30 Days Shipping Challenge – Day 19

Day 19: A pairing you’ve rooted for since the beginning.

Ed x Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist… and I was right! Take this!

This is actually my true OTP, the one pairing I love the most. I’ve immediately fallen in love with them and saw right through them. Their interaction is amazing and their relationship slowly builds up from “childhood friends” to “being in love” to the point that you can actually tell when Edward exactly realized that he’s in love with Winry. They have so much chemistry and their characters work so well together, lots of Shoujo-Manga can learn from this and this is Shounen. Truth to be told, there are a lot of romance and shipping hints for Shounen standarts, but it’s still only subtle and does not push itself into the foreground. It actually feels very natural for Edward to fall in love with Winry and that is why I love them so much.
www.ImageBanana.com - tumblr_ls5w8xZBYv1qkeujfo1_1280.png


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