Korra Season 3 finale


I don’t know where to go with all my feels from the Korra season 3 finale! D:

It was, like, so much better than seaosn 1 and 2, the entire 3rd seaosn was the best Korra season by far ans the finale… oh my gosh the final. Starting from the amazing animation to the heart ripping sight of a depressed Korra in a wheelchair.  And migh I add she had some great character moments in this season, finally behaved remotely like an Avatar should and was actually likable for more than 2 seconds? How awesome is that?

I mean: How awesome is that:


She looked so badass, at some point she didn’t even look like a girl anymore. Yeah, she’s very muscular, we knew that already, but this was some serious ass kicking. I loved the chain around her wrist, added a nice extra touch and was useful at the end.  Either way, I think it was probably also becasue of this incredible strengh we saw, that the moment when depressed!Korra showed up in a wheelchair was even more shocking. We saw all her strenght and only moments later she’s as delicate as any other girl and far from her usual optimistic and strong self.

This just has to be the saddest Korra gif ever created:

Poor Korra. 😦 For someone as strong and hyperactive as she is, to be stuck in such a state… Holy that season ended on a dark note. The entire season was pretty dark, though. I mean: The Earth Queen was suffocated, Combustion Lady literally blew up her own head, no arms waterbender was fried alive by a massive eloectic shock (I loved Mako’s face afterworld, he was all: “Oh… ” like he didn’t even expect to be able to do it.) and Lava-bender-guy was buried alive… or bruned. Either way, not so nice.

Mentioning Mako, I was so mad he didn’t lightning bend the entire season, especially since he had to face off the no arms waterbender before. Water. Against electricity. Helloooo? However, maybe it’s not that he didn’t want to, but becasue he either couldn’t do it, or didn’t dare. Lightning bending is dangerous, as Iroh has taught us in ATLA, in a troubled emotional state, Mako could probably easily kill himself with a failed attempt at lightning bending. And who was troubled after his break up with his Avatar-asskicking-girlfriend called Korra?


Well, let’s just say I find it rather amusing he was obviously stable enough to pull if off, after this:


Might I add he was looking absolutely ridiculous when he hugged Korra after their reunion in the desert, when Bolin ran and hugged Asami? The ship has not sunk yet! The SS Makorra is still aliiii~ve and sailing! No seriously, that doesn’t look very platonic to me. I’d love to see Makorra endgame after season 4, but with less teenage-y crazy hormons ruining everything and more seriously love between two matured people and I think we’ve already seen the start of it in season 3. I mean, the reason they broke up was not because they didn’t love eath other anymore, it was because they didn’t work out, since both of them behaved very immature. After allo this crazy near death Avatar in wheelchair business, I’d be very surprised they they’d go into it again as childish as they did before.


tumblr_nacpqzDluz1tubuz5o2_250 Makorra is alive and don’t you dare trying to tell me otherwise. Oh and all these Korrasami fans popping up know, don’t Avatar fans never learn? Asami might be Korra’s closest person right now, but that’s because she’s her best friend and a friend Korra never had before. Girls share emotional bonds this strong purely based on friendship. Korra can’t have her hair done for her by her father or Bolin or Mako and she’s closer to Asami than she’s to Pema, it makes sense that she’s relying so much on Asami now. It’s done the season so much good to remove all the obvious shipping stuff (aside from a few sprinkles here and there), they actively decided to highlight the friendship between Korra and Asami and it was a great choice, becasue theat’s one part of what made the original ALTA so great. We certainly need more Sokka in LOK, but I guess that’s too much to ask.


Either way, damn this finale was so amazing.





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