Olympic Special: London 2012 – Day 1

Yes, I know that there were qualification matches before the official opening, but Saturday is the first “real” day, ok? And I’m watching as much as I possibly can. And I have no f*cking clue about most kinds of sport shown there. Just like the time I was talking about the Eurovision Song Contest. I think I might really want to rename this blog.

So, what did we have today? Actually, pretty much amazing stuff and since I’m German and our olympic coverage is more about the german athletes, I’ll talk a bit more about them. Such as the swimmers, who completely failed in every single match they had – men and women. Great, yet another aquatic desaster on the german side, as if we haven’t had enough of them during the olympic games. They failed just like Michael Phelpes, wo only placed 4rth in the individual meledy (400m) and failed to win a medal. On the other hand: he’s already a legend, what he achieved until now is amazing anyway. I guess it’s time for the others now. On the other hand his rival and friend Ryan Lochte won – without breaking the world record though. Ok, ok, Phelpes at least made it into the final, unlike our athletes.

More about swimming: amazingly well did Sun Yang, who won Chinas first Gold medal for swimming in 400m freestyle. His fellow athlete Ye Shiwen had another amazing race: she won the 400m individual meledy in the women’s section and now comes the unbelievable part: on the last 100m, she was only slightly slower than Ryan Lochte and on the last 50m she was faster than him. Sounds pretty freacky, doesn’t it? Oh yeah and she rewrote the World Record, the first new WR ever since those special swim suits were banned early 2010. And did I mention that she’s 16 years old? Other than that, we had Australia winning the 4x100m freestyle race with a new Olympic Record.

Let’s keep it wet, as bad as our swimmers were, our rowers did amazingly well, most of the boats that started this day, not only made it to the finals on their first try, but also won their races. The most amazing boat was the Men’s Eight, that hasn’t los a single race in 4 years and won in the Heats against the Vize-Worldchampion and the Bronze-medal winner and was faster than the american boat (who won their race) by 5 seconds. I don’t know about you guys, but I smell gold. German athletes failed to win a medal today, but I have high hopes for our rowers.

So, what else was there today?  Shooting, the first Gold Medal was won by Chinese athlete Yi Siling in the Women’s 10m Air Rifle. Another athlete was pregnant by the way, but she wasn’t even close to the top rankings. Still pretty cool though. The other Gold in Shooting was given out for the Men’s 10m Air Pistol to South Korean Jin Jong-oh.

This is getting… long. Damn, I can’t back down now. Cycling! We had the Men’s Road Race today and the British were not amused, because they didn’t win a medal. Instead, the Gold Medal went to Alexander Vinokourov from Kazakhstan, the Silver Medal to Rigoberto Urán from Colombia and the Bronze Medal to Alexander Kristoff from Norway. Who would’ve thought?

Another surprise was  the Individual foil in the women’s fencing event that was completely dominated by Italy, winning all medals on it’s own. Come one guys, leave some for the rest… But these weren’t the only medals for Italy today, because they placed first in the Men’s team Archery event slighly before the USA with 219 points to 218. Actually it was so close, the last archer from Italy had to score 10 points to win, 9 points were needed for an extra round and 8 points or worse were equal to second place. He got 10 points, I really would like to have the nerves of that man. Absolutely amazing.

Six medals were given out to the judoka today, each one twice. Arsen Galstyan from Russia won the Men’s Extra-lightweight event and Sarah Menezes from Brazil won the Women’s Extra-lightweight event. The last remaining medal that I forgot to mention yet ment to Wang Mingjuan from China in the Women’s 48kg weightlifting event. She didn’t create a new record, but gold is pretty awesome on it’s own.
Germany did not play in the qualification rounds of Table tennis and this is actually pretty good, because it shows that we’re placed pretty high in the world rankings. Talking about Tennis: Serena Williams made it clear that she wants to win a Medal and to be honest, I think she will. Roger Federer also won, but also no surprise.

We also had the Men’s Gymnastics Qualifications today and Germany placed 4rth overall, that’s pretty good and we’re playced even before China and Japan… that’s insane. Our athletes did pretty good overall and we might have a chance of a medal or two, if things go in our favor a lot. The stars of the day came from America though, who did extraordinary well and pretty much rocked the Gymnastics.

The 30+ Beach volleyball party between Australia and America was nice to watch, especially because the audience was so great and really helped the athletes to do their best. The two German Beach volleyball teams did good, both teams won their first matches and our other two teams have yet to play.

Of course there was more today, such as Table tennis player Natalia Partyka, who was born without a right hand and forearm and won her first match against Mie Skov from Denmark, but I’m tired and need sleep. Besides, I haven’t watched anything from the remaining stuff that happend, but I still think I’ve seen pretty damn much today. That was, because I had time today and tomorrow I’ll have to work, so I will miss the Women’s synchronized 3 m springboard event. Damn it, I love to watch Synchronized diving… 😦


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