Olympic Special: London 2012 – Day 2

World Record, rain stops matches and still no medals for Germany. Man, I missed so much today… I was able to watch some of the first events, including the swimming qualifications. After our incredibly bad performance yesterday, I wasn’t exactly looking foward to it and guess what? It stated today just like it ended yesterday: with our swimmers pretty much 1 second below their best time. You can’t win anything in an olympic race with times like these…
Tanks to Sarah Poewe, who rewrote her personal best time and qualified for the 100m breststroke semi-finals, we were able to look into a brighter tournament. In the end, some others qualified for some other semi-finals as well and Paul Biedermann managed to qualify for the 200m freestyle final with the 4rth best time. Meaning: hopes for a medal, but until now our athletes successfully destroyed all hope.

Our female Table tennis athlete Kristin Silbereisen in the single’s competition failed to reach the round of the best 16, unlike her team colleage Jiaduo Wu. Yes, she’s playing for Germany. Too bad, I’ve seen Silbereisens match today morning and it looked good. Our Equestrians also looked pretty good, in the eventing competition we’re currently ranked 1st. Let’s see how long, but wait, Equestrian is usually where we’re good at and I love to watch dressage, too bad Totilas can’t compete. I hope I’ll be able to watch some of the dressage events and we’re usually doing pretty good in these events, so I guess that’s one more reason to watch. Hey, just as a notice, these are some of the countries with more medals than we have: South Africa, Taiwan, Cuba, Uzbekistan and North Korea. I would love to nod my head and say: “Yeah, we suck.” but it’s just much too early. We have a pretty small team this time and I don’t expect as many medals as we had last time, but I guess we will manage some at least.

By the way, no chance of a medal in football/soccer has Spain, they have been eleminated by Honduras during the quatification rounds.

Now for the golden girls and boys, what did we have today? The first medals of the day were given out in a shooting event once again and once again a chinese woman (Guo Wenjun) managed to win, this time in the Women’s 10m Air Pistol event. But it was pretty close, second place Celine Goberville from France lost her chance of gold with the last shot when her nerves got the better out of her. The other Shooting-medals given out this day were the ones for Women’s Skeet, where we actually had a realistic chance to win something, but Kim Rhode from the USA won and our athlete only placed 6th, doing considerably worse than 4 years ago in Beijing, where she won the bronze-medal.

Today the British were amused, because they got their first medal, won by Lizzie Armitstead in the Women’s road race, who placed second after Marianne Vos from the Netherlands. The “Oranje”-girl was no surprise winner and was the favorite to win. Not enough for the Dutch though, because they were also able to celebrate their second place in the Women’s 4x100m freestyle race, that was won by Austalian athletes with a new olympic record.

Sadly, I missed the Women’s synchronized 3 m springboard event, because I absolutely love synchronized diving, but there’s another event tomorrow that I’ll watch for sure. This one though was won by He Zi and Wu Minxia from China. It was Wu’s third olympic gold medal in this event, she won it 2008 and 2004 with a different partner.

Also vom Asia, but from a different country comes the winner of the Half-lightweight Judo event Kum Ae An, she’s from North Korea. In 2008 she failed to win the gold medal and had to be satisfied with silver, but this time she actually got it and got North Koreas first olympic gold medal of the day. Second place was Yanet Bermoy Acosta from Cuba, bronze went to Italy and France. And yes, both, because two people are apparently able to earn a bronze-medal in Judo. Lasha Shavdatuashvili from Georgia is not one of the bronze-winners, but the Men’s Half-lightweight event’s winner. Second place goes to Hungary.

Off to weightlifting, in the women’s 53 kg event, we had a german competitor, who managed to rewrite the german record, but was sill far from winning an olympic medal. But she still did pretty good, because she improved her personal best, so I guess she’s satisfied with the competition, although it’s always nicer to win something, that’s for sure. Zulfiya Chinshanlo from Kazachstan was the one who was able to enjoy to cheers the most, because she won this event. Second place was Hsu Shu-ching from Taiwan and thrid was Cristina Iovu from Moldova.

Back to Asia: where Italy won their first gold medals yesterday, not only South Korea was able to celebrate today, because the Women’s Archery team event was won by the South Korean Team, but also more of Asia, because China placed second before Japan on third place. Surprising? I don’t know… Unlike this asian celebration, Europe dominated the Men’s individual sabre event with Áron Szilágyi from Hungary winning before Diego Occhiuzzi from Italy. The Italian sure know who to use their bladed weapons. Sorry, bad pun.

Back to swimming and off to yet another continent, because Dana Vollmer from America not only won the race, she also rewrote the world record. Congratulations, she’s now the first women to swim the 100m butterfly long course faster than 56 seconds. Cameron van der Burgh sounds Dutch, but is fom South Africa and rewrote the 100m breaststroke long course World Record. Camille Muffat from France didn’t set any new world records, but a new olympic record and also won gold for her country… and herself… I guess. Silver went to America and Bronze to the host Great Britain. More amused Britons.

Now the second North Korean Gold comes into play, won by Om Yun-Chol in the Men’s 56 kg weightlifting event. He dedicated the medal to the deceased Kim Jong-Il, former Supreme Leader of North Korea. I’m sorry, I don’t like politics in sports events, I liked it more when german weightlifter Matthias Steiner dedicated his olympic gold medal 2008 in the Men’s +105kg event to his deceased wife.

For the last medals of the day, we have to go back into the water, France won the Men’s 4×100m freestyle event, by beating the USA on the last few meters, who came in second place obviously. Russia was third. So much swimming, but there are a lot of medals to win in swimming competitions overall and we have 4 decisions per day during the first 8 days of the games. Actually the amount of medals given out to swimmers is the second highest in the entire olympic games with 34 swimming events, only the Athletics have more events, they have 47.

So, what is there to expect tomorrow? We have decisions in: Men’s synchronized 10 m platform (Diving), Women’s Individual épée (Fencing), Men’s team all-around (Gymnastics), Men’s and Women’s Lightweight (Judo), Men’s 10m Air Rifle (Shooting), Men’s 200m freestyle (swimming), Men’s and Women’s 100m backstroke (swimming), Women’s 100m breaststroke (swimming), Men’s 62kg (Weightlifting) and Women’s 58kg (weightlifting). Other than that, there are Event competitions in Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Equestrian, Field hockey, Handball, Rowing, Sailing, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Water polo.

And I really should stop writing these in the middle of the night, it’s 1:46am right now by the way, but an olympic day is a long day.


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