Olympic Special: London 2012 – Day 6

I was too tired yesterday night to write my little report, so I’ll do it today while the first matches of the 7th day are already starting. So let’s just get into it, but before I would like to add that both America and China have 18 gold medals so far at the end of the 6th day, that’s 1 gold medal more than Germany has in total so far. Im case of America most gold was earned by fast swimmers, earning the US 11 gold medals in the Aquatic Centre in London.

The first decision of the day was in rowing. New Zealand won the men’s double sculls competition before Italy and Slovenia. In the men’s lightweight coxless four we had some south african athletes winning gold and the british were able to claim silver right before Denmark who placed third. The final rowing desiciton of the day was the women’s eight competition won by the US, followed by their neighbors Canada and our neighbors the Netherlands.

In shooting we had one decision yesterday and that was the Men’s Double Trap, won by Peter Wilson from Britain, followed by swedish athlete Håkan Dahlby. The bronze shoot-off was decited between Russia and Kuwai. It was Vasily Mosin from Russia who won.

At least one more gold was given out in canoeing than it was in shooting, so we had two decisions that day with more tahn two winners, because we had the men’s C-2 slalom event with Timothy Baillie and Etienne Stott from Britain at the top, closely followed by fellow landsmen David Florence and Richard Hounslow. At least they left the bronze medal foir someone else, won by Pavol Hochschorner and Peter Hochschorner from Slovakia.
In the women’s K-1 slalom event we had a french winner, Émilie Fer was the fastest one yesterday. Second place was Jessica Fox from Australia and Maialen Chourraut from Spain came in third.

Table tennis. Sometimes I’m just overly happy when I’m wrong. Of course first and second place were both reserved for China, but Dimitrij Ovtcharov won Germany’s second medal in a men’s table tennis event at Olympia. It was a very exiting match that he won 4:2 and got standing ovations from the crowd afterwards. I have to admit, I don’t care that it’s bronze, it’s a medal and it’s even more amazing, because this sport is dominated by Asia so much. Huge congratulations to Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Of course the chinese athletes also deserve their respect. World champion Zhang Jike got the gold medal and his fellow landsman Wang Hao lost the final winning silver.

The second to last archery gold was given to Ki Bo-Bae from South Korea for winning the women’s individual event. Aída Román from Mexico won silver and her team-colleague Mariana Avitia got herself the bronze medal.

Let’s continue in Judo. German fans were disappointed that Dimitri Peters was not able to make it to the finals of the hald-heavyweight event. Before the eyes of Vladimir Putin, Peters russian opponent and future olympic gold medal winner Tagir Khaibulaev advanced to the finals by the decision of the judges after none of them was able to score. As far as I saw it was a close decision and in honor of his great athlete, the german trainer carried his bronze-medal winner on his shoulders right after his last match. Silver went to Tuvshinbayar Naidan from Mongolia and the other bronze was won by dutch Judoka Henk Grol.
As for the ladies, Kayla Harrison from the US won the women’s half-heavyweight event, defeating Gemma Gibbons from Great Britain in the final. French Judoka Audrey Tcheuméo was able to win bronze, as well as Mayra Aguiar from Brazil.

In gyamastics America won their next gold in the women’s artistic individual all-around competition. 16-year-old Gabrielle Douglas place first before Viktoria Komova, whon won the silver medal and Aliya Mustafina who won bronze, both from Russia.

Now, we still have two cycling events left. Yesterday we had the first track cycling decisions and in the men’s team sprint, it was none other than Great Britain winning gold, beating France in the final race. Before that, Germany was able to win another bronze medal.
As for the women’s team sprint, this was actually a very strange competition. At first, the final should have been between China and Great Britain, but the host was relegated for an early exchange, leaving the final race to China and Germany. In this final, China was slightly faster than Germany, winning gold… or was it? After some time, german and chinese athletes were told that China also was relegated for an early exchange, winning silver in the end and gold went to Germany. Well, I guess you can also win when your opponents crush themselves.

In fencing the team foil gold medal went to Italy, who’s doing absolutely amazing in the fencing events. Silver was earned by Russia and bronze by South Korea.

Now, the last medals are once again the swimming medals with Amercia winning 3 out of 4 events. First Rebecca Soni won the women’s 200m breaststroke event with a new World Record, followed by japanese swimmer Satomi Suzuki who placed second and swam a new Asian Record and Yuliya Yefimova from Russia who swan a new European Record.
The men’s 200m backstroke event was won by Tyler Clary with a new Olympic Record for America. Yet another japanese athlete placed second, it was Ryosuke Irie who was still a bit faster than Ryan Lochte also from the United States.
As for the men’s 200m I.M. event, it was american super-legend Michael Phelps winning his second gold in London. Ryan Lochte came in second and László Cseh from Hungary was thrid.
The last medal of the day went to Ranomi Kromowidjojo from the Netherlands who swam a new Olympic Reord. Silver was earned by Aliaksandra Herasimenia from Belarus and bronze by Tang Yi from China.

And that’s it. I’m back off too watch some more olympics and hopefully I’ll come back with some new stories. See you then.


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