Bleach Chapter 500 – Something special? Nnope.

So, Bleach has finally reached 500 chapters. 500 chapters that feel way more than it actually is, because half of it is streached out to the maximum. Interesting thought by the way, I mean, would Bleach have turned out better, if the same story would have been told in 250 chapters? I’m convinced it could have been done and it would have been better.

Chapter 500 is nothing special whatsoever, I guess they really are just ending it now and Bleach doesn’t even get the special treatment anymore it used to get. Naturally, as an IchixRuki shipper, I like the colorpage of chapter 499. Ichigo and Rukia in the foreground messing around and the rest barely visible somewhere in the background? Me gusta, but chapter 500 didn’t even get one. xD I Guess the manga finally get’s it rolling with everyone going crazy and all, but I really dislike the fact that some of the most popular Captains got their Bankai stolen. Oh yeah and of course the little Ice Prince is among them, who has been said to have an incomplete Bankai. *cough* I smell room for character deve… oh wait, this is Bleach, it doesn’t matter.

And of course Ichigo is the super special one whose Bankai cannot be stolen. *snore*  Oh, I’m sorry, did I miss anything? No? Ah, just the usual. All right, I’ll be going back to… oh wait, a mysterious character is pointing his sword at Urahara.m Oh no, who could that be? Actually, a lot of people think it might be Isshin, but he would never point his sword at Urahara. Or would he? They’re all going crazy over there in Sould Society, he could be affected by that as well. Then there the theory about Grommjow and as much as I freaking love this idea, I think it’s save to say that Grimmjow is dead and won’t return. Adult Nel would be pretty cool as well, she can kick some serious ass, but not as cool as Grimmjow though.

So, that was chapter 500. Surprisingly (or not?) underwhelming for such a number.


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