Ookiku Furikabutte (Spoiler)

After I was told a bazillion times I should watch Ookiku Furikabutte, if I like sports anime, I finally did. There. Happy everyone? I finished Season 1&2 + both specials. There’s just one question left unanswered:

When’s season 3 comming?

tumblr_nkd1uaA1mZ1slopz6o1_500Yes, I enjoyed it. The characters are all very likable and it’s one of those stories that try to be on the realistic side. Between Slam Dunk and Kuroko no Basket, it’s the Slam Dunk. It tries hard to be as realistic as can be without being boring or only interesting for baseball fans, but it still has a heavy focus on the matches. Especially the second season.

I admit, I have not yet read the manga. I will as soon as my next exam is over, but so far I can only talk about the anime and if there’s something that I didn’t like as much, it’s probably the pacing. The first season with it’s 25 episodes was very slow. A lot of time was spent on the games, but there was also a fair amount of time spent on training, SoL and tumblr_ntwywoDYpK1u6xtrco1_540building frienships. In comparison season 2 felt very rushed, everything was shorter. They squeezed 4 games (3 of which were actually shown) in just 13 episode. The lenght of the actual games shown was fine, I actually liked the somewhat shorter games in S2 better than the very lenghty ones from S1, I just missed a bit more stuff happening between the games in S2, but that was simply not possible in 13 episodes, I guess?

Then again, I don’t know if this was done, because there really was no time, or because it’s faithful to the source material. A 13 episode sports anime is kind of weird to begin with, if you ask me. You can’t get much done. Initial D S2 pulled it off really good, but that’s the only one I can think of. I really want to read the manga and see if it’s done any different over there and I really want to know, if Abe can hold himself back until the fall tournament. I’d like to see Tajima catching more – that means more Tajima screentime overall and more Tajima is always good.

I have a sweet spot for Tajima. He’s very talented, but he’s still working hard and a great team player. He has a fun personality and acts as Mihashis older brother/interpreter. He seems to be easy going, but he’s able to fully concentrate when he’s out on the field and cheers up his teammates. (Who didn’t smile when he complained that his brain was tumblr_nkljqhwpUJ1say8hro2_400hurting after catching against Bijou?) Sounds like an awesome player, right? Well, unfortunately, he has a tragic side to him as well, because he might be extreamly talanted, but due to his small build he’ll always fall short. I guess this really makes you feel sympathy for him and adds to the overall appeal: on first glance, he might appear perfect, but he has a major flaw and no matter what he does, he can’t willingly do anything against it.

To sum it up: Was it worth it? Certainly. However, I have to admit there are other sports anime I enjoyed more, but this one’s really good, too. Highly recommended for anyone who’s into the realistic type of sports anime.


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