Olympic Special: London 2012 – Day 7

Again, I’m sorry, it’s 1:51am here right now and after finishing the following text, I’m so beaten, I too tired to proofread. Sorry… D:

First day of athletics! Yay! Finally, I’ve been waiting for this. You see, back in school, I’ve always been very good at athletics and a teacher of mine wanted me to try out indoor pentathlon and until this day, I actually regret my decision I’ve made back then when I didn’t want to wait for their training to begin after school and went home, deciting against the indoor pentathlon. It’s not olympic or anything, but… it has always been a question of mine: what would have happend if…?

And as for the athletic events, there was something pretty uncomfortable for two german long jump athletes, because one kicked the other out of the final. They both jumped 7,92m, but one of them only managed to jump this in his third try. Guess who was allowed to go into the final.
One of our three heptathlon athletes managed to place 8th after 4 out of 7 events, but she still has a good chance to grab bronze, because her strong events have yet to come. Still, she pretty much fought at the border of her personal best the entire day, she can be proud of herself, whatever happens tomorrow. Jessica Ennis from Great Britain wilol most likely win though. She ran the fastest time on the 100m and the 200m that an any heptathlon athlete has even run. Austra Skujytė from Lithuania on the other hand was able to set a new heptathlon record in high jump and shot put. These’re some seriously strong opponents.

Talking about medals, the US managed to claim more gold than China after day 7. They have 21 gold medals now and China has 20. Germany has 20… in total now. At least we got 20 until now, I was afraid we might not even manage that, I honestly don’t know how much there’s left for us to get. The host, Great Britain currently ranked 4rth with 8 gold medals. South Korea has one more, they have 9. Think about this for a second: second place has 20 gold medals and third place has 9. Make your own decision on this, without thinking of the countries at the top.

A medal is something Roger Federer will also claim for Switzerland, the only question is: gold or silver? After a long and exiting match, he managed to win against Juan Martin del Potro and will now fight for gold, likely to be the first medal for Switzerland in London, let’s hope it’ll be gold.
No chance of gold for two athletes, one from Russia, the other from Morocco, will not participate in the olympics, because they’ve arouse suspicion of doping. Always sad to hear, let’s hope we won’t have anymore news like these.

Before we go to the medalists, I would like to add that our dressage team is curently ranked 2nd behind Great Britan. The first three are very close to each other, everything can happen, so we’ll have a really exiting day next monday when the decisions in dressage will be made. Unlike 2008, we have a pretty inexperienced team on the international stage this year and Totilas can’t participate, because his rider got ill, this is a huge disadvantage. Although Germany has won gold olympic after olympic in the dressage team event, considering our olympic newcomers, any medal would be an amazing result and they’re seriously fighting for gold… girls, you’re doing so good, keep on going, you can do it.

The first medals of the day, of course once again, were given out in the rowing events and although Germany did not win that much today, I have th honor of anouncing a german gold run in the men’s quadruple sculls competition. They absolutely convinced everyone of their class with a clear start-to-finsh race, winning before Croatia and Australia. And this also should be mentioned: very sportsmenlike and fair winners and loosers this day.
And no more german rowing medals, instead New Zealand won the men’s coxless pair. France managed to claim silver and Great Britain bronze.
In the women’s double sculls event, it seemed to be a lot brighter, especially the medal, because it was gold for Britain. Australia managed silver and Poland goit themselves a nice bronze medal.
The last rowing competition of the day was the men’s single sculls event won by Mahé Drysdale from New Zealand, their second gold of the day. Ondřej Synek from the Czech Republik came in second, before Alan Campbell who won Great Britains second bronze this day.

I’m already tired and someone is texting me endlessly in skype. I should turn it off, or I’ll never finish. Nevertheless, shooting! In the men’s 50 metre rifle prone, Germany made it to the final, but only placed 5th in the end. Sergei Martynov from Belarus was the best this day. Second best was Lionel Cox from Belgium, a neighbor of ours. Bronze went to 49 year old Rajmond Debevec from Slovenia.
The men’s 25m rapid fire pistol event saw a winner from Cuba: Leuris Pupo won the second gold for his country in London. Vijay Kumar from India came in second and third place went to Ding Feng from China.

The badminton mixed double event had a chinese/chinese final, so obviously gold and silver went to China. The bronze medalists came from Europe though, claiming the medal for Denmark, their thrid medal this olympics by the way. This was the first out of five Badminton decisions, two will follw tomorrow and two on Sunday.

Also only one decision was made in gymnastics, this time it was the men’s trampoline event and Russia once again has to give gold to someone else, “only” winning the silver medal with their athlete Dmitry Ushakov. Gold went to a chinese man with quite the funny name, it’s Dong Dong and he was able to celebrate with his fellow landsman Lu Chunlong who won the bronze medal.

