Nurarihyon no Mago – Spoiler

If you thought any franchise is safe from my shipping madness, you’re dead wrong! Either way, I’ve finally finished this manga. Took me long enough… What can I say? It’s a solid shounen, some nice ideas with the Yokai, I really liked it. However, aside from the actual, you know story, which was quite nice with the backstory of Hagorome Gitsune and Rikous parents and everything, but of course for my shipping heart, what made me the happiest were the omakes. One very specific omake.

First things first: tumblr_m45o48EPX71qemtuko1_r1_500 The last omake “Tsurara’s Love Comedy” heavily impies TsuraraxRikuo, which is quite nice of a change from the usual pattern of only having one love intererst. If you really want to, you can read a bit into some actions in the manga here and there as well, but this omake was clearly the strongest hint. Why? Because Rikuo nearly kissed her. On his own! Holy!

In the beginning of the manga Kana was portayed as Rikuos main love interest, even though Tsurara as been sown having a crush on him from the start as well, so it’s some kind of weak love-triangle. I’m saying “weak”, because it’s never really played out that much and it doesn’t really come to a conclusion either. If I remember correctly Rikuo doesn’t even say straight out that his interest in Kana has faded and instead he’s getting more interested in Tsurara.

And this is so great! I hate overly dramatic love triangles. Watashi ni XX Shinasai, anyone? That manga hurts, but I guess that’s what we’re in a shounen for… OH wait, there’s Naruto with the Sasuke x Sakura x Naruto x Hinata thing going on and don’t forget the infamous and heavly feared fan war about IchixHime vs IchixRuki during Bleach’s best days. Thank every God there is this entire love stuff wasn’t pushed too hard in NuraMago, which is interesting, because a good portion of the conflict comes from the old geezer’s and Rihan’s past romantic relationships and one goal of the manga was to break the fox curse.

To come to the point, I hated the Kana x Rikuo ship, because it was just threre to be… there and Kana was only there to be Rikuo’s love interest and that does not make good characters. I still think throughout the entire manga straight until the very end, Kana was too perfect. I can’t stand these super sweet girls, that’re supposed to be very likable, but end up entirely useless and boring. I mean, even the comedic relief character Kiyotsugu ended up being very useful at some points and the other two girls were at least funny here and there. In the end, they rounded everything up with all of Rikuo’s friends being very important to him, because they’re his connection to humans. By the way, this only sounds nice as long as you don’t think about the lifespan of a yokai compared to a human and even though Rikuo is only 1/4 yokai, it is implied in the manga that he will live a lot longer than an average human. His father was 1/2 yokai and about 5000 years old when Rikuo was born. It’s safe to say Rikuo will probably live a few thousand years and this means, he will see his precious friends die.

Back to the shipping. Since the manga only shows Rikuo in middle school and with a possible interest in Tsurara as a romantic partner, I would love to see a continuation of the manga during their the High School days. Or a short series what’ll happen with adult Rikuo and his children, like Naruto Gaiden. I always think it’s very satisfying to get a short glimps of the character’s lives after the main events have ended and how they have settled down and chose to live their lives. It’s very common in Shoujo manga to skip foward a few years and show the wedding with all the characters as guests and give a short overview what they’re doing now, if they have children on their own and so on and I really like that. It doesn’t even need to be much, in Fullmetal Alchemist it was just one page, one wonderful page showing all the main characters in the future. Wouldn’t you want to see Rikuos child? Especially since in the other omake, they were talking about a 4th heir and marrige, I sure would love to.


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