Ballroom e Youkoso (spoiler)

Spoilers including chapter 41. No, I still can’t read Japanese, but I can still look at the raw chapters.

ballroom lolI. Love. This. Manga! ♥

Anyone who knows me and my obsession for manga, is very well aware of two facts:

  1. I love Sportsmanga
  2. I love unusual topics

Ballroom dancing covers pretty much both and I’m in manga-heaven. Besides, this manga is actually really good and a lot of fun to read. And it’s SHOUNEN! The characters are interesting and likable, especially the main character is very strong and his teacher is both hilarious and awesome at the same time. However, what really takes the cake is the energy Image-72during their dances. It’s very powerful and captured perfectly. Ballroom dancing looks nice, but is very exhausting and hard word – I took quite a few courses myself and would’ve liked to continue, but I had no partner, so I quit.

I would love to see this animated, however only done right, please. This means, no stiff animation, we need flowing and fast action here, otherwise it doesn’t look good. However, I doubt it will see an anime any time soon, so it’s way too early to complain about an inferior anime-adaptation.

And of course I’ve already boarded a ship! Unfortunately Chinatsu has not really been shown much in the scanlations yet and most of my information about her is from raw chapters and therefore I haven’t really been able to get her entirely, but from what I’ve seen so far, she’s pretty damn awesome. And a real handful for Tatara, not only has she danced the leading part with a girl as partner in the past, she’s also a fullblown Tsundere and has one hell of a character.

ballroom aweGood luck with handling this explosive girl… Hey, Tatara and Chinatsu do seem to be arguing a lot and at times their dance is more scary than anything else, but every once in a while they do manage to pull off some pretty amazing stuff.

I think they can work together really well, especially because they argue so much. I do need to wait for a tanslation, but if their arguing is actually constructive, it will help them a lot to improve and Tatara can learn a lot from Chinatsus experience as a leader.

As much as they argue and as unfriendly as them seem from time to time, Tatara might have found himself the best partner he could’ve gotten. Not the easiest, but the most suited and I want them to continue dancing together preferably for a very very long time.

Now, give me mooooore~



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