In weightlifing the women’s 75kg event was won by Svetlana Podobedova from Kazachstan and this country now has 4 medals, 4 gold medals to be exact, 3 of those come from weightlifting events. Second place Natalya Zabolotnaya comes from Russia and Iryna Kulesha from Belarus.
As for the men, we had the 85kg event won by polish athlete Adrian Zieliński. Second place went, once again, to Russia with Apti Aukhadov. Kianoush Rostami from Iran won the first medal for his country in London, it was bronze.

The last archery event of the olympics 2012 was the men’s individual event and it was a good event for South Korea, winning yet another gold medal thanks to their athlete Oh Jin-Hyek, who has bad eyesight by the way. He won the final match against Takaharu Furukawa from Japan. Bronze went to yet another chinese athlete, Dai Xiaoxiang. This completes the Archery events with South Korea at it’s top, winning 3 out of 4 events. Congratulations.

Judo also had it’s final events today in the heavyweight class today. Let’s take a look at the women fist, because there we had the first female olympic athlete from Saudi Arabia competing at the games in history, Wodjan Shaherkani, who nearly wasn’t allowed to fight, because her father wanted her to wear a head cloth of some kind, in the end she wore something that looked like a bathing cap. Did she win? No, she lost her first match after 82 seconds, but that was to be expected, she’s not even a black belt and was only able to get into the olympics through an invitation. Still, a great day for women’s sport. The winners was Idalys Ortíz from Cuba who won her final against Mika Sugimoto from Japan thanks to judge decision. The bronze medals went to Karina Bryant representing Great Britain and Tong Wen from China.
In the men’s heavyweight event it was french Judoka and world champion Teddy Riner claiming gold with his victory over Aleksandr Mikhailine from Russia. Bronze was won by Rafael Silva from Brazil and Andreas Tölzer from Germany, winning Germany’s 4rth Judo-medal in London. With this Germany is the european country with the second most Judo-medals, but overall we’re ranked 11th in Judo, because we have no gold. First place is Russia with 3 gold medals and 5 in total. France and Japan both have 7 Judo-medals in total, the most in this olympics.

Next up is the men’s cycling team pursuit won by Great Britain with a new World Record while they were at it. They actually rewrote the Word Record twice, first in the qualification round, then later in the finals a second time. They naturally won clearly against Australia. New Zealand won the reace against Russia and bronze.
Fear not, I have more british gold with the name of Victoria Pendleton who won the women’s Keirin event. Silver went to Shuang Guo from China and bronze to Wai Sze Lee from Hong Kong.

Back to fencing, after today, we still have 2 more decisions left, one will be tomorrow and the other Sunday. In the men’s team sabre event today we have another South Korean victory. Silver went to Romania and bronze to Italy.

I will not close my report with swimming, I’ll have the athletics decisions last. As for today’s 4 gold medals, 3 of them went to the US, still absolutely domintating the swimming events with big names. One of these names is Missy Franklin, I still can’t believe this is her given name, but that’s not the point, she won her thrid gold in the women’s 200m backstroke event. The men’s 100m butterfly event was won by none other than Michael Phelps, doing his best to make his already legendary achievements even more untouchable for future athletes. And last the women’s 800m freestlye was won by 15-year old Katie Ledecky with a new American Record. The second 15-year old girl winning gold in swimming at the olympics 2012. Unbelievable. Her follow up was Mireia Belmonte García from Spain and thid place went to Rebecca Adlington representing Britain.
Let’s not forget about the others: the silver medal in the women’s 200m backstroke was given to Anastasia Zueva from Russia and third to Elizabeth Beisel, also from the US. In the men’s 100m butterfly event it was Chad le Clos from South Africa who placed second, together with Yevgeny Korotyshkin from Russia. There was no bronze, if there are two silver medalists, nop bronze is given out. What if we have two gold and two silver athletes? Well… no idea.
The last swimming decision in the men’s 5ßm freestlye event was won by french swimmer Florent Manaudou. Second was Cullen Jones from the US and third was César Cielo from Brazil.

Now, all what’s left are the athletics, where we have our first two decisions. The men’s shot put event was won by polish athlete Tomasz Majewski, who was able to … ehm…push (?) 3cm further than german athlete and world champion David Storl, who was leading until the last round. Very unfortunate, but I thought it was pretty cool of Majewski when he told Storl after his win, that in 4 years Storl will be the winner, note that he’s only 22 years old and the youngest european champion as well as the youngest world champion as well. I hope he’ll continue doing great.
The second gold went to Tirunesh Dibaba from Ethiopia, who was able to repeat her victory in the women’s 10000m event from 2008. Sally Kipyego came in second and Vivian Cheruiyot thrid, they’re both from Kenya.


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