. I know I should dislike it, but I just love them so much. Shunsui and Nanao are awesome, I’ve always enjoyed seeing them every time they walked through a frame.


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