Digimon Adventure Tri

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I’m so incredibly hyped for this anime!!! _portal__by_super_hedgehog-d4mxa94 It’s a new Digimon season! With the original DigiDestined! This is pure nostalgia for me, I was a 90s kid, I grew up on Pokemon and Digimon during the peak of the monster-craze, it was so awesome back then. The big question: Pokemon or Digimon. Well… game: Pokemon. Anime: Digimon. At least the first two seasons. I don’t really like it when they exchange the main characters and in Digimon 02 at least two old cast members were still active and the rest appeared once in a while, but the season after that…tumblr_lyarp10Oxj1r5nzlko5_r1_250

I know Digimon Tamers has a lot fans, but it was never my cup of tea. Call me old fashioned, I still like Digimon Adventure best. And it’s comming back! This April! Get your nostalgia googles out, it’s time to get some digital monsters covered in f*cking weapons beat the hell out of each other. Ok, I know it’s basically a “kids show”, but it’s ok. This time, it’s ok and I honestly don’t care.

tumblr_inline_nakwwkkhqx1rfqor4Besides, this is the chance to correct that messed up pairing end-game. All these years MattxSora was a sore thumb in my shipper heart, that was probably my first big “what the hell” moment in my shipping career. I mean, seriously, what the hell were they thinking? Not only did they butcher Sora from being a tomboy to a princess (another part they can correct) all of a sudden, because… reasons? Mimi is back, she was the original princess from the group, pair her off with Mr.Cool aka Matt and give the tomboy to the leader.

Let the Taiora ship sail once again!



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